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Tips For Making Your YouTube Video Go Viral

Everyone who has a video on YouTube wants their video to go viral because when it does … boom! Your traffic will explode!

There is not an exact formula for making a video go viral but here are a few tips that should help you create a popular video and perhaps one that goes viral and takes your viewer ship to the next level!

Viral Tip Number One – Keep It Short!

Viral videos are never 9 minutes long. If you want a video to go viral keep it over 30 seconds and under 4 minutes. When people see a video that's too long often they will not watch it because they do not have that much time to invest. However if a video is too short they'll assume it's just something pointless.

You do not have to tell every single thing about your home based business just enough to get them intrigued so they'll want to know more.

Viral Tip Number Two – Keep It Light!

If you're blabbing on and on about how your home based business is the greatest and how much money you can make it will never ever go viral. Most viral videos are funny and random. If you want a plain old marketing video that's fine but if you want a viral video keep it fun, light and do not take yourself too seriously.

Viral Tip Number Three – Read Your Comments But Do not Respond To Them

If you read the comments for most popular videos on YouTube there are going to be some people who love the video and some people who are making fun of it. It does not matter! Do not get offended when people talk bad about you or your video and do not respond. And for goodness sake whatever you do not delete the negative comments! No matter how mean they are if people are talking about your video it's a good thing.

Viral Tip Number Four – Do not Think About It Too Hard!

Like I said before there is not a blueprint for making your videos go viral. Very, very few do and it's usually the on that the creator never even thought twice about. If you're trying too hard people will be able to tell and your video will go nowhere.

Listen, out of all the videos on YouTube very, very, very few will ever really be considered viral videos. However, if you follow these tips you'll heighten your chances of creating a great viral video that could send your online career to the next level!

Source by Dan T Himes

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