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The Systemic Yeast Infection

There are many yeast infections that occur in a human being, of which one is systemic yeast infection. It can be said that systemic candidiasis or systemic yeast infection is an infection that has been infecting an increasing number of people every year. And the worst thing about the infection is that most of the sufferers do not realize that they are suffering from the condition until it is too late. The main reason for this delay in diagnosis is that the symptoms of systemic yeast infection tend to vary from person to person and doctors find it difficult to diagnose it.

Candidiasis, which is a yeast infection that affects the intestines, tends to exhibit numerous symptoms that include depression, lack of concentration, muscle pains, chronic fatigue especially after eating, rectal itching and both food and air borne allergies. There are also many gastrointestinal problems like intestinal cramps, bloating and gas. Constipation and heartburn are also symptoms associated with candidiasis.

the fungal form of Candida puncturing your intestinal walls with its rhizoids, systemic yeast infection starts with toxins and small particles of food entering the bloodstream. This poisons your internal organs like the liver and brain to lead to lapses in concentration.

Food allergies also pose a problem here as it is difficult to revert to the right diet as it is difficult to find out, and eliminate the food that the person is allergic too. The only and best step to take to start on the road back to normal health lies in starting and following an anti Candida diet. With this diet, it is possible to bring systemic yeast infection under control.

It is important to follow this diet along with an anti fungal program and a good probiotic supplement for best results. There is no fixed length of time that this anti Candida protocol has to be followed for. It depends on the person and the extent of the infection. For some people following the protocol for a few months is more than sufficient. However there are also less unfortunate people who have to follow this diet for over a year.

So it can be said that systemic yeast infection is not actually difficult to cure. However it is important that you follow hard work and dedication to get best results and the fastest cure from the condition. You will find that your health improves tremendously after the diet. In fact, in due course of time, you will be back to how you were before your infection actually started.

Source by Helen Richardson

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