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The Elegance of New Anarkali Suits

Nowadays Anarkali Suits have become very popular all over India and other parts of the world. Fashion trends have given a special place for traditional attires donned by women. Revisiting the golden era with the traditional Salwar Kameez fashion brings out the elegance and charm. It is a well-known fact that the best Salwar collections express grace and elegance that were quite prevalent during the Mughal era. A famous Mughal courtesan by the name of Anarkali enhanced the grand enigma and appeal of the apparel. Beginning from the past historical times to the present generation, this dress form has undergone various changes in requisite of designs, patterns, colors and creative ideologies. Undoubtedly, within last couple of years, the stylish new dresses have become a fashion trend for women and teenage girls. The stylish Anarkali suit is also referred to as the “empire waist” due to its appearance.

The Anarkali suit is designed with a long length, frock-style top and features a stylish slim fitted bottom, which has recently made its way back to the Indian fashion scene for women. These designer dresses are an extraordinarily desirable style that is being adorned by women located in all corners of India. This type of dress varies in its length and embroidery work including floor length Anarkali dresses. Most of the women are fascinated with the heavily embroidered Salwar Kameez suits and like to adorn them on various occasions or events like wedding functions. Indian women prefer these new outfit designs as traditional makeover to showcase their style and fashion on various festive occasions, anniversary celebrations, and casual lunch parties. Salwar Kameez can also be donned as party wear even in dance events.

The colors of this traditional attire play an important role in representing its popularity on various occasional trends. The expert designers utilize varied, multiple conventional color hues such as red, green, yellow, orange, etc., to design impressive motifs and create an enormous range of designer suit collections. Today, modern women are enthusiastic to wear unconventional colors like beige, blue, coffee and white. So, the designers are offering fabulous designer Anarkalis. Apart from the color blends, the designers are also using innovative cut designs along the neckline to create perfect Salwar Kameez suit collections with styles, designs and motifs that are worn by popular film actresses both on screen and off screen.

The latest Indian dress designs in full sleeve with chic women suit style neck pattern are designed beautifully with resham patch, thread and exclusive designer patterned embroidery works to make them look elegant and gorgeous. Moreover, this style of dress looks incomplete without the stylish Churidar pajama, which is available in matching or contrast cool colors. Anarkalis with long sleeves and beautiful tareez style neck design make your looks really eye-catching and attractive. A few designer anarkalis have a beautiful design of lace and gotta patterns on its waist belt, neck and even on the attire’s border.

You are bound to look very charismatic when you wear this traditional style Suit attire with perfect matching jewelry and other accessories. The flowing silhouette of Salwar dresses surely flatters every woman’s figure. This outfit emphasizes the soft feminine features and covers up any flaws in the waist and hips making them ignorable. Avail the best designer Anarkali suits while online shopping and make your dream true!

Source by Geeta R

Tinting Plastic Lenses

Before you begin this project you need to have the following handy:

800 grit sandpaper, a bowl of water, paper, tinting product of your preference, paint, paint thinner, and tack cloths.

To assure the tint takes to the lens start by sanding the entire surface with 600-800 grit sandpaper. Pay close attention to the edges and any corners. This will give the lens a soft scratched look. Wipe the edges with paint thinner and start masking off the area you do not want to tint.

Green painters tape works best for this. With the edges masked off, now tape paper over the backs of the lenses to keep over spray from entering the inside of the lamps. Check the masking one more time and if everything looks ok, start cleaning the prepped surfaces. The best way to do this is wipe them with a cloth soaked in thiner and come back with a second cloth to remove any dust.

With a clean surface you can now start the tinting process. The key in this step is to keep the spray and thickness as even as you can. Too much VHT or tint and the lens will look overly black. Too little and you risk the lens looking splattered. To give you an idea of the technique you wan to use I have prepared a video at: A lot of painting comes down to practice but seeing it does is easier to follow than reading about it. With a little patience you should not have any problems achieving god results.

Apply as many coats as needed to get the results you want with the methods shown above. After you have the look you want, the key to a great result is clear coating. For that OEM shine take your newly finished lenses to a local paint and body shop. For a few dollars they will spray your lenses with a polyurethane clear coat. This coat will resist UV fading an cracking as well as help prevent any scratches from forming. All said and done this is a great modification to update the look of you car for under 50 dollars.

Source by Drew Shielly

Denim And Diamonds – The Hottest Trend In Theme Parties

The hottest trend in party themes is the Denim and Diamonds Party. They can be as casual or as elegant as you would like depending upon the type of affair you are looking to host. This unique party theme makes for a great inclusive event where your guests can partake in the activities and theme by wearing appropriate attire. They can be used for informal gatherings for events such as birthdays, graduations or anniversary parties. This very popular theme also makes a great informal gala when you have many invitees and a more formal venue, but want to keep the attire and menu casual.

Themed party invitations will get your guests in the mood to participate in your theme long before your party begins. Invitations printed on denim look paper with rhinestone lettering or accents make perfect invitations. If you are making your own invitations, you can accessorize with some glitzy accents by visiting the scrap-booking section in your local craft store. Usually there are stuck on crystals in a host of shapes including stars. Whether you are hosting a denim and diamonds birthday party or a traditional fundraiser, don’t underestimate the importance of tying your invitations into your party theme to encourage your guests to attend and participate.

What should guests wear? Dress code is pretty simple. Ladies should wear something denim – jeans, skirt or jacket, and include a little sparkle. Blue sequin tanks or tops worn beneath the denim jacket makes a classic outfit paired with some designer look cowboy boots. Party attire may also include accessories like bejeweled bandanas or cowboy hat. Gentlemen can leave the sparkle to the gals, and simply wear a nice pair of boots, denim jeans and a long sleeve western shirt in the color and style of their choosing. Bolo ties can also be worn to promote the themed look for the gents.

Menus can vary at these western themed events depending upon how many attendees are expected. Most commonly, buffets are the serving style of choice. Hearty appetizers such as meatballs or chicken and pasta dishes are popular choices. Other more country-style food choices served at denim and diamond parties include: BBQ ribs, fried chicken tenders, 3-cheese macaroni and cheese, chicken and cheese quesadillas, chili and corn bread. Denim and diamond party affairs are typically not sit-down dinners and encourage noshing and socializing on the go.

Decorations are typically a mixture of sparkle and elegance with a country twist. Traditional table décor should include denim-like or traditional red and white checkered table coverings, paired with candles and glittery centerpieces. Toss a few diamond like crystals amongst the serving dishes on the buffet table and select paper napkins with a denim pattern. Large, diamond-shaped crystals can be found in most craft superstores. Finally, all of these parties should include festive hats (especially if this is for a new year’s celebration) that include glittery cowboy hats or bejeweled bandanas.

A denim and diamonds party theme is a perfect theme for a fundraiser event. Recently I attended just such a fundraiser event for Breast Cancer Research. The night was spectacular and the event was held at a classy estate in late October. Guests were drawn into the, welcomed by glowing pumpkins pierced with cylindrical holes that lined the driveway at dusk. The party was held in the estate’s carriage house and included live music, various auctions and a hot and cold buffet. The attire was denim and diamonds and attendees wore denim jeans, jackets and skirts, and added some ‘bling’ with sequined tops, bandanas, western jewelry and hats. Additional seating options included straw bales and table top decorations included cozy candles with sparkly centerpieces with fresh seasonal flowers. A basket auction was held to help raise money and invitees munched on hearty appetizers while they bid on baskets and prizes of their choice. Party prizes included donated items from event organizers as well as from corporate sponsors.

If your party is to be held in a smaller venue such as your home, hang a glitter ball to reflect light and add some genuine sparkle to your room. Use your imagination when it comes to games and decorations for your denim and diamonds theme. One thing is for sure, your guests will be relaxed and enjoy the evening with close friends and family members.

Source by Cherie Lanza

Durable TV Stands

TV stands and for that matter audio racks, media storage, speaker stands and almost all components of home theater furniture, are available in wood, steel, and glass. Some are also available in clear or tinted acrylic. When setting up your home theater you need to locate those that are built to last, unless you plan to replace the furniture every couple of years.

For wooden stands, solid wood is the best, though not the only choice, for durable material. Take your pick from hardwoods, softwoods, wood veneer, and engineered woods. Hardwood is premium wood. In hardwood, you have a choice of maple, oak, teak, cherry, mahogany, and ebony. These are generally harder to work, more attractive, and more expensive.

Softwoods include pine, spruce, cedar, redwood, and fir. Although the name might suggest, these are not necessarily softer. All solid wood, whether hardwood or softwood, have a strong decorative appeal in their grain, which looks elegant and canker a lifetime and more. Wood veneer is another popular material for making stands. It looks as good as solid wood, but is much cheaper. It is made up of thin strips of real wood glues to a substrate, which makes it cheaper than solid woods.

Engineered woods are made from mill waste, wood scraps and other materials that would otherwise be discarded as trash. The mill waste and wood scrap is glued and bonded into sheets. These products are environmentally friendly and recycled. They reduce the need for tree cutting and in many ways are better than solid wood because they cost less and do not warp. TV stands made from engineered wood are not as durable as those made from solid wood, but with a little care and upkeep can last for decades.

Metal stands come in aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, which is the predominant material in the market. Unlike the other metals, stainless steel does not rust or tarnish. It takes chrome plating as well as powder coating very well, which means that it is available in a variety of attractive finishes. It can be worked into an overwhelming variety of sleek, creative and innovative designs with ease. A modern stand made of steel goes well with your high-tech audio and video systems, and lasts very long.

Glass is of three types. Regular glass, also known as 'annealed glass', shatters into large shards with razor sharp edges, and is not suitable for furniture. Heat-treated or 'toughened' glass is much stronger than annealed glass. Glass that is treated with chemicals and heat, known as 'tempered glass', is many times stronger than annealed glass. When broken, it forms small cube-like pieces instead of sharp-edged shards, and is there much safer than annealed glass. Stands, speaker stands, audio stands etc made of tempered glass can last long but need careful handling. You need to be extra careful while cleaning or moving them.

Serenitylivingstores strives to assist people in making informed decisions on furnishing their homes. He writes for , an online shop for TV stands and other furniture.

Source by Nermin H.

Tracking Gorillas in the Wilderness

Deep in Uganda’s south-west lies the forested region of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. There are numerous ways to access the nearby town of Kisoro but the most popular option is an adventure on its own.

I make the ten-hour journey from Entebbe in a four-wheel drive. The road is long, dry and bumpy, my driver jokes about the free African massage. There is no air conditioning and with the windows wound down a film of orange dust settles on my bare arms.

Uganda’s climate is perfect for growing fresh food and there is an abundance being sold at kiosks along the dusty road. Whilst the food bowl is full, there is still a lack of access to fresh water and therefore women and children in the searing heat walk for kilometres balancing plastic yellow containers above their head.

I spend the night in Kisoro but I am anxious as I can’t wait to head into the jungle to search for a Silverback Gorilla.

The morning begins with an education session. The essential number one rule is “whatever you do, do not run” – okay that sounds easy enough.

After leaving the education room, a guide explains the topography that consists of three volcanoes nicknamed “the guide,” “old man’s teeth” and “small pile of stones.” I umm and ahh in agreeance. Our self appointed guide discusses re-forestation and the lack of education about soil and regeneration within local villages. As interesting as it is I have one thing on my mind. He weighs over two hundred and fifty pounds and an arm span of about two point three metres.

The weather conditions are fine and our guide is confident that the trackers know the general area of the gorilla’s whereabouts.

We begin our trek through the dense forest. Our guide uses a machete to help us weave through the thick growth of vines, stinging nettles and harshness of overgrown vegetation. Heading uphill it’s quite an exhausting walk but fortunately after only an hour and a half we hear rustling in the distance. I can barely breath at the distinct sound of an animal. A resonating roar and the crushing of leaves echoes through the mountain.

My heart is pounding under the pressure of excitement and fear. I pause to see what is happening. By standing still I have unintentionally broken the group into two and exposed myself to the path of a wild male silverback gorilla. His monstrous knuckles thump the ground. Barking and pounding he seems irate.

Without warning the giant silverback leaps directly in front of me. Arms poised in defence, standing still in my tracks I recall the number one rule ‘whatever you do don’t run.’

At the pinnacle of my fear I turn my back towards him. The ape swings his 2 metre arms at me. With only a camera bag strapped over my back for protection, the gorilla raises his enormous hairy hand and I feel the wrath of his anger on my tush!

My saving grace, gorillas are easily distracted. My good fortune is another’s terror. A training guide who has accompanied us on the trek dashes down the side of the hill, the Silverback turns towards her. Fortunately she slips and again he loses interest. Phew we’re all still alive.

Shaking, I struggle to gain my breath. I am standing next to a German who appears strong and tough. I show him my trembling hands and he replies with “I think I pooed my pants, seriously” I nervously laugh, scared but yearning to see more.

With an air of in trepidation we slowly, quietly walk through the jungle observing these incredible creatures in the wild, they’re human like faces are filled with emotion. All up we see a family of 9 including a few playful youngsters eating and playing they are mostly unfazed by our presence.

But that doesn’t last for long as again we hear the rustle and roars of the tussle of gorillas. Nearing the commotion we realise that two of the gorillas are engaged in a scuffle. The commotion is right in front of us. At first it appears they are play fighting but I am reminded by how fierce these creatures can be. Once the silverback notices us he stands at full height. This time the guide tells us to stop and back away.

Instead of running away I slowly walk backwards until I am safely nestled against a tree. Breathless but intrigued I watch as the silverback mimics a scene out of King Kong. With nostrils flared he displays his long fangs, the roars are spine chilling. With fists clenched he raises his elongated, muscle-clad arms high above his head. Fists clenched he beats his chest. I don’t know if it’s through fear, astonishment or pure entertainment but nobody moves, not even to reach for camera. Just like the previous encounter the gorilla loses interest, lowers his body and with knuckles clenched bounds back into the jungle on all fours.

Still reeling in the close encounters we move away from the gorillas and trek along another unspoilt path until we are safely out of the jungle.

At the end of our tour our guide assures us that we have not upset or aggravated them in anyway. They are usually happy for tourists to observe and take photos, and it’s not uncommon especially for the babies to be quite playful. On our visit a silverback was protecting his family from an intruding male who was rummaging on his turf.

To spend just an hour or in our case and hour and a half observing and seeing these amazing creatures in the wild is one of the most incredible experiences you can have. It also made me appreciate how important it is for them to remain in a protected environment, out of the harmful way of their biggest predator – humans.

Source by Vanessa O’Hanlon

Combating Terrorism in the 21st Century

Terrorism poses as one of the world’s most severe security risk in the 21st century. It is a negative concept with a believe in violence as a means of attracting national and international attention, achieving political, economic and social interest. Terrorism is dated right from the very beginning of human civilization but with increased cases as from the 19th century. For instance, anarchists in some rural parts of Italy and Spain employed terrorist means likewise their counterparts in France. Russian revolutionary movement before World War I had a strong terrorist element etc. In the 20th century, groups as the Irish Republican Army (IRA) carried out their terrorist activities beyond the boundaries of individual countries. They were sometimes supported by established governments, such as those of Bulgaria and Italy under the Fascist leader Benito Mussolini.

Con temporal terrorism is more effective than those of the past due to technological advances, effective communication mediums, extensive worldwide connection and the availability of smaller size weapons.

Most co temporal terrorist activities are carried out by extremists with terrorist bases in countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, etc. Recent terrorist attacks like the plane crash against the World Trade Centre in New York City and Pentagon, the bombing of the London underground railways, etc were carried out by the terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda net work, as a Jihad against America and her Western allies. There are smaller terrorist organizations in different parts of the world but the vast net work is coordinated by Bin Laden the founder of Al-Qaeda. People live in the United States in relative security until 9/11 when the terrorists stroke and brought down the twin towers of the world trade centre and Pentagon, sending many who came for business to their graves. Thousands used the London underground railway in relative security and safety for several years until July 7 2005 when the terrorist strike killing many and wounding others. Egypt Nile resort was an important spot for tourists until the terrorist’s stroke and killed over 300 persons. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine Israel, Kenya in Africa etc have all witness severe insecurity as a result of terrorist assaults. Terrorism has increased insecurity worldwide. People are no more certain with their safety as they travel or work in different places. The security risk posed by terrorism, has changed the course of world affairs. Billions is spent in the fight against terrorism worldwide, yet the threat is still here with us. So much is still needed to curb the plight of terrorism.

Combating Terrorism

There is a solution to every problem, an answer to every question. Terrorism has its solution in both pro-active and reactive measures. Pro-active measures are preventive while reactive measures are restrictive measures. Pro-active measures are less expensive measures, while reactive measures are more expensive. To curb terrorism in the 21st century, humanity must be more pro-active than reactive. (Prevention is better than cure).

Pro-Active Measures

i) Enlightenment: One of the most effective pro-active measures in curbing terrorism is investing towards enlightenment. Most at times, humanity ignores the factor of enlightenment as a means to resolving conflicts and resorts to weapons of mass destruction. This is great ignorance. Enlightenment can go a long way in providing solutions to conflicts in which the use of weapons of mass destruction cannot. Every problem has its solution in knowledge. In fact, ignorance is the platform for every form of inhumanity. Ignorance is the greatest instigator of violence and destruction. Societies where terrorism is applied as a means to achieving political, social and economic interests are societies with perverted knowledge and unenlightened nationals. Until humanity realizes the destructive effect of ignorance and the superiority of enlightenment in resolving human conflicts, humanity will continue in unnecessary loss of resources in her search to resolve conflicts.

Enlightenment is the sense of being correctly or rightly informed, instructed, inspired and learned. Enlightenment is the greatest need of every human being with respect to proper moral and ethical behavioural patterns. To order the behaviour of people with respect to right morals and ethics, enlightenment is imperative. One of the weaknesses of the world’s education is its deficiency in knowledge with respect to proper understanding of life and social sciences. This has made the world poor in her morals and social ethics, leaving us in an imbalance with respect to our civilization. The world has improved in her scientific and technological breakthroughs but failed in having humanity to live together, enjoying all we have in love, peace, harmony and brotherliness.

If humanity will balance up her civilization with proper human relation and operation, she must accept an educational revolution characterized by absolute focus on achieving complete quality and positive human development. (Mental, physical, moral and social). Such educational revolution will produce balanced individuals and societies which will express proper understanding, consciousness and awareness in relation to life’s demands.

Ignorance is not the lack of information but the absence of positive and quality knowledge. Terrorist individuals and societies are informed to some extent but their actions reveal their ignorance with respect to positive and quality knowledge.

No properly knowledgeable individual or society can encourage terrorism. Quality and positive knowledge have a way of enlightening individuals and societies with respect to proper behavioural and ethical pattern to human relation and life’s demands. It is knowledge which illuminates, motivates, prepares, activates, challenges and transforms the human life and mind for quality operation and productivity.

The world needs a new educational concept to conquer terrorism. We may not be able to change the mentality of those who are currently intoxicated with the terrorist ideology but through quality education, we can influence and change the younger generation towards quality living in the future of this century and millennium. “Enlighten the youths” is the slogan for a long term solution to terrorism. If all what is invested in the production of weapons of mass destruction and the deployment of soldiers around the world as a means towards the defeat of terrorism can be invested in propagating the concept of quality education. I believe much will be achieved to curb the threat of terrorism.

ii) The rule of law: The rule of law deals with stipulated standards by which a society is governed, right and wrong determined for the purpose of justice. Laws are principles or stipulated standards made by men to order the behaviour of individuals and to determine the operative dynamics of a setup, society, nation or the world. In a setup, laws may take the form of rules and regulations. While in a society or nation, laws may take the form of constitutions of government, legislation or judicial opinions.

One of the pro-active measures in curbing terrorism is for every society to establish legislative laws, adopting constitutions of governments and judicial opinions which abolish every form of terrorist actions and the propagation of terrorist ideology. Every society without laws against terrorism will inevitably become the breeding ground for all forms of terrorist ideology and action. Terrorism thrives in societies which provide safe grounds for their activities. If every nation of the civilized world will enforce laws against terrorism, then terrorism will soon be history.

(iii)Sharing intelligence: Terrorism can be prevented if intelligence sharing between citizens and their governments and between nations of the international community is effective. Intelligence sharing deals with the provision of needed information by concern individuals, intelligence services and concern groups with respect to terrorist plans and activities before they are carried out. To prevent terrorist attacks, intelligence sharing between nations of the international community must be efficient and effective. This is equally a preventive or pro-active approach to terrorism.

Reactive Measure

These are emergency measures intended to restrict and to curb terrorist actions. These measures involve diplomacy and the use of force.

i) Diplomacy: Diplomacy in restricting and curbing terrorism has to do with dialogue with designated terrorist groups, in search of their grievances and methods of resolving them. In fact, the policy of not negotiating with terrorists is not just working. Governments and the international community should review this policy and go into negotiations and dialogue with terrorist groups in search of their grievances.

Most terrorist groups have grievances which can be resolved through diplomacy. In fact, most terrorist attacks are intended by the terrorists to attract national or international attention to certain plights and grievances. Thus, diplomacy can be applied nationally or internationally as a means to identify and resolve grievances which instigate terrorism. When diplomacy fails?

ii) The use of force: This is a reactive measure intended to apply pressure on terrorist groups so as to restrict their activities. It is worthwhile to note that, force is only necessary when all avenues of diplomacy fail. Force may take the form of sanctions. These sanctions may involve economic and arms embargoes or international isolation against terrorist organizations and societies which sponsor terrorism.

Secondly, force may involve military intervention. The use of force is necessary because certain terrorist groups or societies may never accept diplomacy and may never comply with standards. They may want to achieve their aims no matter what. Such recalcitrant individuals and terrorist groups need to be brought to order through the use of force. It needed force to stop the ambition of Hitler. After world leaders applied diplomacy and failed, force was the only option which arrested Hitler’s ambition to conquer Europe. It was force which brought the end to Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait, etc.

When terrorism resists the above measures, humanity must now depend on Divine intervention as the final solution.

iii)Divine intervention: God works in the affairs of men. I believe it was Divine intervention which shaped history throughout the ages. When human means fail, Divine intervention is imperative. Divine providence can cause the collapse of a negative system. There is nothing impossible with divine intervention. In our quest for solution to terrorism, we should not leave aside Divine intervention.

Source by Dr Benard Etta

Six Main Styles of American Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is an elegant art form with some styles spanning back centuries of years. Today ballroom dance is regaining it's popularity with the American people partly because of main stream network TV shows showcasing dances such as the Waltz, FoxTrot and Tango.

In this article I want to look at the six main styles of the American ballroom and give you a little bit of history about each one.

The Waltz

The oldest of all ballroom dance styles the Waltz is said to have originated in the early 1830 from a German folk dance known as the Lander. The first version of the Waltz was known as the Waltzer and is said to have been one of Queen Elizabeth's favorite dances. Today it's still an elegant dance done in very formal settings.

The Tango

A younger dance then the Waltz the tango originated from Argentina, so is often referred to as Argentine Tango. It first started gaining popularity in the early 1900's before world war I when it was introduced to Europe. It is a very exotic dance said to get it's start in the Ghetto of Buenos Aires. The American Tango is said to be a more structured version of the Argentine Tango which was more of an illustration of the dancers interpretation of music.

The Swing

There are several styles to the swing. The west coast and east coast swing are the most standard. Usually when you think swing it's a style more so then an exact dance that first became popular in the 1920's. While there are some specific styles of swing dance taught in different classes around the country, the east coast swing is the most popular in most ballrooms.

The Rhumba

Originating as a mix mash of several Cuban dances it's been danced in American ballrooms since about the second world war. The hip motion of this dance is the most noticeable point and is the main part of the dance that has stuck with the style from it's Cuban roots.

The Cha Cha

With deep origins in the West Indies and from a plant that is used to make a Cha-cha, a maraca type instrument played in Hatian bands, the Cha Cha emerged as a dance style danced along to music of typical Voodoo bands. As a close relative to the Mambo it has latin origins and was first introduced to the United States around 1954. Ever since it's been a staple style of the ballroom.

The FoxTrot

It's one of the smoothest of ballroom styles and makes use of the entire dance floor. The foxtrot is believed to have been developed from a dancing act in New York around 1914. It was one of the first dancers where partners danced closer and ragtime music was being incorporated into the ballroom. Still today the foxtrot is a favorite, often seen as the first dance at weddings.

Source by Debbie Baker

Masters of Sales – By Ivan Misner – Book Review

Actually, I read Dr. Misner's book, "Masters of Sales," because I was going to interview him on a radio program I co-host every Friday. I wanted to be up to speed on it, and be able to ask the tough questions.

Full of Nuggets of Gold for Salespeople – Scattered Through

What I discovered is that this is not a book where you'll learn to sell. " It is a book that will provide techniques, little tweaks, tune-ups. It is full of nuggets of gold. If you pick up on the nuggets that are scattered through each chapter in stories that relate to most salespeople, you'll find ways to increase your sales results by several times. It provides the secrets, the opportunities, and the strategies that you should ADD to your existing sales techniques.

The book is written by Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI, (Business Network International), and Don Morgan. Both of them have several New York Times best sellers. This book is subtitled "Secrets from Top Sales Professionals That Will Transform You into a World Class Salesperson" and that is probably the best description there is of this book.

Nuggets from Over 80 of The Most Successful Salespeople in the World

There are over 80 of the most successful salespeople in the world contributing and have written their own secrets. It is broken up into eleven chapters:

  • Master of Sales Attitude
  • Selling Goals vs Life Goals
  • Getting Clients: Prospecting the Old Way to the New
  • Speak to be Heard, and Hear to Know How to Speak
  • Relating to Your Corporate Clients
  • The Buyer's Perspective
  • Sales Systems
  • The Virtual Salesperson: Online Selling Technologies
  • Handling Objections
  • Relationship Selling: All the Rage … or Just a Fad?
  • Closing the Customer: It's in the WOW Factor

As I went through the book, I highlighted those little gold nuggets so that I could capture them for myself sothat I could use them to tweak my own sales as well as those of my clients, and so I could discuss them with Dr. Misner on the radio show. I found that I had highlighted 2-3 passes on most pages. If I tried to suck those out to put them in my notes, I'd just about have a whole book. I'm sure that not everyone will connect with every contributing author in the book, in fact I did not. But there are very valuable snippets throughout.

Abundant Sales Attitude vs Scarcity Sales Attitude

Just to name one of them, "The Abundant Sales Person" by Kimberly George talks about sales people that either have an abundance mentality, or a scarcity mentality that stuck home since, as a business coach and sales trainer, I run into those two kinds Of sales personalities. In fact, most business people start with the scarcity mentality and my job as a coach is to get him to move to the abundance side of the thinking process.

It goes like this: Most sales people, and business people, believe there is not enough to go around, and some, just live with what is deal to them … by the economy, by the market, and just by who walks Through the door. That tends to leave them in a downward spiral that they see no way out of. A salesman coming from that perspective approaches his customer to SELL …. SELL …. SELL at any cost. He usually scares off the prospective customer.

Where a salesman coming from the abundance side has so much value that he is willing to share, give, help anyone he touches. He becomes someone that everyone loves having around and is THE BEST salesman. In fact, the salesman working from the abundance side will have several times greater close rates than one operating from the scarcity side (my comments, not Kimberly George's.)

What I have discovered in my own business coaching is that a business coming from the arrogance perspective is not caught in the "whatever walks through the door" perspective, or the "I can not this month because the budget will not allow me "Perspective. He is in a mode of avoiding spending every dollar.

The abundance business is always looking for opportunity, and he is always looking for the BEST place to invest a dollar rather than what he can not spend. He multiplies every dollar. He will find that if he sees $ 1 here he'll generate $ 10, or if he sells it there, he'll generate $ 100, or over there he'll generate $ 1,000. Now he knows where he's going to invest that $ 1 and how much that will make him. The business in the scarcity mode, does not care …. he's just looking for NOT SPENDING any dollar …. and he's good at not spending … but he's killing his business.

In any case, Kimberly George's article shows the best way to move into the abundance sales characteristics.

There are snippets like this all of the way through the book.

Source by Alan Boyer

Judging Horse Flesh

My grandfather was an expert horseman (after he returned from the battlefields of Europe, during the 1920’s and 1930’s he drove cattle on the Birdsville track and worked as head drover and foreman for the Kidman cattle empire on properties in far western Queensland), and he was an expert in sizing up a horse before a race just by looking at it walk around and head to the gate. My Dad loves to regale tales of the countless times he was at the track with my Grand-dad, and watched his picks win by a great margin at very good odds! (The sand-track at Albion in Brisbane was his favourite – one day he picked 5 winners on a 7 race card event just by looking at the horses parade. Of course that is long gone, and now utilised for the trots and dogs.),

Still nowadays, the punter at the track can gain an enormous advantage when it comes to the final selection in a race (although less so nowadays with the advent of live broadcasting on cable TV and the Internet). Unfortunately you can’t learn the art of judging a racehorse’s fitness by appearance overnight. I am sure my Grand-dad would still feel it is well worth the practice whenever you can get to the track, despite the advent of technological change but I will take this moment to confess that I did not miraculously inherit his skills.

Horses come in all sizes, and fitness in a large horse can be harder to judge than in a smaller one. There are some pointers you can look for, however and these will get you started. As with everything – practice is the key.

General rules

Start with small field races… in races with large fields and poor race money many runners may simply be there for an outing.

Here are the basics…


This is not a simple test because, like humans, horses tend to sweat either when they are very fit or very unfit. However a really fit horse is likely to sweat less than an unfit horse.

A light build up of sweat on a horse’s coat can be a good sign. It means he/she is raring to go and keen to race. A light ring of sweat between a horse’s back legs is also a sign of keenness. Be on your guard, however when you see a heavy sweat build up.

Some horses will sweat heavily regardless of fitness through getting worked up and nervous – so horses that have worked up a real sweat close to the start of the race should be avoided. It’s unlikely they’ll be at their best.

Light sweaters in the paddock, however, frequently dry out once they canter down to the start. Worth taking some binoculars to check how they’re doing as they go down to the line. Sometimes TV watchers get a good enough view at this point to be able to make worthwhile decisions.

Coat Condition

Generally a glossy coat indicates a healthy and fit animal. Dullness tends to indicate the opposite. Again don’t judge on this feature alone as some horses rarely have shiny coats no matter what.

Muscle Tone

The definition of a horse’s muscles is probably the most significant factor. There are many places to look but, for beginners, concentrate on the following:

First look at the hind quarters (behind the saddle). From a point about a quarter of the way down the rump through to the top of the rear legs look for a sharply defined line. This muscle line is quite obvious when it is there and it’s a pretty good indication of a horse’s condition… the sharper the line the better.

Second, look at the belly and the rib cage. A hint of the rib cage visible indicates no excess fat. Of course it shouldn’t be too prominent or the horse may be under nourished.

Lastly look over the chest, especially the area just above the forelegs. Well defined muscles here are a clear sign of fitness.

Over all behavior

Finally check the horse’s over all behaviour and demeanour. A horse walking around the paddock with its head held low and looking listless is probably not fit. You want to see a springy step and bright eyes, looking keen and alert. Also a horse with calm appearance is likely to run better than one that is acting up in a nervous fashion.

Horses that are hurling themselves around and rearing up are wasting vital energy.

No matter how inexperienced about paddock judging you are – sometimes you’ll just know by looking that a horse is supremely fit. That feeling is your instinct and, through practice, it can be built upon.

Remember you can never judge a potential winner by appearance alone. You should first have narrowed the field with some good prior research or system. If you learn to use this visual skill as the final 10% of your process then you’ll certainly get an extra edge that other punters are not benefiting from.

Any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Source by Kel Stuart

Recommended Medical Centers in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung is the capital city of the province of West Java, Indonesia. Bandung is located about 768 m above the sea level, and thus has mild temperatures the entire year. The average rainfall that this city receives ranges from 1,000 meters to 3,500 meters. The city of Bandung is completely surrounded by active volcanoes and the average temperature is 22 degrees centigrade.

Bandung has been a hub for research and development and has attracted several foreign collaborators in its latest developments and in its treatment of various diseases. Most doctors in Bandung understand English easily making communication a non issue. The following are some of the good hospitals one can find in Bandung.

Bandung Adventist Hospital: This hospital has facilities for the treatment of all sorts of diseases, and thus is one of the most popular hospitals in the entire country. The hospital is well endowed with modern facilities and services for the treatment of cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, and general surgery. 12 of the hospital’s primary services are endorsed wholeheartedly by the Indonesian Government.

Santosa Bandung Hospital: This hospital is of international repute, and has branches in most modern cities of the world. Santosa Bandung hospital is equipped with about 400 beds, and occupies a vast area of 36,000 square meters. The hospital started its operations in the year 2006 when it was inaugurated by the Indonesian Health Minister – Dr. Siti Fadilh Supari. The hospital is well equipped with modern facilities and more than 200 specialists. The hospital is also collaborating with other overseas hospitals like Singhealth and Epworth Hospital.

Bethesda Hospital: This hospital was founded early on in 1899 and is one of the oldest in Bandung. This private hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in the city. It is marked by the quality of its facilities and services which are of international repute. Bethesda has also been certified as an ISO 9002 Hospital.

Hasan Sadikin Hospital: Established in 1810, it owes its origin to the Dutch colonial rulers. This hospital was initially a center of treatment for the Japanese troops and military personnel. Since then, under the rule of the current Indonesian government the hospital has been remodeled and recast in terms of its customer base and its focus.

Source by Belle Kay

Top 5 Quinoa Nutrition Facts

Did you know that Quinoa is one healthy grain that can serve as a complete food for you? No need to wonder why it is considered a super food. Quinoa is packed with nutrients essential for the body. For more many ages and up to now, this super food has been one of the vital sources of nutrition for the Incas in the Andean Region of South America.

It is being used by mothers of the Incas tribe in feeding their infants, and was popular as stamina-providers for their warriors who fought long battles thousands of years ago. Even up to now; Quinoa grains are sufficient substitute from the lack of animal protein in the Andean Region.

Quinoa is filled with protein, lysine and vitamin E. It is high in calcium and fiber. Aside from that, it will provide you carbohydrates that will boost your energy and will help you regulate that eating habit.

Below are five Quinoa nutrition facts with explanations on how Quinoa super food can maintain a healthy lifestyle for you. Read on and be amazed.

1. Quinoa super food is a good source of non-meat protein. Vegetarian; or are you simply looking for a non-meat diet? Then this super food is for you because it contains high amounts of protein (an essential nutrient that comes from animal meat). The protein that comes from Quinoa belongs to albumin and globulin, which have a balanced composition of essential amino acids similar to the composition of casein or the protein of milk. This means the protein coming from this grain is packed with the right nutrients to help alleviate diseases and disorders, as well as make those organisms functioning well and those muscles to develop as this nutrient is responsible for growth and repair of tissues.

2. Quinoa super food is packed with minerals and one of them is calcium. No one wants to have a hunched back, old or young, and everybody wants their bones to be strong and to function well. Quinoa is the solution for you, due to the high content of calcium in its grains. Aside from making your bones strong, calcium also eases insomnia and is very helpful in regulating the passage of nutrients through the cell walls. Without calcium, your blood won’t clot, your muscles will get weak and will not be able to contract, and your nerves will never be able to carry messages.

3. Quinoa super food provides you energy because of its carbohydrate content. The carbohydrate nutrient coming from Quinoa grain is very ideal for diabetics because carbohydrates are known to correct level of blood sugars. This nutrient found in this super food is also good health and diet-conscious individuals. I know you might be surprised as to how carbohydrates can make you lose or maintain a healthy weight – but those are bad carbs. The good ones, which are slow releasing and very easy to digest, are found in Quinoa. You will find day with fewer amounts of craving for junk food and low on hunger spasms, unlike when you are on that low-calorie diet.

4. Quinoa super food has a concentration of Vitamin E. We all know what antioxidants can do for us – it liberates us from free radicals that cause great damage to our skin and heightens our risk of developing cancer. Vitamin E is one antioxidant, found in Quinoa. It which works on the cell membrane level protecting its fatty acids which then helps protect you against cardiovascular diseases by defending against LDL oxidation and artery-clogging plaque formation.

5. Quinoa super food is high in fiber. Finally, another Quinoa nutrition fact I want to share, but definitely not the least (and also not the last from the long list of nutrients and benefits you can get from Quinoa), is the high fiber you can find in its grains. Fiber, as you may not yet know increases bowel movement – making you burn those fats easier and faster thus making your body absorb its needed nutrients quicker. It is also very friendly to pre-menopausal women as it lowers the risk of developing breast cancer by 52%. And because this fiber is insoluble, it also prevents gallstones due to the fact that it speeds intestinal transit time, and it increases insulin sensitivity and lowers triglycerides (blood fats).

So, if you are on a diet, a diabetic, someone who wants to gain those muscles, sports-minded and wants a high-energy regime or someone who just wants to live healthy, then Quinoa is definitely for you!

Source by Tina Abbotts

The Real Reason Counting Calories Doesn’t Work

Most people have the right idea when they want to lose weight that they should track their calorie intake. It’s true that calories do matter when it comes to weight loss but counting calories has some serious errors. These errors are typically what breaks a diet and leaves the dieter frustrated and back at square one.

Many nutrition labels are inaccurate when it comes to the calories listed. The tallies are oftentimes wrong. We know that one gram of carbohydrate contains 4 calories, one gram of protein contains 4 calories, and one gram of fat contains 9 calories. Next time you see a nutrition label, pull out your calculator and do a little check for yourself. You will notice the number you get from your calculations is not the same as that of the nutrition label. There could be a difference of enough calories on a consistent basis (that you’re consuming) that is preventing your weight loss results because the true calories are unaccounted for.

Another big error occurs when you track your calories using only a volume measurement. Here are some examples:

  • A regular bag of quick oats says a serving size is “1/2 cup (40 grams)”. Most people will measure out a 1/2 cup serving and count the calories of a 1/2 cup serving and go about their day. The problem is that a 40 gram serving when weighed on a scale is actually less than 1/2 a cup measurement. A 1/2 cup measurement of quick oats is somewhere around 54 to 56 grams which is a difference of around 60 calories that are unaccounted for. If you have 1/2 a cup per day, at the end of the week this is an extra 420 calories. Those 420 calories can be preventing you from losing weight or slowing down your progress.

  • All natural peanut butter has a label that reads one serving is “1 tbsp (16 grams)”. Most people take either a regular dinner spoon and scoop out their serving or they take a true tablespoon and measure the peanut butter by volume. If you are not leveling off your volume measurement, it’s likely you’re taking more peanut butter and calories in than you’re accounting for. It’s easy to take a spoonful of 32 grams instead of what the nutrition label reads as 16 grams. This could be a difference of

    nearly 100 calories that are unaccounted for. If you do this daily, by the end of the week that is almost 700 calories you’re eating which is more than what you thought. This extra 700 calories can completely stall weight loss.

Trying to “eye-ball” or estimate too often can prevent weight loss. It has been shown that people do a very poor job at estimating calories. When you are consistently estimating, it’s simply that, an estimate, it’s not accurate. It’s possible for a small brownie to contain upwards of 600 calories depending on the ingredients in it. Most people might estimate a brownie as only 200 calories, that is a 400 calorie difference that is unaccounted for.

So now that we’ve seen where the errors can occur, what can we do about them?

Track your macro-nutrients. Your macro-nutrients are your proteins, carbohydrates and fats. When you keep a log of your macro-nutrients using a smartphone app you will always hit your daily target calories because the calorie total is more accurate than a nutrition label.

Use weight instead of volume to measure food. By using a small kitchen scale to weigh your food you will be significantly more accurate when tracking your calories. You will also understand what true portion sizes are when you visually see food and liquids weighed out. Now, keep in mind that you don’t have to weigh your food forever but weighing your food when losing weight is going to give you the most accurate numbers and therefore the best results.

As we can see, there can be quite a few errors with tracking calories alone. When you become accurate with your tracking, you will finally get the weight loss results you want with ease.

Source by Jessica Ann

Satellite Radio – Dedicated Music Channels

Many satellite radio fans find that dedicated music channels are one of the best advantages offered by this new trend in technology. Sirius, one of the two major satellite radio providers, offers a wealth of dedicated music channels that are perfect for music fans that just can not seem to get enough of their favorite groups.

One such option is a channel that is dedicated solely to the Grateful Dead. Like all music channels, this channel is completely commercial free and operates 24-hours per day. This means that no matter what time of the day or night you turn to that channel you will have the opportunity to enjoy the very best of the Grateful Dead as well as specialty programming about the iconic group that is not available anywhere else.

The Grateful Dead; However, is not the only group that has received a dedicated satellite radio music channel. Elvis Radio is another high popular channel. In fact, it is the only official radio channel in the world dedicated to broadcasting all-Elvis Presley programming. Programming is broadcast live from Graceland. Everything from the early years to Elvis classics and his comebacks are played on All-Elvis. Listeners can even listen to live tracks and rarities that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Other groups and musicians which have received dedicated music channels include Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, George Straight and The Who.

Recently it was announced that Sirius will once again dedicate a channel to the Rolling Stones as part of the release of 'Shine a Light'; A Scorsese film. Not only will listeners be able to enjoy fabulous hits of the Rolling Stones but also interviews with band members as well. Like many of the dedicated music channels on Sirius, Rolling Stones Radio will air for a limited time only. Broadcasting will begin on March 18th and last through April 15th.

In the past, Sirius also offered music channels that were dedicated to providing music for special events and holidays. During the Christmas season, three different music channels were devotedly to holiday music. An entire channel was also dedicated to the artists and personalities who helped to shape and influence African-American music during Black History Month. Lionel Richie, Charlie Wilson, LL Cool J and numerous others were featured on the channel during the month the music channel ran.

Satellite radio has become extremely popular in the last few years due to the amount of exclusive programming and entertainment that simply can not be found elsewhere. Dedicated music channels are just one example of the unique content and programming which satellite radio offers over traditional AM / FM radio.

Sirius radio is not the only satellite radio provider to recognize the importance and value of offering dedicated music channels; However. XM has also jumped on the bandwagon and in the past offered channels that were dedicated to the work of such artists as Led Zeppelin and George Strait as well as many others.

Source by Bob Maines

High Protein Diets For Bodybuilding: Learn To Eat The Right Amount

If you are working hard to build your muscles then, you should be aware of a healthy diet. You probably know that bodybuilder’s diet is high in protein. So, eating the right amount of protein is good for your muscles.

It is said that “Proteins are the machinery of living tissue that builds the structures and carries out the chemical reactions necessary for life”.

Therefore, your diet holds lots of importance in your life. So, you need to emphasize on diet as well as workout. If you want to build a good muscle mass you need to abide by the following equation:

70% Healthy Diet + 30% Workout = Healthy Body and Good Muscle Mass

To prove my above equation I will illustrate the high protein diets for weight loss.

You are just one step beyond the fitness. Stay with me and I will let you know the secrets behind bodybuilding and diets.

Let’s watch the whole show!

The Ultimate List Of The High-protein Diets For Bodybuilding

1. The Eggs: Are Always Best When Eaten Fresh

Protein Content: 6 g / 1 large egg

The eggs are the main attraction when you stroll at the grocery store.

These white spheres are close immaculate muscle nourishment. That is on the grounds that the natural esteem-a measure of how much protein from the nourishment can be consolidated into proteins in the body-of an egg is higher than almost whatever another thing in the supermarket.

The natural esteem is to a great extent directed by the measure of basic amino acids a nourishment has, and the modest egg possesses a great deal of these.

Keep an eye out for containers containing eggs with bulked up omega-3 levels to make your morning scramble work considerably harder for you.

So, if want increase protein content in your diet, choose the eggs.

2. Greek Yogurt: A Healthy Ingredient From The Milk Family

Protein Content: 23 g / 8 oz. serving

It’s a great ingredient from the milk family. It is actually yummy in taste. It’s a Greek style Yogurts and it contains the double quantity of protein as compared with the normal one.

The plain yogurt contains the less sugar than the flavored one. I want to let you know one secret. Yogurt is the richest source of calcium.

So, in toto, you get calcium in additional. So, I would suggest you have at least 1 bowl in a day.

3. Cottage Cheese: Milk’s Leap Towards Immortality

Protein Content: 14 g per 1/2 cup serving

The cottage cheese is blessed with the casein protein. This is a slow-digesting protein and it supplies the amino acids to the muscles. It’s beneficial to take this in the form of snack before the bedtime.

The cottage cheese is enriched with sodium as well. But check the labels at the carton. Compare the nutrition labels of different brands.

Those who want to build the good muscle mass can take cottage cheese. Don’t go for artificial supplements. They can harm your body.

4. Swiss Cheese: The Love Of Bodybuilders

Protein Content: 8 g per 1 oz. serving

Swiss cheese is a great option for those who are vegetarians. It provides more protein than the other ingredients. This one is a muscle-friendly option for your sandwich and burger recipes.

You can add this to your evening snacks list or can have the same after the workout when you feel exhausted.

Must try this one!! A love of every bodybuilder.

5. Milk, 2%

Protein Content: 8 g per 1 cup serving

Some people make weird faces when I ask them to have milk. But, milk is a good option. Why choose the flavorless skimmed milk when you have the option for you? You can enjoy your glass of milk and need not break the fat.

Don’t worry! If you have extra fat then, it will be absorbed as fat-soluble nutrients. For example the Vitamin-D.

So have milk and enjoy your work out. Need not worry about!

6. Ground Beef

Protein Content: 18 g / 3 oz. serving

This much amount of ground beef gives you the absolute amount of fat. The beef or you can say the red meat gives you creatine as well. So, you have a buy one get one free deal here.

Isn’t it?

Give a second thought upon it. If you are looking for high protein diets for bodybuilding. Then, add beef in your platter for sure.

7. Chicken Breast: Good For Your Tastebuds

Protein Content: 24 g / 3 oz. serving

Choose the chicken breast but that to be boneless and skinless. Chicken breast offers you lots of proteins and of course good for your taste buds as well.

You can have the chicken breast by tempering it with ginger, garlic, and lemon. This gives the taste as well as the nutrition.

Have it today only!

8. The Protein Bars

Protein Content: 25 g / 100 gms

The chocolates are considered mood swingers. They change the bad mood in the good one. I know your mouth is already watering, even though mine!

I’m kidding! I’m kidding!

Let’s not leave the path. I was talking about protein bars. So, you can have the protein bars after doing the workout. This will give an energy to your exhausted body and in turn, is going to twist your mood.

That is, You will be happy.

Check out the protein content before you buy the protein bar.

Well, It’s Time To Say Good Bye!

Well! Well! Well!

I have given you the list of high protein diets for bodybuilding. So, you can add them to your platter. I always support the natural diet for the body building.

The above-listed products actually hold the high amount of protein and as I have explained you at the beginning that exercise and diet both are the important aspects of bodybuilding.

But diet always holds 70 percent credit. Therefore, your focus should be on diet. You can take reference of your diet counselor for adding these ingredients into your meal platter.

Tell us, if you have any questions for us or if you want to add something to our knowledge. We would love to help you and any sharing of yours is welcomed.

Source by Mariusz Welc

Book Review "Imperfect Justice" by Jeff Ashton

Sometimes, truth is a lot stranger than fiction. Do you remember where you were at 10 AM on October 3, 1995? I remember riding around with a co-worker awaiting the verdict of what was hailed as the “trial of the century”-the O.J. Simpson double-homicide murder trial. Had one been orbiting the planet when OJ was declared “not guilty,” I am quite sure he would have seen the earth tremble a bit.

In spite of what seemed like obvious motive and plenty of culpable evidence – ultimately, OJ was acquitted of any criminality in the death of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman, an aspiring model who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. [As an aside, justice caught up to OJ Simpson in December 2008 when he was sentenced to 33 years in prison for armed robbery when he attempted to “reclaim” sports memorabilia at gunpoint.]

Jeff Ashton, who served as lead prosecutor against another famous murder suspect-Casey Anthony-has written a no-holds-barred account of the trial that shocked Florida in Imperfect Justice. In 2008, Casey Anthony was charged with the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. Although she had reported Caylee missing, Casey’s lies and malfeasance depicted her as a mother who had grown tired of the responsibilities of raising a child. Instead, it appeared as if Casey Anthony wanted to be the consummate party girl…even emblazoning a tattoo on her back indicating “Bella Vita” (meaning “Beautiful Life”) that she got weeks after Caylee died.

Ashton shares the prosecution’s case in what should have been a slam-dunk conviction against Casey. In just under 24 hours of deliberation, however, the jury acquitted Casey of any criminal involvement in her daughter’s death. The shock and outrage felt by the public was the fodder of all the news agencies covering the case. As Casey Anthony was whisked away under cover of darkness to a new life, there seemed to be very little justice for Caylee. Maybe the earth trembled once again as the verdict was announced in July 2011.

Imperfect Justice reminds the reader, in spite of not getting a guilty verdict, the greatest injustice was that a child was killed and discarded like common garbage. Ashton shares the journey made by investigators into the tremendous amounts of lies Casey told; the changing nature of Casey’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, and the problems their inconsistencies caused the prosecution; and his dissatisfaction of Jose Baez, lead defense attorney for Casey Anthony. A full color-spread in the middle of the book includes pictures of Casey partying, the car that smelled of death, and various shots of the Anthony’s home.

Since Ashton postponed retirement for six months to finish this case, you have to put up with a little grandstanding and self-aggrandizement. Apparently, Ashton was one of the first attorneys to be involved with DNA forensics; and he styles himself as the quintessential science nerd. In spite of a little peacock press, after reading the details of the prosecution you will be shocked that Casey Anthony was found not guilty.

Rest in peace, Caylee Anthony, perhaps some day the balance of justice will ultimately vindicate your untimely death.

Review by Steven King, MBA, MEd

Source by Steven M King

Grief – Life’s Test of Courage and Trainer of Faith

EVERYONE experiences grief of one kind or another consistently throughout life, and never more so than when we’re beset by conflict. But there is a kind of grief that blindsides us; the genus of which rips the heart out of our resolve, fear chiselling us down to our core, leaving us all alone, a fractured, wafer shell; the sort that forces such change that the old must go where a new man or woman emerges, delivered in writhes of death, paradoxically into life. Blessed abundance; an enigma.

One must lose oneself in fear to ultimately find oneself in faith.

Grief of the uncommon variety, that which does not occur in the daily swing of life, is life’s test of courage. And once we’ve been tested to such a Degree, we rise, having plummeted long and low enough, having been broken more than a few times against the rocks of our self-sufficiency, into courage. Having attained the Degree of testing, where testing is no longer a source of resentment, accepted as it only can be, we rise into life capable of Tenacity – because we can. For no other reason. No amount of reflection elucidates the matter more. Grief teaches us pragmatism. We learn to endure what we thought we couldn’t to know we can.

Grief that shreds us, that which drags us kicking and screaming from one comfortable reality to another, years apart, through excruciating experience, is the Trainer of Faith.

Nothing equips us for the realities of life better than a shredding grief. But it will take years for our potential, planted within a forest of pain, to bear fruit. See how grief trains faith. Only in patience do we ever realise that what we hope for is certainly coming. Grief is no waste. It contains something only life can teach us.

Source by Steve Wickham

10 Trivia Night Tips – Pub Trivia An Entertaining Night Out

If you are tired of sitting home watching TV and your local area does not have much to offer in the form of regular entertainment, have you considered attending a trivia night? Pub trivia or trivia night quiz competitions are great for a regular weekly get together with friends. They offer something for all ages, they are stimulating and interactive, they leave you plenty of time to talk and give you lots of things to talk about!

Trivia nights usually organize their competition so that someone books a table and then people sitting at the table compete as a team, so 2-8 people are needed and they need a team name.

People often have a preconception that trivia nights are for brainiacs. But don’t bother racking your brain and flicking through address books looking for someone with a university degree. Trivia nights generally include trivia questions about pop culture trivia, not really university degree type knowledge.

Most people have more knowledge than we think. Instead of looking for intellectuals, you’ll be better off looking for team members who are avid fans of something.

Do you know someone who watches a lot of TV? People who have watched every episode of the Simpsons, or South Park, Friends or Neighbours have a brain chock full of TV characters and their foibles. Music lovers with a CD collection spanning several decades are useful. Travellers have a wealth of knowledge about locations and cities and rivers and if they also speak several languages it’s a bonus. Amateur chefs can also tip the balance if you get a tricky food trivia question. Sports lovers are a bonus.

Getting a good trivia night team together may be the prime objective for those with a highly competitive streak who are playing to win jackpots and prizes. Most of us are just happy to pick up a bar voucher or a free dinner coupon at a trivia night. We’ll keep going out to a trivia night for the social interaction, so long as the host and our friends make us laugh and we don’t come last every week.

Here are 10 Trivia Night tips for people who haven’t attended a trivia night before.

  • 1. Turn up around 15-30 minutes before the trivia night starts. You’ll be able to pick a good table, where you can see the screen and are able to hear the questions better, and you won’t be holding up the trivia host from starting the quiz as he explains the rules to you.
  • 2. Don’t be afraid to be uncool enough to drag along a younger or older acquaintance to a trivia night. People from different generations have a vastly different knowledge base, that can make all the difference.
  • 3. Turn off or simply don’t take your mobile phone in with you. Serious trivia night competitors can suffer from highly aggressive “cheat rage” if they see you checking your messages, and many clubs and hosts take a dim view of anyone bringing in mobile phones as well.
  • 4. As competitors compete as a trivia team, if you drag a friend or two along with you, you’ll enjoy yourself more. Trivia hosts will often try and fit singles into an already established team, but you take pot luck as to who your team mates are. You might be lucky and make new friends or you might be stuck at a table with a rowdy crowd who are more interested in each other and the beer, than the trivia night competition or you.
  • 5. Don’t overdo the know it alls on your trivia team just to fill up the table. Too many strong personalities arguing they’re right can spoil all the fun for the rest of the team. Friendships have been known to die at trivia nights because a dominant personality over ruled a friends correct answer with his own wrong one.
  • 6. If you intend to question the trivia host about an answer you “know” to be correct, be prepared to back it up with a reputable source. These do not include Wikipedia or an internet website unless they also cite a reference source with more weight.
  • 7. A prize is often given for the best trivia team name. So put your thinking cap on and come up with an inventive team name. A clever play on words is trumped by the name that gets the most laughs.
  • 8. Make sure the person chosen to write down the answers to the trivia quiz questions, writes clearly and can spell. You don’t want to lose points on technicalities. It helps if this person is also very decisive, he or she can then play referee when two team members are both certain about two different possible answers.
  • 9. Trust your instincts. The first answer to pop into your head at a trivia night is most likely to be the true one. Don’t over think it.
  • 10. Beware of trick questions. Ignore the tip above and think carefully before you commit to an answer that seems too easy. Quiz masters love to throw a spanner in the works by playing on obvious answers that are false. Want an example? This is a good one. How many months in a typical year have 28 days in them? Did you answer “One – February!”? It’s true that only February ends after 28 days apart from a leap year but it’s also true that all 12 months in a normal calendar year have at least 28 days in them. So the answer is actually 12.

So if you want a stimulating entertaining night out, why not give a trivia night a go? Stretch the brain, improve the memory, have a great night out and enjoy the company and conversation of friends.

Source by Julie Francis

Evaluating The Nursing Assistant Salary

If you want to start a new career in health care profession in less time then certified nursing training is the right choice for you. The training is for a short period and then you will be writing an exam for the certification. Once you are certified, you will be working as a Certified Nursing Assistant either in hospitals, nursing homes, medical centres or you will be working individually by visiting patients at their homes. You will be helping people in long term sickness, people with physically disability, and children with mental diseases. While working in hospitals, you will be supporting registered nurses with their day to day tasks and help them working on medical equipments. You will be getting lots of benefits and on top of that nursing assistant salary is also very motivational.

Talking about the training program for the nursing assistant training, the duration of the training is different in different states according to their rules. There is a standard training based on 11 modules. It takes from one month to three months to complete the training for certified nursing assistant, many schools and colleges are taking the training classes for this certification. The American Red Cross is also providing the training facilities under highly skilled and experienced educationists and medical professionals.

You can also take the certification classes online by registering yourself with various websites providing training facilities. The online training is more favourable for those people who are currently working in different professions and due to poor job stability they now want to change their profession. They can have these online classes even while they are at work and if not, they can take the classes in their spare time. There are many people who are taking the training classes online and want to start the new career in healthcare profession. The reason could be the nursing assistant salary with great career progression and job stability.

Now if you do not afford or you can pay but a small amount then there are many hospitals and nursing homes where you can take the training classes. The nursing-homes will provide you the training in the class rooms and you will be working in the medical wards helping patients with sitting, feeding and some other tasks assigned to you. This will help to get a grip on the practical side of the training. Once you have passed the exam, you will get the certification and will be offered a job by the same nursing home. Nursing assistant salary is a high scale salary and once you will start working you will be surprised by the frequent pay raise, promotions and great career advancement. The newly certified nursing assistant get pay hourly and per hour rate starts from $10 and you work for 40 hours in a week. While working in hospitals with registered nurse you will come to know that most of the registered nurses had started their career as Certified Nursing Assistant.

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Hang Gliding and Smartphone Usage

Zero to 5000 feet in 3 steps! With any type of flight, you must log your times and locations for upgrades to your license. With all the flight log programs, you’ll have to look at each one and see which you might like to use. One of the one I use is real basic but it allows you to connect to your existing Palm Address Book to log your flying buddies. The really nice feature of these programs is that it allows you to see all the flights you’ve taken from a particular location, or all flights you have had in the last year where you broke 10,000 feet. It also allows you to analysis where you might seem to be having your best flights from. (This way, if you’re feeling down, just go back to the place where you keep having your best flights, and you are almost guarantied to have a great day)! Most of these programs are for private pilot and beyond flight logging. But they work really well for Hang Gliding, Paragliding, or any other type of sport flying. The last time I was PIC (Pilot In Command) of a motorized aircraft was a C172 in 1987, this was the year I found Hang Gliding, and I’ve never looked back!

Timing of each flight is important. The clock programs usually have a stopwatch feature, they will either allow for counting up or down depending on what you want. Some of the flight log programs also have this feature. With the flight log programs, when you stop the clock, it automatically adds it to the flight log. You can always edit it later if you let the time run too long.

Another nice thing about using the clock programs is that you should be able to time more than one thing at a time. Most clock programs will allow you to name your timers. This will allow you to time yourself along with 3 or 4 of your flying buddies. You can even set all the timers to start simultaneously. So after you’ve named them, just one click and they all start. The only problem with this is you almost have to land first to be able to stop the timers for your buddies. I’ve dropped my Smartphone quiet a few times, but that’s only from about 4 to 5 feet at most, and so far, it’s survived each drop. I don’t think any Smartphone out there was meant to survive a 7000-foot drop. (I haven’t tried this yet)! I don’t suggest you try it either. I have a funny, non-fuzzy feeling it won’t make it.

The ParaPhone: I have tried to design a small parachute for my Smartphone. But I haven’t yet had the guts to actually give it a try. I guess I’m just chicken! I would also need a beacon of some kind to locate the phone in the middle of the woods, or where ever it lands after leaving the comfort of my Hang Glider harness. More on this later – watch for updates.

Most of the pilots use Amatuer radio’s to communicate with one another. I’m just waiting on the day where my Smartphone will incorporate at least the 2 meter and 7cm Amatuer bands. And a 1KHz to 1GHz scanner would also be nice! I’m still waiting.

The flight logs will also hold any notes you would like to make about another pilot. With mine, I keep radio information on each pilot I fly with. Some use HAM radio and others use Hang Gliding specific radios which are in the 151MHz band. This way I know which radio to carry with me so I can be on the same frequency.

Some of the more advanced flight decks with incorporated GPS will give the entire flight history of the last 10 flights. This data is easiely sent to your computer for future use. With programs such as DocsToGo or MiniCalc/Chart you can view all your past flights from a particular site graphically. The software outputs a comma delimited file that can be imported to a spreedsheet program. As long as the spreedsheet program has charting capabilities, you can view the graphs created from previous flights. Which is nice to get a graph chart on your average flight times, site altitude, flight track, and distance. Now when you are traveling, you just pull up the next location, and your flight trends are right there in the palm of your hand along with all the people you met at that location. And all the contact information you might need.

These GPS flightdeck units will usually have the following display capable:

Wind speed

Wind direction

Time of day

Flight time

Speed over ground

Diff. speed between TAS and groundspeed

Altitude over destination

Distance to destination



Direction to best climb in vicinity

Ambient temperature

Altimeter 2 (relative)

Altimeter 3 (cumulated altitude)

Barometric pressure (HPa/in Hg)

Glide ratio (through air, over ground, to waypoint)

You can check them out at:

I’ve gone to a few new spots that I was planning to skip. And had to go online and search for contacts to call for site permissions. I would just do this while sitting next the fire at the camp site the night before showing up. Then, when I was getting close to the new site, just give them a call and pickup all the information I need. By the time I arrived at the site, everyone was ready for me. I knew what frequencies they used. What their procedures were and where to sign in. And of course, sign a waiver if need be. (People always worry about you crashing or something)!? Usually, before hitting the sack and the camp ground the night before, I email ahead to my contact list at the original site, just to let them know I might be a few days behind. (Something about this sport makes people paranoid when you don’t call when plans change. I have no idea why! I’ve been chewed-out by someone I didn’t even know, for not checking in with them).

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Tips To Select Luxury Watches For Men

Watches reflect personality of an individual. They not only act as time showing gadgets, but also work as fashion accessories revealing style and status. Luxury watches are very famous high end accessories. Their charming appearance and performance can attract any individual. These timepieces are highly valuable and are available in various styles and designs. By following these tips, you can select a perfect product in quick time.

Consider style statement

The first thing which should be considered while selecting a luxury timepiece is preferences of the recipient. Before considering any design, you should analyze style statement of the person who will wear the product. Without considering preferences, you cannot determine whether he’ll like it or not. Some people like lavish designs while others prefer simple dials with classy appearance. Therefore, consider choice of the recipient and look for a timepiece which compliments his personality perfectly.

Consider the factor of looks

While selecting a watch, another thing which should be considered is its appearance. A luxury timepiece should perfectly complement personality of the recipient. It should give an attractive and classy look. In order to select a perfect product, it’s very important to try out various options and look for something which gives a unique and aesthetic look. A rough look can never help in selecting a perfect timepiece.

Shape and size of the dial

The next factor which should be considered is shape of the dial. Men luxury watches are available in square as well as round dials. Both of them give a nice look and improve personality of an individual. You can pick a perfect dial by checking different products. Trying out various sizes will give a clear idea of best products. Therefore, check different products and look for a dial looks perfect on recipient’s wrist.

Strap type

While selecting a timepiece, you should check which type strap it carries. Some timepieces have leather straps while some have metal ones too. In order to select a perfect product, you should consider recipient’s needs and determine which strap would be best for him. There is wide range of straps and proper analysis is the only way to select a perfect one in quick time.

These were some tips to select luxury timepieces for men. After following these tips, you can select a perfect watch to enhance your personality. Just look for a product which depicts your lifestyle, personality and status perfectly.

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