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Medical Coding – Introduction and Importance

The medical industry is growing extremely. As it grows, increases the demand of medical services. Medical services are very much required to run the medical practice smoothly. Medical coding is one of highly required services among the other services. Without this, doctors can’t get reimbursement from insurance companies.

Medical coding is a process of assigning standardized code to the patient’s diagnostic and procedural information. This coding is used to generate accurate billing for insurance companies or government organizations. This medical coding process requires great attention to each and every detail to ensure accuracy. Because it is related to thousands of dollars, coding is highly synchronized and strongly controlled activity.

Certified medical coder is doing such type of coding very swiftly with more accuracy. They help the healthcare practitioner for health record documentation. They play vital role in healthcare information system.

Here are some points that show importance of medical coding.

Universal Acceptance: Medical coding is required because it contains so much information about medical procedures and medications on which the rates can be decided. Coding is now universal standardized and required to claim for reimbursement.

Accurate Billing: Wrong coding leads you to the wrong medical billing that will result into wrong charged amount. So it is very important that professional coder will do the coding. They will offer you accurate coding and on that basis billing specialist generates accurate bill.

Quick Reimbursement: Quick reimbursement is the need for every medical practitioner to maintain the good financial condition. Without accurate and prompt coding, no practitioner gets the reimbursement. This situation increases the financial disabilities. At the end, only debt remains. To avoid such situation, you can hire a good coding company/coder who manages you coding requirement and deliver the accurate and prompt result.

That’s how important medical coding is. It is base and most important step for every medical practitioner to get the reimbursement from insurance company or government organization.

Source by Ray Charles

The Immune System's Functions

The immune system is designed to be able to distinguish between self and non-self. It is then designed to make "made to measure" responses against the non-self (the pathogen) that accurately kill the pathogen, but leave the self untouched. It does this by recognizing the molecules of the pathogen and designing other molecules that fit like a lock and key with only the pathogen molecules. These "designer made" molecules carry with them the tools to kill the pathogen.

The pathogen molecules come in millions of different types. To combat this problem the immune system is extremely complex, and highly efficient so that it can almost always design new locks to fit these keys. One downside to this efficiency is that each immune system is so finely tuned that it even sees the cells from another person as foreign. That is because our cells carry very small molecular differences from person to person. The immune system is so sensitive that it sees these differences. This means that transplantation of organs to save lives is very complicated. Another problem, due to the complexity of the immune system, is that it sometimes runs out of control and attacks its own body. This is called autoimmunity, and is the cause of a number of very serious diseases.

The components of the immune system all start from "stem cells" in the bone marrow. These stem cells are very flexible, and can develop into many different cell types. Some may grow into the cells that make special molecules called antibodies, or they may grow into special cells, called T-cells, which patrol your body looking for foreign invaders. Some of these patrolling cells have the task of controlling and assisting the immune response, and some have the task of binding to the pathogen and also killing it.

The human body is under constant attack. In today's polluted world, toxins are found in food, water, and the air. That is why it is so very important to add Immune System Supplements such as Glutathione to your diet. It is one of the principle components to neutralize and dispose of these toxins. If your body lacks glutathione it is unable to detoxify itself. Your immune system, endocrine, and nervous system all become imbalanced, which in turn can lead to many health challenges.

Constant free radical damage overwhelms cellular energy production. Increased stress, unwreeze food choices, and the lack of quality sleep are other agents that damage cells and drain energy. Immune System Supplements like Glutathione optimizes energy production inside every cell in your body by extinguishing free radicals and restoring cell quality.

Source by Mayline C. Homecillo

The Best Fish Oil Softgels Will Be Pure For You

All the recent media coverage about high levels of PCB's found in some brands of fish oil soft gels is enough to scare anyone.

At this time, the initial California lawsuits charges at eight well-known supplement companies. In case, you have not heard, these companies were selling softgels containing high levels of PCB's. You do have to be careful.

It stands to reason that you want the best fish oil softgels to help you be healthier, not put your health at greater risk.

You may recall that PCB's were banned in the 70's. Unfortunately, they're very stable compounds and remain in the environment. It's thought that fish are ingesting them by mistaking plastic wrappers for food. Then, these harmful chemicals are in the fish, the fish are made into fish oil or put on your plate and you eat them and the PCB's.

You can avoid exposure to these harmful chemicals by carefully evaluating your supplements.

Here's what to look for:

1 – the best fish oil softgels will tell you what type of fish makes up the supplements. Salmon, shark, cod, hoki or other fish should be listed on the bottle.

2 – they should be molecular distilled for maximum purification

3 – some fish oil supplements have a certificate of analysis from a lab to let you know the exact contents of the softgels you're buying

If you're reading this, you probably already know some of the ways pure fish oil will benefit your brain and body. Studies show they reduce infection, improve your memory and protect you from heart disease for starters. But to enjoy their full benefits, you want purity in your supplements.

It is certainly possible to get pure supplements. You just may have to do a little searching. Online they're available to everyone.

If you'd like to learn more about the best fish oil softgels I recommend, please visit my website. I have a ton of information there about the benefits of these supplements and what to look for in their purity.

Source by Jennifer P. April

Real Solutions to Real Anger and Aggression

Most of what you have been told about anger and aggression and how to manage it has come from people who have no idea how satisfying it is to watch your opponent fall to the ground, unconscious, after you punch them in the face. 'Problem solved' you tell yourself as everyone watching cheers you on.

Herein lies the problem with most anger and aggression management programs. They are written by pacifists attempting to create clones of themselves. All the while thinking there must be something wrong with us for being so angry and aggressive.

Well I am here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with being angry and aggressive. Anger is just an emotion, the same as happiness, sadness, joy and fear. Being angry that someone is beating up your Nana is a good thing, because it prompts you to take action. If you did not get angry, who would protect the people you care about or stand up for the things you believe in?

Anger is an action oriented emotion. It essentially demands you to take action, by giving your body the adrenalin and blood flow it needs to take this action. It helps you when you feel out of control or that there has been injustice or that someone's rights are being violated (sometimes your own). A few other examples of angry people include;

• People angry about world poverty donate to World Vision and the like,
• People angry about homelessness help build houses in poor communities,
• People angry about genocide overseas lobby their government to take action to stop the killing,
• Colonists angry at the injustice of the British tax system forged a war and created a new nation in response,
• When Martin Luther King was angry about injustice and racism he dedicated his life to brining justice,
• The world was angry about the Nazi regimes many neighborly invasions and treatment of the Jews, so instigated WWII,
• Nelson Mandela was angry about injustice in South Africa so dedicated his life to abolishing apartheid.
The list goes on and on and on. Anger has created much good in the world. So anger per-se is not the problem. It is how we hate when we are angry that makes all the difference.

The people listed above used their anger to fuel their passion to help the world. People in jail have used it to destroy their lives. Which are you? And how do you make the choice to use anger for good rather than evil?

In this question lies the key to good anger and aggression management. You first need to know your own anger intimately. What does it feel like when you start getting angry? And what does it feel like you want to do? Once you know the answers to these questions you have an understanding of the physical symptoms of your anger.

Remember anger is an indication that action needs to be taken, you can use it to guide your behavior, rather than respond to the intense emotion of anger by acting in a violent way.

Now do not get me wrong, I love to fight. I spent the majority of my youth boxing and my early 20's working as a night club bouncer. Fighting is within me and it will never go away. But I also like my freedom, and realized some time ago that if I react with violence every time I feel the intense emotion of anger, then I would soon be locked in a box with the rest of societies loose cannons. I can not imagine a world where sex with women does not exist. I actually could not think of much worse.

Once you have a sound understanding of your own anger, you can begin to learn skills to channel that intense emotion into something positive, rather than using it as a one way ticket to the land of violent same sex relations in the communal showers.

Source by Shannon Pedler

Activities on the Western Cape

The Western Cape of South Africa offers a great variety of activities and adventures. If you have never visited this lovely region, you may be surprised at all of the many exciting things there are to plan during your trip.

Whale Watching

One of the most popular activities in the Western Cape is whale watching. The whale season in South Africa runs from July to November, providing the best opportunity to catch sight of these gentle giants. Visitors will find numerous opportunities for whale watching during this time as the whales arrive in the area for mating and to calve in the protected warm waters of the bay areas. The heart of the whale watching region can be found in Hermanus, well known as the best area in the entire country for whale watching. Walker Bay, in particular, offers extremely good sightseeing opportunities. In fact, it is often quite possible to catch sight of the whales just a few feet from the shore. While Walker Bay is one of the premier whale watching locales in the world, the whale route actually stretches all along the Western Cape, touching upon such places as Knysna, Mossel Bay and the coastline of the Tsitsikamma National Park.

Shark Diving

You will find there are a variety of different options for catching site of the Great White sharks that make their home off the coast of South Africa. Perhaps one of the most exciting of these options is the opportunity to take a cage diving trip near Dyer Island. This locale is well known as one of the best shark diving spots in the world. Cage diving trips provide the opportunity to learn more about Great White sharks as well enjoy an up close and personal experience with the Great White sharks, all from the safety of the diving cage. These excursions provide an excellent opportunity to not only watch the sharks in their native environment but also take fabulous photos as well.

Game Safaris

Game viewing safaris remains of the most popular attractions of the Western Cape and South Africa. Certainly, no trip to the region would be complete without a safari adventure. A number of different game parks are in operation throughout the entire country; however, the oldest, most well known and largest is without a doubt Krueger National Park. Visitors can take advantage of the opportunity to view the beautiful wildlife that makes their home in the region through guided hikes and overnight trips.

Bungy Jumping

Bungy jumping has become an exciting adventure to be enjoyed around the world. Some of the most exciting opportunities to bungy jump exist on the Western Cape, particularly at Bloukran River Bridge near Storms River in the spectacularly beautiful Garden Route region. This site actually offers the highest commercially operated bungy jumping site in the world, reaching up to an impressive 525 feet. The bridge leading to the jumping site is actually a bit higher; however, a walkway which was specifically constructed for the adventure, allows jumpers to reach the jumping site.

Source by Kadence Buchanan

Does the Western US Cowboy Still Exist?

The American western cowboy has been in existence since the 1800″s. The cowboy has been showcased and romanticized over the years in movies and Wild West shows. However, the cowboy and his horse work very hard. They petrol the wide open ranges in all kinds of weather. The horse and cowboy were the best of friends because each of them needed the other to get the job done. It was not unusual for the cowboy to ride his horse fifty miles in a day.

They had to gather cows, vaccinate, brand, sort the herd and read the range – stay mounted and work cattle. They were very skilled at their jobs and were proud of the kind of work they did. Even thou motorized vehicles came into play, using a horse and a rope was still the best way to work cattle. The attire for most of the cowboys was a cowboy hat, gloves, bandana, cowboy boots, chaps, close fitting trousers or jeans. He would also carry a lasso, gun, knife, and wear spurs. On his horse he would need a saddle, blanket, bridle and a bed role.

As the western range became more crowded the trail drives ended. More of the ranchers were putting up wooden or barbed wire fencing which made the trails impassable. Also the environmentalists pointed out that in many cases the ranges had been mismanaged and abused. They demanded that all the grazing on America’s public land be stopped. Many of the large ranches were subdivided and sold to inexperienced ranchers that wanted to try their hand at becoming cowboys.

As every decade sees changes in technology, science and economics, the western cowboy must change too. The western cowboy does still exit. There are still large and small ranches out west that need the cowboy and his horse. The cowboy has had to change with the times. Some work the ranches, some still patrol the ranges and some have started working the rodeos. Let’s all try to keep this hard working rugged cowboy and his horse in existence.

Source by Gail R. Olson

Disadvantages of Using Tap Water for a Drinking and Cooking Supply

Water is the most abundant and the most important medium on Earth as well as in the human body. Because water is an universal solvent, all the other substances are found in it, dissolved to different degrees and that is why pure water can not be found in nature. Mineral content of natural waters (and waters in our bodies) varies.

Water is fundamental to all the living creatures and in human body it is the primary component of every bodily fluid and involved in almost every bodily function.

Water requirements depend on our diet, activity level and climate in which we reside.

Regardless of our personal water requirements and geographical location of our residence – how to keep water clean and safe (how to heal polluted bodies of water) for human consumption should become everybody’s concern because there is no optimum health without clean water. Most of the tap water in U.S. comes from surface sources (rivers, streams and lakes) and the rest is from groundwater (subterranean reservoirs). Water from both sources (surface and subterranean) most likely contains many environmental pollutants: animal wastes, local fertilizers (i.e. nitrates), insecticides, industrial chemicals and wastes, air pollutants (i.e. lead and radon), toxic organic chemicals, petroleum spills.

All the city tap water is treated in local treatment plants which in many cases use an obsolete process of settling tanks, filtration through sand and gravel and adding chemicals to purify the water for human consumption.

After the treatment our “drinking” water might contain all or most of the following, most likely hazardous chemical additives: chlorine (to kill the germs), fluoride (to prevent tooth decay), calcium hydroxide or other alkaline substances (to change pH of the water and prevent pipes from corroding).

Unfortunately, all of these processes may still not clean up the water of all the environmental pollutants.

To make things worse, chlorine and other chemicals are likely to react with other organic chemicals in the water and form new substances that may act as carcinogens. Even some water pipes might contribute toxic chemicals or metals.

It doesn’t come as surprise that bottled water is one of the fastest growing businesses all around the world. Anyhow, the synthetic materials, used for manufacturing of plastic bottles are also a growing concern, so – home-filtered tap water (using solid carbon filtration) is at the moment our safest source of fresh drinking and cooking water.

Source by D. Perse

Classification of Computers

Computers are available in different shapes, sizes and weights, due to these different shapes and sizes they perform different sorts of jobs from one another.

They can also be classified in different ways. All the computers are designed by the qualified computer architectures that design these machines as their requirements.

A computer that is used in a home differs in size and shape from the computer being used in a hospital. Computers act as a server in large buildings, while the computer also differs in size and shape performing its job as a weather forecaster.

A student carrying a laptop with him to his college is different in shape and size from all the computers mentioned above.

Here we are going to introduce different classifications of computers one by one. We will discuss what are in classifications and what job they perform.

Super computer

The biggest in size, the most expensive in price than any other is classified and known as super computer. It can process trillions of instructions in seconds. This computer is not used as a PC in a home neither by a student in a college.

Governments specially use this type of computer for their different calculations and heavy jobs. Different industries also use this huge computer for designing their products.

In most of the Hollywood’s movies it is used for animation purposes. This kind of computer is also helpful for forecasting weather reports worldwide.


Another giant in computers after the super computer is Mainframe, which can also process millions of instruction per second and capable of accessing billions of data.

This computer is commonly used in big hospitals, air line reservations companies, and many other huge companies prefer mainframe because of its capability of retrieving data on a huge basis.

This is normally to expensive and out of reach from a salary-based person who wants a computer for his home.

This kind of computer can cost up to thousands of dollars.


This computer is next in he line but less offers less than mainframe in work and performance. These are the computers, which are mostly preferred by the small type of business personals, colleges, etc.

Personal computers

Almost all the computer users are familiar with the personal computers. They normally know what the personal computer is and what are its functions.

This is the computer mostly preferred by the home users. These computers are lesser in cost than the computers given above and also, small in size; they are also called PCs in short for Personal computers.

This computer is small in size and you can easily arrange it to fit in your single bedroom with its all accommodation. Today this is thought to be the most popular computer in all.

Notebook computers

Having a small size and low weight the notebook is easy to carry to anywhere. A student can take it with him/her to his/her school in his/her bag with his/her book.

This is easy to carry around and preferred by students and business people to meet their assignments and other necessary tasks.

The approach of this computer is also the same as the Personal computer. It can store the same amount of data and having a memory of the same size as that of a personal computer. One can say that it is the replacement of personal desktop computer.

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Source by John Gibb

Small Business Advertising IQ Test – Outdoor Advertising

There are dozens of places that a small business can spend money on advertising. It has been demonstrated by the SBA (Small Business Administration) that on-premise outdoor advertising is the least expensive, most effective method to generate more walk-in customers.

Is your business signage doing the job? Ask yourself the following questions to check your advertising IQ:

  • Some business people spend more money on a cash register to keep their money in than a good sign to pull people in to fill it! Does not make sense, does it?
  • You do not buy a inch inch drill bit because you want a drill bit, you want a inch inch hole! You do not buy a sign because you want a sign, you want more customers, right?
  • Do you think this sign could hurt your business? Well then, what's the only other thing it could do? Help your business, right?
  • The world of packaging is a multimillion dollar business. Most of the products you sell are packaged to sell, right? The most important package for your business business is the front of your store! It's the first thing your customers see and it must convince them to stop in and buy! A new sign makes the best package you could have!
  • Most investors feel that getting their money back in 7 years is a good investment. Most businesses that purchase a new outdoor sign get their money back in a few weeks! That's smart investing is not it?
  • It would be great if you could go out in the middle of the street and personally invite people into your business, would not it? First of all, you do not have time and secondly, you might get run over! The next best thing is to invite them in with a sign. Is your signage communicating with your customer visually!
  • Can you imagine going to a major league baseball game, getting out on the pitcher's mound during the 7th inning stretch and telling 50,000 fans about your business? Would that improve your business? Well right now, you have over 50,000 people every few days passing less than 50 feet from your front door! They are all potential customers of yours! But first, you have to tell 'em what you have before you can sell' em!
  • If your landlord came in today and made you this offer … "I need some cash right away … If you pay me $ 5,000 now, I'll let you to stay here RENT FREE for the next 10 years!" .. Would you do it. That's exactly what a good outdoor sign will do for you! Make sense?
  • Let's say that I want to go to work for you … before you say yes or no, let me tell you my qualifications. I'll work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the next 10 years. You do not have to pay unemployment taxes or any fringe benefits. I'llbe the hardest working employee you've got! Would you pay me $ 300 a month for the next 36 months? That's what the outdoor outdoor electric sign will do for you!
  • Where is the nearest McDonald's from here? How about Holiday Inn? Where is Betty's Ceramics? You see, you know where McDonald's and Holiday Inn are, but not Betty's Ceramics and they are on the same street! The only difference is their signs! That's why successful franchises spend up to $ 50,000 for their signs, and 80% of a franchises customers are impulsed do to the sign. The average McDonald's locations get over 1800 customers per day. The sign pays for itself in 7 days! What would happen to your business if you had a larger sign out front?
  • People judge the inside of your business by how you look on the outside! If you could turn your business inside out and show people what you have in here, they would flock in … but you can not. The next best thing is to get something out front that will show people what you do have on the inside! Does that make sense?
  • Some business people spend more money in monthly payments on a credit card terminal than a good sign to pull in those customers with the credit cards … does not make sense, does it?
  • If you want people to come to your party, you have to send them an invitation right? The more invitations you send, the more people that show up! The same is true with your business, the more customers you invite in, the more sales you make! So, if you want their business, you have to ask for it! You have to make it easy for them to find you … without a good business sign. Is your sign the nicest invitation in town?
  • People like to go where the action is. Nobody likes to go to a slow business! Have you ever gone into a restaurant at lunch time and you were the only person there? Makes you wonder why, right? The right business sign will create customer traffic … it will create lots of activity and excitement! That's what you want, is not it?
  • If you came to work one morning and saw two guys out in front of your business building a large brick wall that would hide your business from the people passing by … what would you do? Probably send them away and tear down the brick wall, right? You do not want anything hiding your business! Unfortunately, you have that situation right now. There is a brick wall is the front of your business, your storefront. All your products and services are hidden behind the front wall. You need to do something to get those products on the other side of the wall where you customers can see them. Does your outdoor advertising have a large logo or graphic that instantly describes your products?
  • A business without a sign is a sign of no business!
  • The more you tell, the more you sell!
  • Some small business spend more money on signs advertising "going out of business" than they spend on signs while in business … and wonder what happened?
  • Your business is located on the banks of a money stream! You have thousands of dollars flowing past your front door! All you have to do is bait your hook and keep it in the middle of the money stream! A highly visible outdoor business sign will catch more customers than any other bait on the market!
  • A good outdoor image can increase the value of your location without increasing your rent one thin dime!
  • Your business will never stay the same. It will either go up … or out. No business remains static. If you think a sign will help your business … EVEN A LITTLE BIT … then by all means, buy one!

Source by David Evarts

The Evolution of Flash Video

Recently, an overtly negative attitude seems to have arisen towards the use of third-party plugins such as Adobe's Flash Player. Despite this attitude however, leading open-source players, rather than pushing users to abandon Flash in favor of native browser playbacks, seems to still be making use of these third-party plugins, and the reason is fairly simple.

The two key components to any video playback system are a video decoder and an application framework. While HTML5 offers a quality application framework, due to certain limitations, it has not yet developed a working video decoder.

A decade ago, given its superior functionality to HTML, whole websites were being built in Flash. Occasionally however, the disadvantages won out and Flash gave way to Javascript. Flash did not die out however, as it was discovered to be work as a near universal video player among browsers. As a result, when the web video boom took off, YouTube and just about everyone else used Flash as their video player.

Also, until just a couple years ago, Apple products also made use of Flash before suddenly rejecting it in favor of other options. Even companies such as Netflix, who have avoided using Flash, took a similar approach with third-party plugin players. Still, as it turns out, most web videos wind up being played through Flash, despite preferences in programing language. Even the newest version of Video.js, HTML5's player framework, has added a built-in Flash player, and this combination has come with a number of advantages.

One big advantage offered by this new synthesis is that all of the advanced features now only need to be applied one time, whereas before setting up a playlist in HTML5 and Flash required the redundancy of requiring a separate player for each format. Also, various playback methods can all be controlled through the same Javascript API. What this means is that all the configurations, styles, and settings only have to be made once, no matter the number of codecs or devices, absolutely allowing for far easier design and development.

A slightly more subtle advantage, where the internet has already been shifted from Flash to Javascript, video applications are now, finally, doing the same, with more logic being moved from Javascript into Flash. Taking this new approach will also allow for a rather significant optimization of performance. This can be seen in the comparison of the 120kbps required of a full-featured Flash player to the significantly smaller 10kb for Video.js. All of these changes represent a significant advancement for the lasting power of Adobe's Flash video.

So, while Flash may have seen several changes over the last decade, from being a popular application framework in 2002, to being reduced to a simple video playback app in 2007, and into today, to the point that it no longer needs to be a full-featured player, it is certainly not going anywhere. While this still may not be the most ideal arrangement, the far more preferred option of a universal video playback is still years away. Until that day comes though, the current model certainly represents a drastic step up from the traditional Flash player.

Source by Scott Cox

Personal Color Analysis – Suzanne Caygill, Color: The Essence of You

Suzanne Caygill published Color: The Essence of You in 1980, the same year Carole Jackson came out with Color Me Beautiful. Suzanne Caygill is looked on as the pioneer of personal color analysis and image consulting. She was a friend of the famous Edith Head who in turn was a wardrobe designer and consultant to in Hollywood.Caygill

Caygill used an expanded and more complex version of the “seasonal” color theory. Artist’s were first identifying this theory about a hundred years ago. Caygill believed that a person’s season, and sub-type seasons, should be matched with their personalities, and with their body type. In fact, she believed that a newborn infant’s coloring would then heavily contribute towards shaping the child’s personality.

Her beliefs severely clash with our current concepts. For example, we believe that women with any natural coloring can look pretty. Caygill, however, taught that Autumn women naturally have strong facial features that would preclude the possibility of her ever looking “pretty.” If, in fact, she had the misfortune of looking pretty, this quality was to be downplayed, so that her appearance could be in sync with her strong personality.

Caygill espoused a personal analysis system that corresponded with the four seasons of the year. She assigned colors to different seasons than expert Johannes Itten recommended. Johannes Itten and other color theorists had agreed that summer is a bright season with long daylight hours and bright blue skies and bright colorful landscapes; while winter has much less daylight and is a season of muted colors, such as blue-grey skies.. In other words, she dubbed winter as a bright color category and summer as a muted category, nonetheless image consultants have continued with this classification system ever since.

Source by Jan Hawken

Web Design and Its Evolution

Web design has come a long way since August 1991 when the first ever website was launched. Tim Berners-Lee published a text-based site on behalf of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. The site itself was informative only and in no way interactive. Primitive in its looks, content included hyperlinks and was actually removed from the web in 1993. It was later decided to reinstate the website due to the importance of human and technological development.

Q: What’s one of the biggest differences between websites of the early 1990’s and those of today?

A: The first website ever created was solely for informative purposes whereas today, owners can offer a wealth of information, sell products and services, provide platforms for social interaction and much more. All of this is carried out in a visually appealing manner.

Q: Can we talk about speed?

A: Absolutely! You may have been around long enough to remember the days of dialup internet. If not, its highly recommended you look into it. Those used to lighting fast fibre broadband will almost certainly be enlightened to learn the process of dialup and how this would mean the telephone (land line) could not be used and was somewhat slow and at times intermittent. Taking this into consideration, websites of 90’s were based primarily around text. Design layouts were a concept of the future along with imagery, typography and navigation. Due to the simplistic (looking) nature of a primitive website, it meant that the user experience was as optimised as it possibly could be and this notion was based upon a user requiring information from a website that worked through a dialup connection.

Q: So what happened next?

A: Towards the mid 1990’s on site page builders began to grow in popularity with web designers choosing this option as a preferred layout. Offering tables, columns and rows, content was able to be separated into specific blocks based upon a subject or category. This meant a web page held even more visual appeal than that of those from the early 1990’s. The main focus continued to be the users’ experience.

Q: Do you remember the page counter?

A: Page counters were great landmarks, offering insight into the number of people who visited a web page. This type of information was important to both the website owner and the customer. The former gives an idea of the number of people landing on the website with the latter giving the potential reader an idea of website popularity.

Q: Can we look at page structure then and now?

A: As previously mentioned, early website structure was based heavily around text before moving onto a more boxy feel in terms of blocks and columns. Today, web pages are hot on offering great navigation in order to complete a call to action in as fewer clicks as possible. Great images, well-written content and trust signals are all strategically placed within a professional build.

Q: Can we learn about the 2000’s?

A: This is where content and design saw a clear separation through the magical realms of CSS. Whitespace became a positive aspect making way for the eradication of block colours throughout a web page. Another positive feature of this era included the addition of links to icons as well as text. Resolution and pixelation moved to the forefront of important design considerations.

Q: What about today?

A: Known in the industry as the ‘modern web’, and starting out with the birth of Web 2.0, this modern era has built up over time including the likes of social media integration, interactive content and multimedia applications. Results over time have mapped out how websites are built and how we have come to market them today.

With the user experience always at the forefront of design and development since 1993, it will be interesting to re-visit in a further decade.

Source by Helen Kerr

Progression in Snowboarding – Video Analysis

The first question anyone ever asks when they see a snowboarder execute a perfect trick is "how did you do that?". The answer is taking each day step by step, perfecting a new trick before moving on to another. Notice I said 'perfect'; there are absolutely instances where a trick or obstacle is just so gnarly that any successful attempt is good enough but for the most part you want everything you do on your snowboard to be perfect … and the stuff that does not go perfect should be made to look like you wanted it that way.

The greatest way to perfect every aspect of a new trick is through video analysis. I do not mean making those ho-key 'sponsor me' tapes that you never send (although those are pretty fun to do, haha). So grab your camcorder and get ready for a different kind of fun. Video analysis is that time when you take excruciatingly detailed footage of everything you do right and unfortunately everything you do wrong as well.

By now you've watched a ton of trick tips on my site (if not than check them out here). You may have noticed that trick tips are filmed in a pretty specific way. You can see that the angles are really straight forward and there is always a shot of the trick from behind, to the side, and sometimes in front. When you take videos of yourself for analysis those are the angles you want to use, this way you can get a good general sense of how you look on a feature. If you are not lining up right you will be able to see exactly what does not work and adjust; you may notice that your spin is not coming all the way around because of your head position just off the lip; there are tons of really small things that, when you are sliding on a narrow strip of metal some 10 ft. off the ground, you just are not aware of. Video analysis is the key to making a good trick perfect.

Video analysis can also play a crucial role early on in developing a good sense of style. If you do some crazy lobster claw motion with your left hand every time you ollie, then that's something you might want fix before you make that 'sponsor me' tape. How about this phenomenon: you ollie or boardslide and it just feels perfect, then your friend tells you the ollie was like a foot off the ground and the boardslide was more of a slightly tweaked 50-50. You should document what you accomplish to make sure you are completely comfortable with how you look … even professional snowboarders will find themselves re-shooting a trick several times before they get 'the' shot. It can suck having to keep stepping up to something that might scare you, but there's a feeling you get when you watch your perfect trick go down. It's all your own … it's what snowboarding is all about.

One last thing about video analysis is that if you are planning to compete then you absolutely can not do without footage. At contests the focus moves toward impressing the sentences, and this is where textbook trick execution plays a vital role.

Remember just have fun with it. If something you want to try really scares you then for sure you want to back down. Fear is the last thing that needs to be in your mind mid-trick, but you can beat fear with confidence … which you get from constant progress coupled with video analysis.

Source by Lou G

Heavenly Angel Food Cake Recipe

Angel Food Cake is a very light textured dessert cake. The reason the cake is so light in texture is due to the incorporation of whipped egg whites. The process of which this cake is made is really pretty cool. The whipped egg whites, when folded in ever so gently, and when put into the bundt pan. The eggs act as a leavening agent when cooking, making the cake rise, until the finished product is light, and fluffy. It is also one of the low fat desserts . You can add fresh fruit, and a non fat dairy topping to go along with this. It will be a delicious treat.

Ingredients you will need:

1 1/2 cup powdered sugar sorted

1 cup granulated sugar1 cup unbleached flour divided

1 1/2 cup egg whites – just blended- will actually whip all into firm, soft peaks.

1 1/2 teaspoons cream of tartar

2 teaspoons pure vanilla bean paste

1/4 teaspoon almond extract

1/4 teaspoon salt

  • Preheat oven to 350. Mix powdered sugar and flour in a mixing bowl; set.
  • In separate mixing bowl, beat egg whites, cream of tartar, vanilla bean paste, salt, and almond extract at high speed until well blended. You will typically sprinkle in granulated sugar about 2-3 tablespoons at a time while beating at high speed. Beat until the sugar is dissolved and egg whites are whipped into stiff peaks. Do not scrape sides of bowl during beating, this will deflate the air that you are incorporating into the egg whites.
  • Fold in flour mixture about 1/3 at a time, with a rubber spatula just until flour disappears.
  • Pour mixture in unprepared 10 "bundt pan. Cut through batter to break large air bubbles with metal spatula.
  • Bake for 30-45 minutes, or until a nice golden, or until done.
  • Remove from oven and set upside-down until cooled.

Source by Shelley Pogue

Why You Should Be Using a Natural Hair Moisturizer

If these chemicals are not enough, your hair is also exposed to brushes, combs, hair accessories, teasing, sun, pollution, hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons. Taking all that into consideration, do not you think your head desires a natural hair moisturizer ?

Why Natural?

Aside from the fact that natural moisturizers are inexpensive, they actually work better than a lot of products that are available on the market. Many store bought products contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, petro-chemicals, phthalates and sulfates. If you must buy a commercials product, choose one that is organic or at least natural such as Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask. This product is made up of angelica root extract and many essential oils to promote elasticity, vitality and shine.

Many people choose to make their own natural moisturizer because they are either a vegan or allergic to certain ingredients. When you make your own, you never have to worry about any animal by-products being in your moisturizer. You do not have to spend a fortune to look great, you really just need to know what to grab out of your fridge and kitchen cupboard to throw in a blender or mash up by hand.

Banana Smoothie

There are not many foods that you will find better for your hair than honey, banana and yogurt. In a blender combine one teaspoon of honey and yogurt with one banana until it is smooth. Wet your hair down and apply this mixture, paying close attention to the ends. Pile your hair on top of your head and leave in for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse completely with warm water and then offer your hair a cold water rinse to lock in the shine.

Avocado Delight

The natural fats and oils that are in avocados make them a phenomenal natural hair moisturizer . Mash up a nice ripe avocado in a mixing bowl. Squeeze in half of a lemon and a bit of sea salt. If you have an aloe vera plant or at least some natural gel, you can squeeze in a dollop of that as well. Mix these ingredients up really good and work the paste into your wet hair. Use a comb with wide teeth to distribute the hair mask evenly. Leaving on for 20 minutes and rinse clean.

Olive Oil

Here is something found in every cupboard! Work this into your hair while it is dry and leave on as long as you can. If you have a shower cap you can wear, you can actually sleep in this or turn up the intensity and add the t of your hair dryer. Be prepared to give your hair a good scrubbing after.

Recommended Product

If you are looking for a moisturizer that is as about as natural as you are going to get without having to clean up your kitchen, you will love Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie. This product provides an intestinal treatment to tame frizz or unmanageable hair. Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie is a natural hair moisturizer that is made from zero harsh chemicals, containing Shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, mango, guava and passion fruit.

Source by Tod Woodward

The Facts About Buttock Injections

Everybody loves a firm, round and juicy butt. Just look at Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce and what do they have in common – A big and sexy butt.

Having a nice, firm and sexy butt will bring you lots of attention while at the same time increases your confidence level. If you want to look great and sexy, then the first thing that you must do is have a big butt and that can be achieved through buttock injections.

Buttock injection is a process whereby fat from other parts of the body is extracted and then injected into the butt. The areas that fat is being extracted are: abdominal, thighs and back and this is done through liposuction procedure. It is recommended we extract fat from one's body instead of using fat from other people. This is to avoid the fat being rejected by the body.

With this process, you are actually killing two birds with one stone – extracting fat from one part of the body while increasing the roundness and firmness of the butt. The end result will be a great and curvy body figure which every woman desires. Is not that great? However, for individuals who are tiny and do not have much fat to be extracted, then they should consider buttock implants.

Before you decide to go for this procedure, do some research and talk to several cosmetic surgeons before making your final decision. Choosing a good and experienced cosmetic surgeon is important to avoid any unwanted side-effects or infection after the procedure. Furthermore, with an experience surgeon, the possibility of you having successful buttock injections is high and you will get the sexy look that you want.

The buttock injections will be done with many visits to the surgeons and sometimes up to hundreds of times. You need to find out the cost involved to ensure that you have sufficient funds for this procedure. Talk to the cosmetic surgeons and they should be able to give you an estimate of cost needed. A reminder that this procedure is not claimable under insurance and since you need to use your own money for this purpose. If you do not have sufficient funds, that save some money and once it is enough, go for it.

The buttock injections can be done within two hours under general anesthesia. Depending on each individual and the kind of butt one desires, the fat will be extracted according to the amount required and then injected stage by stage into the butt area. Normally 30% of the fat will be absorbed into the butt area within 6 to 8 weeks. If the result is not good, sometimes a second procedure may be carried out.

Like a normal operations, these injections also have risk of infections and bleeding. Since the butt has to work hard to support the body, there is a possibility that you may hurt your butt during the recovery process. This may cause bleeding and infection which needs immediate attention.

After the buttock injections procedure, if you see any swapping, bleeding or an uneven butt, you need to get back to your surgeon immediately for further checking; there may be a possibility of complications. If everything is fine, then you do not have to worry about anything and enjoy the new firm butt that you have.

Source by Sue Toddman

Massage Therapy Home Business – Free Marketing Ideas

Free Business Cards

A lot of online companies offer up to 250 free business cards you can design yourself. My favorite is Home Business Center. You can design your personal massage therapy business cards using any of their 42 card templates to deliver your message and contact information. Keep your business cards on you and hand them out to potential clients. Listen to what is being said around you in conversation. For example, when someone complaints about a back ache or a stressful week suggest a massage and give them your card. Also, ask friends and family to hand out a few to coworkers that might be interested in a home massage.

Local Directories and Home Business Directories Online

Submit your business information to local directories. Even if you do not have a web site for you massage therapy home business your services will appear in local search results. The top three directories or local map search engines to submit to are Google Local Business Center, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local Listing Center. Add contact information, specialty services, pictures and hours available. Also, submit your massage business to local company directories in your area.

Participate in Raffles Ticket Giveaways in your Area

Find local events in your area and donate a free massage to the community raffle. It is free advertising for your massage home business and if the raffle winner enjoys their massage (and I am sure he or she will) you got yourself a client and referrals from their network of friends.

Local Classified Ads

Create seasonal classified ads to market specials or gift certificates for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Submit your ad to and other local classified listings.

Existing Client Incentives

Once your massage home business starts taking off you can ask your clients to submit reviews to your Local Business Listings with the incentive to receive a discount on their next massage. Also, you can increase clientele by offering discounts when they refer you to 5 friends.

Source by Catie Helfrich

Fashion in the 1950’s

The 1950’s spawned a wide variety of original and distinctive styles, presented with a classic new age twist. For America, recently recovering from catastrophic tragedies related to the second World War, the 1950’s brought restored hope; a chance for a new way of life whose destiny would be decided by them alone. This metamorphosis of America was heavily represented by fashion.

Women especially dramatically altered the way they dressed and presented themselves; during the evolution of an increasingly liberated society, women began to favor casual, relaxed clothing over traditional dress rules and associated formality of previous decades. Some of the most admired new trends for women in the 1950’s included button-up sweaters with simple necklines, fitted blouses, and full knee-length skirts. However, the most prevalent fashion for women during this time was dresses. Most dresses were worn casually, and were accentuated with circle skirts, halter straps, or small collars. Evening wear dresses seemed soft yet daring, coming in many pastel hues and accompanied with bold ruffles, tulle trim, and dazzling velvet bows. The fitted evening wear of this period, which was usually sleeveless or strapless, was also emphasized with sheer silk.

Growing increasingly popular, the full skirts of the 1950’s needed some sort of support in order to maximize their look. To address this problem, Nylon petticoats were created exclusively to be worn in conjunction with full skirts to create fullness. Nylon was a favorable material because of its high quality and easy care wash. This fullness it created transformed the skirt who gave nothing more than a gentle swish, into a glamorous royal-like flutter. Another significant fashion of this period is the swing coat, developed in the last 1940’s by Jacques Fath. The silhouette of the swing coat was “designed perfectly to cover full skirts, and also ideal for the post war high pregnancy rate”. Another trend in the 1950’s was the “trapeze dress: a swinging dress almost triangular in shape and designed to be worn with low shoes and bouffant hairstyles.” The trapeze dress was later modified into a shorter baby doll tent style dress, which was popular in the next decade. Perhaps one of the most classic fashion garments from the 1950’s was Christian Dior’s H-line of 1954, which consisted of a slender tunic-style suit with a slim skirt. His other popular fashions during this period were his A and Y lines. Dior has long been a dominant force in the fashion world, especially in the 1950’s. His creative and usually voluminous garments gave women a more feminine touch. Another designer, Hubert Givenchy created a Parisian style dress in 1957 which he called the Sack. The Sack began the trend of straighter-waist dresses. Initially, it developed into the “fitted darted sheath dress and later into the loose straight short shift dress.”

Coco Chanel was another major fashion designer in the 1950’s. In contrast to popular full and flouncy skirts, Chanel began creating the boxy, now classic Chanel suit jackets and skirts in trimmed and textured tweed. The materials Chanel chose were always richly textured, which contributed to the finished product’s high prices. Chanel’s silhouette of her suits was completely straight, divinely lined with silk. Her look was classic, refined, and adorned with details. Chanel also accessorized many of her designs with strings of pearls and collarless jackets, both of which were considered fashionable in the 1950’s. One of the most classic trends from the 1950’s is the empire line, which was introduced in the late 1950’s. This style was applied to dresses and shirts mostly, and was adored by teenagers who looked innocently childlike, hence the coined phrase “baby doll style”. During the 1950’s, all teenagers were expected to dress like their elders. The empire line was also a striking contrast from what most mothers wore at the time, which contributed to its high approval among teenagers in America.

Until the 1950’s, the term “teenagers” was not commonly used, and certainly not a targeted market group. But with a new range of influences, including film, television, rock music, and magazines, teenagers began to be respected and acknowledged in the community. Often nicknamed the “Space Age”, the 1950’s was an important time in history for science and development as well. So many aspects of life changed during this period, perhaps partially attributed to the recent end of World War II. America had emerged from war with prosperity and a new identity. A new consumer-based society was “forging ahead, helped by such new developments as the credit card system” (Baker, 6). These innovative conditions however produced a similar effect on the fashion industry: while so many things in the lives of Americans were changing, they stayed clear from the radical, intense fashions while preferring the normalcy of standard trends. For once, being normal felt good. Another huge change in the 1950’s was the increased ownership of television sets. Popular television programs such as I Love Lucy connected Americans on both sides of the Atlantic, bringing a sense of unity in the country. Segregation was ended in 1954, which brought together black and white students for the first time though racial tensions were still high, and also birthed the existence of civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. Constant fears of communism reaching the states held many Americans tight with fear. More changes brought forth in the 1950’s include the discovery of DNA, the launching of the first space satellite, an increase of women in the work field, and of course, rock and roll. All of these economic, social, and political changes in the world affected the American citizens, and therefore the fashion industry.

Regardless of the world’s issues, the top fashions that drove the industry were more influenced by those who were idolized by the consumers: celebrities. Some of the most popular celebrities in the 1950’s include Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Ricky Nelson, and of course, Elvis Presley. Marilyn Monroe’s sexy yet simple style was a widely imitated across America, by women of all shapes and sizes. Elvis Presley was another huge influence in the 1950’s; not only was he adored by millions of girls, but he was also an inspiration for men. In a time where men only wore traditional attire, Elvis tore down all barriers which confined men to navy suits and ties. Elvis typically wore clothes that were more popular among the African American population. His wild pegged pants and zoot suits concerned the conservative community of America, who hardly approved of such a “gender bending, race-integrating star” (SOURCE). Elvis’ bright and baggy clothes, makeup, and so called obscene dancing all acted as evidence of his single handed destruction of the morals of America’s youth. Not all men followed the examples Elvis set however. In fact, more men in this time period dressed conventionally than not.

Most men in the 1950’s maintained clothes with casual and modest colors, including dark blue, dark brown, and charcoal. The occasional daring young man would wear pastel pink to stand out; a trend that was just gaining momentum in the 1950’s. Cardigan sweaters were popular among athletes, and older men. Additionally popular were fitted vests, plaid flannels, and collared jackets. There was flexibility in men’s casual wear, and was a common sight to see shirt tails sticking out. Basic fedora-style hats were also a staple item in the 1950’s for men.

Hats were also fashionable accessory for women in the 1950’s, for the reason that they were believed to add a final touch of glamour to any woman’s outfit. The pillbox hat, first introduced by Balenciaga and later modeled by Jackie Kennedy, became one of the trendiest accessories of the decade. Several glorious hat styles existed in the 1950’s. Some hats were covered in flower petals, while others were adorned with swirls of georgette. Gloves were also worn often by women, especially those of elite social status. Some were made of cotton, which was much more affordable than leather or nylon. Though gloves came in many colors and styles, clean gloves whose color was white or cream were the most favored. Fur trimmings and adorned collars were also extremely fashionable. Brooches too, were considered a glamorous accessory.

The 1950’s was a decade in which fashion changed dramatically from previous generations. Multiple influences from political debates, to economic issues, to new age celebrities and mass media all influenced the distinct styles and trends which identify the 1950’s. Recovering from the casualties of World War II brought a lasting change to America, which was reflected in the fashions of this decade. The American women craved glamorous simplicity in their new lives, and as a new and liberated society evolved, the women of America began to liberate themselves by choosing which fashions they felt depicted them best. Not only were the 1950’s important in history, but they also greatly transformed the face of fashion in America.

Source by Sara Buttar

Do not Waste Your Final Years On Being Old

As you read this I'm not sure how you define old so I will not disappoint you by giving you my age (but many of you know it) but let's assume "old" for many people is defined after they hit sixty?

I'm sure many of you are so young you can not even imagine yourself that old and I'll bet many of you older than sixty never imagined you would be this old. Therefore, you have no interest in this article – but beware – you will be there before you know it. Just ask most of the older folks you know and I'll bet most of them will admit that the years have passed by so fast they could not even keep track of them.

So, I'm not going to tray and convince you folks under sixty that you should wake up and smell the roses – you've heard it all before but I am going to focus on why most older folks need to spend less time being old and more time being young.
Old – Having lived or executed for a relatively long time; far advanced in years or life. Relatively advanced in age. (What's a relatively long time? My addition).

FYI – The current average life span in America is – 77.6 years. S_____ I'm almost there. Oh well, back to my article.

Why do so many people let their age define their lifestyle, attitudes, behavior or even their goals and dreams? I could give you hundreds of examples of people through history who did not really start hitting their stride until they were over sixty and many into their seventies and even eighties?

I'm sure you know many people who are old or older. You may even one of them. Some of you may be getting ready to retire this year or looking forward to retirement in the near future. Want a scary statistic? The current average life span of the average retiree at age 65 is 5-7 years. Yes, many people make it to ninety and some pass away at 66 but the average is only a few short years and why?

Because these folks lose their reason for living, being and even surviving. There is no more reason to get up every day – why bother – it will just be the same ole same ole. Sad.

I'm certainly not at all or in any way belittling retirement, although it just is not in my vocabulary or DNA so here I sit typing away (at 20 words per minute).

You've probably heard the line – how old would you be if you did not know how old you were? My mentor Mark Twain was once asked by a reporter, Mr. Twain how old are you and his response (so just Mark Twainish) was "My age is none of my business."

The day I read that – that became one of my many life mantras. Age is a number and old age is a big number.

What I really want to ask you is – how are you defining your life as the years creep up on you? Slowing down? Speeding up? Starting new stuff? Letting go of dreams, goals and desires? Not sure what to do next? So many questions and so little time.

Here's the right question – what are you going to do with the years you have left before it's too late … think about it!

Source by Tim Connor

How an Audio Driver Works: Simply Explained

Are the words hyper text mark-up language and World Wide Web already triggering a headache? Some people are not really that computer-savvy and smart when it comes to details regarding drivers, software, and hardware, especially those who belong to the earlier generations. But being a non-computer graduate doesn’t mean that one must be totally computer illiterate. Gaining knowledge about how the computer works, even just the basic ones, can save one the effort and money of giving the computer technician a call every time there is a problem.

Ever wondered how it works? Then today is the right time to know. Here’s a simple guide on how an audio driver works, explained in a very simple way, so that those who are not that familiar can still catch up with the world.

An audio driver is a kind of driver for sound devices. A driver is software or a program that enables the computer to communicate with its hardware or other external devices. It is somewhat a medium for a certain device to work.

It is just like in the human body, before the body can execute any action it must first be at the command of the brain. For example: if a person wants to jump, the brain must first send signals to the specific organ for jumping (leg muscles and skeletons) through the spinal cord that it wants to jump. Now, the spinal cord serves as the medium for the brain and the legs to communicate. When the leg receives the command from the brain through the spinal cord, it will then do the action. A driver works as easy as that.

It works by letting the sound card/audio card, a computer expansion card that serves as the facilitator of audio inputs and outputs to and from the computer, to communicate well with the speakers. If the audio driver is incompatible with the sound card or is outdated, then it’s more likely that the speakers will not function properly or it would create low quality sounds. Now that’s how an audio driver works. Simple, isn’t it?

That is why going for it is really a great investment. However, with the unending flow of driver downloads swarming the Internet, the chance that one would end up downloading the correct and the best audio driver is so slim. But don’t fret yet – because there is a solution to this problem.

One of the best and the easiest ways to find the best audio driver is to have the best driver software database program. In the plainest definition, a driver software database program is a program that will help a person find the most updated and compatible audio driver for his or her device. And yes, this will come a little handy because if one has installed the wrong driver, a device will not work properly. Finding a reliable website or program that will find one the best audio driver is indeed, heaven sent.

Lastly, installing a good audio driver is not enough. Getting it updated is equally important, too. Manufacturers update their drivers usually once a month, so don’t forget to check for driver updates from time to time.

Source by Michael A. Jenkins

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