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Keeping High Blood Pressure Under Control

With no symptoms of high blood pressure, the only way to find out if you have it, is to take a simple test. A quick check with the doctor or by visiting your local pharmacy or pharmacist will let you know straight away as to whether you need to keep your blood pressure under control, or if it'd be a good idea to invest in a Blood Pressure Monitor, or not. With a test only taking a couple of minutes at the very most, there's no excuse whatsever to not get tested. Living with high blood pressure untreated is dangerous and could lead to heart issues, ranging from a strain being put on your arteries, with the possibility of ruptured arteries as a result – to the immensely serious and dangerous risk of a life threatening heart attack. So, it's extremely important you get it checked out!

If you come away from a test with completely healthy results, then lucky you. If you're not one of the lucky ones, however, then you need to consider Blood Pressure Monitors, and which is the best for you depending on your requirements and your situation. There's many different brands and variations of monitors available, so it's important to know which has the features which will be useful for you, and which is going to make the most sense for you to use. Ideally, ask your doctor at the time of your blood pressure test which monitor they would recommend – or visit your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist – both will have an extremely good idea of ​​which is going to suit your needs the best.

A test takes a couple of minutes at the very most, so there's no excuse to not go for it. With no symptoms whatever, visit your doctor or pharmacist today, and find out whether you're living healthily, or see if you're running the risks of impending heart problems, or worse yet, a life threatening heart attack. With

Staying in Control

There's a number of very simple ways to keep things under control, things you can fit into your every day routine in order to stay healthy, feel better, and see the immediate effects and differences. Below are four examples of easy ways to keep healthy, though there's many more!

Exercise More – Understandably, keeping active will help to keep down your blood pressure. Exercise for at least three times a week – something simple like a half hour walk is enough, yet a lack of exercise is the main reason for high blood pressure through the world.

A Healthy Weight – The second, but potentially most obvious one, is to keep your weight down to a healthy level. Excess weight means your body having to work harder through the day – eat well and exercise to keep a healthy weight and lessen the strain.

Lower Salt Intake – If you enjoy a lot of salt on your food, sometimes think about reducing the amount you have with your meals – a healthy amount of salt in your diet is fine, but too much is proven to cause high blood pressure.

Lower Alcohol Intake – More than anything else, alcohol especially is very tough on your blood pressure levels, even if you only drink in moderation. By eliminating or significantly reducing the levels of alcohol you consume, you'll see immediate benefits.

Source by Ash Martins

Lovemaking Tips and Advice

There are many ways to spice up your love life. Maybe you feel that your love life has become a little bit boring and predictable or maybe you just want to learn new ways of making your lovemaking session more intimate or exciting. Well if you try out the following tips and advice you might just succeed in doing this!

Tips And Advice

1 – Share your sexual fantasies with one another, perhaps try and act them out.

2 – Extend foreplay time, because the more excited you are the more intense the orgasm.

3 – Make love by candlelight.

4 – Have a shower together.

5 – Incorporate whipped cream into your session.

6 – Talk dirty to one another while making love.

7 – Try doing a strip dance.

8 – Tease your partner throughout the day.

9 – Make love all around your home.

10 – If picking up your lover wear only a long coat.

11 – Lay on a blanket together and look at the stars while sharing a bottle of wine.

Overall you need to feel totally comfortable with one another! You need to be open with each other and above all communication is key for each of you getting to know exactly what you like and how you like it. You need to relax and just be yourself and not think of anything other than your love for your partner.

Too Tired For Lovemaking?

When your partner is too tired for making love, persuading or trying to convince them always never works! However if you get them aroused the body releases adrenaline into the blood stream that in turn gives them the energy to have sex.

Here is How To Arouse Them The Right Way

Women: Guys you need to passionately kiss them paying particular attention to her neck. Looking into her eyes and touching her face can really increase her arousal. Also softly running your fingers up and down her body is guaranteed to drive her wild!

Men: OK girls for the men you need to stroke him or play with him using your mouth and tongue. Upon waking up in the morning is the time when a mans testosterone is at its highest, so getting into bed with nothing on or just sexy lingerie will make him mad for it.

Source by Emsie Grimes

Simple Egg Diets for Dogs

Egg diets are quite easier in nature, since they come with a balanced amount of nutrients with the taste. Mixing a small amount of salt could give out a great taste to both human beings and dogs. It is very much essential to feed the dog with a proper food, which is both balanced with nutrients and taste. Most of the dogs love to eat egg dishes on a regular basis, since they can be slightly compared with a non-vegetarian dish.

How is it Important?

Eggs are quite cheap compared to any other nutritional food for dogs and it can be fed on a daily basis to provide a balanced amount of nutrients for the dog. Egg is a good source of Vitamin A, B12, Iron, Riboflavin, Fatty Acids, Iron and Selenium. Most of the dishes are pretty much similar to our dishes, since dogs can consume egg with and without few ingredients. Unlike human animals, dogs can even consume egg shells, as they have the capacity to digest easily. Raw egg shells can be fed to dogs on a regular basis by grinding them in a coffee grinder with a piece of meat.

Some of the widely recommended and the most common egg diets for your dog.

1. Scrambled Eggs with Cheese


• 1 Egg per dog
• Water
• Cheese – optional
• Powdered garlic

Cooking Method

• Add water in a microwave container
• Crack eggs and mix it with water properly
• Add cheese to the container (optional)
• Place it in the oven for a span of 2 minutes
• Take off the water carefully (optional)
• Cool it and serve it to your dog on a regular basis

2. Scrambled Eggs with Fruits or Vegetables


• 1 egg per dog
• Vegetables or fruits
• Powdered garlic
• Oil and pan
• Cheese – optional

Cooking Method

• Crack the egg
• Add water in the pan and mix it with eggs
• Fry or boil all the vegetables or fruits
• Cook the pan for a span of 5 minutes
• Add fried or boiled vegetables and mix it properly
• Cool it and feed your dog on a daily basis.

3. Egg and Bread


• 2 slices of bread
• One egg per dog
• Garlic to taste
• Oil and pan

Cooking Method

• Crack the egg in the center of the bread
• Crush all the egg shells and mix it on the bread
• Place the bread in the pan with oil or keep it in the microwave oven
• Add a mix of garlic paste to add taste
• Cool it and serve it to your dog once in 3 days

Source by Ashish Chhanwal

How To Create Posts That Are Actually Read And Go Viral?

This is the million dollar question. First of all, you need to grab your reader’s attention. You have an idea and want to get it out there. The obvious – you must target the right audience. Make them curious to read the information you are providing. You need to arouse interest, feeling, and provide value. If you provide enough value, you will gain followers.

Talk about subjects that are trending today. This will gain you more clicks and if you continue to provide the same quality posts, articles, etc., you will attract a following. Example – Evergreen everything is on target today. It has become the current buzz word. The content will live on.

Post inspirational quotes – articles – memes. I have been doing this for some time. I find the views on these posts are large. People comment. I am researching what people like to see and hear. Celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and Jim Rohn have quotes that are well-known and loved. Flowers with inspiration comments draw attention as do babies.

Several good places to check for trends – Reddit, Twitter, Google trends, Facebook, keyword tools. Marketers check their subjects and product possibilities before they start working on them. Google is always a good place to start. If you find there is competition, you may have a good place to start.

Use videos in your material. Creating a video today is so easy. Combine it in your online posts. I find that adding some fun and spontaneity always improves interest and views. Be natural, laugh, move your hands around. I find practicing my videos, gives me the opportunity to improve the quality and create more interest. Gives me the opportunity to work past the stumbles and makes the end product smoother. Video today is another buzz word. Post a video online. I post to my Facebook page directly then upload it to YouTube.

Create a Facebook page and group. You can link them together now. When your post gets higher views, try boosting it. This is an inexpensive way to run a test. Try testing the right timing of your videos. You will discover what length and subject works best for you. The challenge – Facebook changes its rules frequently, what works today may not work next week. This is the rule of the universe – change is constant. What does not change is that providing value is key to everything.

Source by Nancy Woodward

Challenges for the UK Being the First Choice for FIHS Studies (First Time Into Human)

Much has changed for Phase I clinical trials in the UK, specifically the facilities and trial environment. Initially through the introduction of the Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations in 2004. which was set off by the implementation of the European Clinical Trials Directive into national law? And secondly through the introduction of a Phase I accreditation system, (2008), and was triggered by the TGN1412 incident in March 2006.

Could further regulations affect on the time taken from the assignment of a medical trial to the first volunteer included? Although, the legislation of 2005 has dramatically improved the early phase Research Ethics Committee (REC) approval process through centralizing, harmonizing and streamlining the application and approval process: the time taken from submission to a REC, to final written approval is now predictable and typically about three weeks. There is a group of appointed specialist Phase I REC in the UK, some independent and some NHS, with REC meetings taking place across the UK every week, allowing the applicable to start the clock from the moment of a submission being ready.

The regulatory approval timelines were designed to fit into this time frame and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has an impressive track record of responding within 14 days, ie one week below the legal target for Phase I trials in the UK. Approximately one third of trials receive approval upon first review, whereas in two thirds of trials there are grounds for initial non-acceptance. In that case it will usually take a further 5 days from the time the applicable answers to obtain full approval, ie the time taken by the MHRA to review an application is typically under 20 days. Thus the agency is ahead of other European agencies that have longer review times, particularly for more complex studies.

The challenge continues. Jorg Taubell from Richmond Pharmacology ascertains the Consequential Changes in the market, What the Accreditation of Phase 1 units offer, the specialization of Clinical Trial providers and the freedom to adapt in early clinical Trials. Follow the full publication about Why the UK remains to be the first Choice for First Time in Human (FTIH) Studies at

Source by Matt Donald

Attract True Love: Are You Dating Half a Man?

I get lots of mail from women who are involved with married or
other attached men. They invariably ask how long they should wait for a guy to leave his wife or girlfriend before giving him the heave-ho.

My answer is always the same: Give the jerk the heave-ho now.

Why any woman would date a man in the hopes that he will ever leave a wife or girlfriend baffles me. Even if he makes good on his promise, this woman will snare a dubious prize: A creep who is capable of fleeing a relationship as soon as another female turns his head. She's netted herself a half-man.

In case you're dating a half-man and kidding yourself into believing his infidelity will not ever be your problem, ask yourself if you would like it if another woman snatched your man. If he's "snatchable," it means he's unable to commit fully to a relationship, and it will only be a matter of time before you wind up sharing him with someone else.

Women who date errant husbands and boyfriends are poaching other women's men. It's wrong. And, as your mother might have told you, wrong actions invariably lead to painful contradictions.

If you have the bad fortune to be in this situation and choose to take your chances with Lover Boy, you can be reliably sure:

a) You'll wind up spending all your Christmases choking on Aunt Hilda's dry quiche and being subjected to Uncle Charlie's drooly denture readjustments (while, at the very same time in a Norman Rockwell scene across town, Lover Boy and his wife are joyfully beholding their children teasing open presents under their tree).


b) You'll wind up the jittery wife of a man who cut and run on his first wife and children. Trust me; If this scenario pans out, you will find yourself looking over your shoulder every day for the rest of your life. You've got a much better time with Hilda and Charlie.

Is any guy worth it?

I did not think so.

If you're stuck on a half-man, unstick yourself immediately. Stop taking his calls. Find another route home from work to avoid running into him. If you have to, get another job. Change your phone number. Give him the slip; your happiness and self-respect are at stake.

You deserve a whole man, so hold out for one. Raise your standards for a guy who's capable of loyalty and true love. He's out there. I promise.

Source by Terry Hernon MacDonald

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