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Ringworm Treatment – Fascinating (and Effective?) Home Remedies

Ringworm treatment home remedies, will you use these? If you are one of the estimated twenty percent of our population who is infected with ringworm, chances are you have, at some point, considered using home remedies to treat ringworm.

In my search to find the most effective ringworm treatment that’s available out there, I recently posted a question in Yahoo Answers about home remedies “that actually work,” to find out from real people, like you and me, what cure they would actually recommend. The question drew quite a few answers and these only prompted me to dig deeper into this topic.

After some more research in the internet and asking friends for their ringworm treatment “family secret recipe,” I got a better insight into what folks would consider as fast and effective remedies. Prepare to be fascinated and surprised. All of the ingredients mentioned are ordinary household items some of us would never remotely equate with anti fungal medication.

Oh, yes, before I show you the list, a quick reminder. Ringworm, despite it’s name, is not caused by worms. It is an infection caused by mold-like fungi known as dermatophytes. It is contagious and can be spread through direct skin contact with an infected person, an infected pet, or an infected object or surface. So, if you have an itsy-bitsy spot of ringworm, refrain from scratching it. The fungi will cling to your hands and you’re liable to spread the infection to other parts of your body or worse, to other family members. And about contaminated objects – never share personal items with anyone. Clothes, caps, shoes, brushes, anything can be a carrier of infection. A friend of mine who has a three year old cute little daughter named Tracy, once brought home a bunch of second-hand toys from some garage sale. She thought she made a juicy bargain – the toys were still intact and the battery-operated talking doll actually still talked. To her chagrin, little Tracy had a rash outbreak the very next day, which her pediatrician later diagnosed to be ringworm. Lesson is you can’t see fungi (well except under black light or Wood’s lamp – they glow), so be careful in handling unfamiliar objects.

But enough of this. On to the list. If you want to read more thoroughly about ringworm and ringworm treatment, just got to my site. Please click the link at the bottom of this page.

First home-spun ringworm treatment – use of ordinary kitchen vinegar and a penny. Soak the penny in the vinegar and rub on the affected area. Some even recommend taping the penny to the ringworm spot. Others use vinegar without the penny. The reasoning of those who use the penny-vinegar combo is that the vinegar reacting with the copper actually serves as an effective fungi-killer.

The next home remedy, and this was suggested by a girl named “loveme…” in Yahoo Answers, was to use diluted bleach. Using q tips, you apply the bleach solution to the affected area until it dries out. Some suggested the ratio of one part bleach to six part water as the ideal concoction err…solution. Other people rashly recommend pure bleach for the treatment but a lot of people correctly pointed out that unadulterated bleach from the bottle is a very powerful agent and may contain lye (sodium hydroxide) that can cause severe chemical burns and scarring. Just swim and soak in a chlorinated swimming pool, if you want to get the benefit of bleach in treating skin infections.

Another fascinating folk remedy is the “paper method.” People who use this, burn a crumpled sheet of notebook paper in a porcelain plate, and use the ashes or residue as salve for ringworm treatment. Imagine that.

Still another bizarre home cure is the use of colorless nail polish. Directions: apply a thin layer of nail polish on the affected area. Allow to dry and peel off with tweezers or wash with soap. Those who practice this method believe it “suffocates” the fungi and attest that their infection dried up the next day. Others suggest colored nail polish work just as well as the colorless type.

A guy from Canada vouched for sea salt as the ultimate ringworm treatment. Evidently, this gent worked in an airport and caught the infection from the counter surface he usually leans on at work. The ringworm spread throughout his body, including his face, and the poor bloke suffered for one whole year with it. After repeated (and costly) visits to his doctor, the recommended antifungal creams finally managed to clear out the ringworm in his body but not the lesions in his face. That’s when he discovered the remedy of using sea salt. He rubbed a handful of watery salt into the affected areas in his moistened face for thirty minutes and repeated the process several times. The guy swears his ringworm dried up the very next morning. Sea salt or sea water, that’s the ticket, he said.

Other items mentioned as effective medication are tobacco and Vicks Vapor Rub (suggested by “Rosie” in Yahoo Answers). Of course, a lot of medicinal herbs and plants were cited as effective cure too, but I will discuss these in another essay. Black walnut, grape fruit seed extract, fig leaf juice, and tea tree oil are a few of these natural remedies mentioned.

Would I recommend any of these home-grown ringworm remedies? Not today. It’s the human body we’re talking about here, after all. Caution should be the rule of thumb. There’s no denying that many of these simple home cures actually work – for some people. But each of us has our own peculiar set of physiological traits and allergies, quite different from the next John or Jane Doe. Our bodies, or to be more specific, our skins react differently to different substances. What I’m saying is that the home-spun ringworm treatment that worked for your neighbor might not actually work for you.

If there’s anything that I’d use myself, apart from the usual over-the-counter anti fungal medications, it’s the natural ringworm treatment method. Using plant extracts. Green all the way. One hundred percent natural, one hundred percent organic. Tea tree oil, in particular. Numerous scientific studies have already established the efficacy of tea tree oil in treating ringworm. Powerful antiseptic, peerless anti fungal agent. And because it’s natural – lesser chance of adverse allergic reactions for you. For a discussion about a company that produces natural ringworm treatment products in a modern world-class facility, please visit my site, link shown below.

Or you can always take a one-week vacation and hit the nearest ocean resort (sea salt or sea water, remember?) and have a week of fun, relaxation, and ringworm treatment.

Source by Emmanuel Gonot

Candida And Weight Gain – Why Are These Two Health Issues Connected?

Candida and weight gain are like magnets for some Candida overgrowth sufferers. If you're suffering from the symptoms of yeast in your intestines, and you're also putting on more weight than you would like to be doing then this article will explain why, and also explain what you can so to reverse the effects of both of these health issues.

Candida overgrowth in your body will cause you to suffer from sugar cravings. You may already realize that you're suffering from these cravings, or you just think that you're really enjoying sugar at the moment. The truth is, the yeast infection in your intestines is causing the sugar cravings because the Candida yeast loves sugar just as much as you do, and their love of this empty, innutritious food causes you to want it more.

When you're eating the sugar or any sugar based food your feeding the Candida as much as you are feeding yourself. This means that your body is being deprived of something it is craving which forces you to eat more. You have a cycle building here of, you eat more, you feed the Candida more, so the yeast multiplies more and mutates more, and then you crave more sugar so you eat more sugar. While this is happening you're putting on weight, losing your energy which also causes you to want more sugar, and a whole load more symptoms will eventually effect your life.

The Candida yeast that is infecting you has mutated into a fungus, and this fungus will not stop, and if allowed to, it will completely destroy your health. In worst case scenarios the sufferer will become bed-ridden because the Candida fungus will completely drain a healthy body of all energy by pumping it full of toxins.

Cutting all sugar and sugar based foods from your diet is the first thing you need to do to starve the yeast in your body. Starving the yeast will make it easier to kill with herbal anti fungals. Herbal anti fungals are needed as any drug based anti fungals will upset your body's chemical and bacterial balance more than it already is, and this will enhance the environment for the Candida to multiply in.

Depending on the severity of your Candida overgrowth you're probably going to suffer from yeast die off. This will make you feel worse than you do now, and you'll probably think your intestinal yeast infection is getting worse. This is not the case, and you will feel worse because of the toxins from the dead Candida are now getting into your bloodstream as well as the toxins from the Candida that are still alive.

Repopulating your intestines with friendly bacteria is a big part of your recovery program. These bacteria will help your body fight off the Candida, and they will also strengthen your immune system. Your new diet filled with nutritious foods will also boost your immune system, and your immune system will prevent the Candida re-infecting you when you have stopped your anti Candida protocol.

How well you stick to a strict protocol will determine the speed in which you successfully cure yourself. Most sufferers of intestinal yeast infections that are accompanied by sugar craving and weight gain get expert help. Getting help can be the difference of healing your body in weeks or a couple of months to trying on your own for over a year. One mistake in your program can cause your progress to go backwards.

Source by Jennifer Dincada

Plasma Life Forms – Aliens From a Parallel Earth

The Basic Plasma Metaphysics Theory in 3+1 Dimensions

According to dark plasma theory, the physical-dense Earth is gravitationally coupled to a counterpart dark matter Earth composed of low density plasma. This “sister” Earth was co-accreted with the physical-dense Earth about 4.6 billion years ago from dark matter components in the embryonic Solar System. Plasma life forms evolved on this counterpart Earth, just like it did on the visible planet. These life forms were as varied in scale, structure and intelligence as carbon-based life forms – as different as a microbe from a whale; a mosquito from a tiger; a giraffe from a crocodile; an ant from a human being. Their degrees of intelligence and awareness were as different as a centipede’s awareness to the awareness and intelligence of homo sapiens. Homo sapiens evolved carbon-based bodies that formed symbiotic relationships with some of these plasma life forms (indicating a type of symbio-genesis). Some of these plasma life forms have interacted with us in the past (intentionally or unintentionally).

The entities that we have identified as ghosts, angels, demons, deities (for example the Marian apparitions in the atmosphere), aliens (associated with UFO sightings in the atmosphere), fairies, sightings of the recently deceased (on the surface of the Earth) and balls of light which appear to go through physical barriers (without contracting) are all plasma life forms from this counterpart Earth.

Properties of Bioplasma Bodies

Plasma life forms have bioplasma bodies. These are electromagnetic bodies which generate electromagnetic fields and radiate electromagnetic waves. Embedded in these bioplasma bodies are “plasma antennae” which can tune-in and receive electromagnetic waves generated by other bioplasma bodies. (Plasma antennae are actually being used today in scientific laboratories.) According to dark plasma theory, the bodies of plasma life forms that we encounter are molded by our expectations which radiate out from our own bioplasma bodies in the form of electromagnetic waves and are received by them through their embedded antennae. The nearer they come to you the better they are able to tune-in to the thought waves (i.e. electromagnetic waves which are modulated by your thoughts) you are radiating out from your bioplasma body. For example, in the Marian apparitions at Fatima (Portugal), the children saw a ball of light which resolved into a man-like angel as it got nearer to the children.

Psychokinetic effects have a much greater effect on bioplasma bodies compared to the physical-dense body. The reason for this is that the total rest mass of a bioplasma body is very much lower than the physical-dense body. The extremely low rest mass can also give bioplasma bodies a more pronounced macro-quantum effect (compared to macroscopic objects in our universe) due to the de Broglie relationship.

According to dark plasma theory, (dark matter) bioplasma bodies are composed of a complex plasma of non-standard particles. Non-standard particles are particles that are outside the physicists’ Standard Model and which are included in dark matter – matter which is six times more prevalent in the known universe than ordinary matter.

Bioplasma bodies composed of non-standard particles glow in the dark, radiate heat, light and other electromagnetic waves that can be measured by our scientific instruments like radar or even infra-red cameras when ordinary matter condenses around them. They also possess other properties associated with these types of bodies. The general characteristics of plasma life forms include the following:

– They emit light (not simply reflect them)

– They are thermochromic (i.e. they change colors at different temperatures)

– They generate colorful auras and halos as high energy particles collide with them.

– They are able to change their degree of opacity – becoming transparent or translucent. Hence, they can apparently materialize and dematerialize.

– They generate electromagnetic fields and radiate electromagnetic waves.

– They are responsive to electromagnetic fields and waves and can have an electrical feel when passing through our bodies.

– They have networks of filamentary currents within their bodies.

– Double helical currents, aligned with the longer axis of their bodies may be discerned.

– They possess rotating orifices that suck in and emit high energy particles.

– They can emit beams of high energy particles from these orifices.

– Their shapes can vary (hence they can shape-shift) but the most stable shape is the ball of light.

– Shapes between a spheroid and a cylinder, ovoid or lenticular are also possible as the plasma membrane is resilient and elastic and can be stretched by the denser matter inside.

– Just like amoeba they can generate temporary limbs (like pseudopods).

– Vortexes and misty irregularly formed primitive plasma life forms also exist.

– Within the ovoid is a denser body which varies from one plasma life form to another.

– A bi-layered plasma (Langmuir) sheath encloses the ovoid.

– They are able to pass through each other in the same way that objects composed of collisionless plasma or dark matter do.

– Very low rest mass.

Some ancient cultures have described bioplasma bodies which are coupled to our carbon-based bodies as “souls”. This is not surprising due to their quasi-quantum behavior, their unusual methods of transport, apparent ability to effect action at a distance; and decoupling on the death of the carbon-based body.

Behavior of Plasma Life Forms

Behavior can vary due to the diversity of plasma life forms. Plasma life (let’s say with intelligence equivalent to octopuses) may express their curiosity by coming near to see or feel objects that seem strange to them from their frame of reference. More intelligent life forms (equivalent to homo sapiens) may actually conduct experiments. Groups of plasma life forms may exhibit swarm behavior (similar to bats, birds and fishes) with synchronized movements.

Biomechanics of Plasma Life Forms

They move generally by neutralizing or reversing their electric charge and/or redistributing the electric charges in their bodies relative to the background electric field. They may also move by changing their density. Another method of active transport is by sucking in energy particles through their orifices in the direction of the motion. The suction generates a drift.

When they fall in energy sporadically and are visible to us or our scientific instruments in the lower atmosphere, fast-moving plasma life forms will generate only weak sonic booms. This is because they are composed of collisionless plasma and have a very low rest mass. Ultra-sensitive instruments in close proximity to the entity should be able to pick up the weak sonic boom.

Plasma may be considered to be collisionless when Coulomb interactions are so rare that global fields in the plasma govern the dynamics. A magnetic field endows a collisionless plasma with elastic properties analogous to those of a dense gas and so a plasma wave crossing a magnetic field behaves somewhat like an ordinary sound wave. The Earth’s magnetosphere is composed almost entirely of ionized collisionless plasma and is dominated by the Earth’s magnetic field. Fast moving plasma life forms would therefore be expected to generate collisionless shock waves in the magnetosphere rather than in the lower atmosphere.

Parallel Plasma Earth – The Habitat of Plasma Life Forms

The counterpart dark matter Earth, composed of low density plasma and co-rotating with our visible Earth, can effectively be considered another planet. The sporadic interactions with plasma-based beings, who may appropriately be called “aliens” (since they are, strictly speaking, from another planet – although a counterpart Earth), can be studied in a more rigorous scientific framework once our current technology improves to take into account non-standard particles. All human beings are the symbiotic products of carbon-based bodies and (alien) plasma-based bodies.

Near-death experiences, astral traveling, (genuine) alien encounters, angelic visitations, apparitions of saints or deities – both privately to individuals and to the public at large leading to mass sightings (such as the Marian apparitions or swarms of UFOs in the atmosphere) occur in this higher energy dark matter counterpart Earth and are superimposed on our more familiar Earth depending on the type of encounter (see below).

This parallel Earth is composed wholly of plasma (unlike our physical-dense Earth, which although it contains a plasmasphere, magnetosphere and ionosphere, is largely a rocky outcrop). Hence, while the biosphere of the physical-dense Earth occupies only a small volume of the Earth i.e. largely confined to plus or minus 10km from sea level (which is less than 1% of the volume of the Earth), the plasma Earth is wholly composed of plasma making it more like a gigantic plasma ocean and having a “tear-drop” shape similar to Earth’s magnetosphere. The biosphere of this counterpart Earth is therefore many times larger than the physical Earth and life forms often move in all three dimensions quite extensively (i.e. like fishes in the sea, not like human beings on the surface of the Earth). There is enormous biodiversity in this oceanic plasma planet which teems with life.

Plasma objects which sporadically appear in our atmosphere are actually floating or swimming in this ocean. They are therefore able to dart back and forth (like squid, cuttlefish and octopuses) or swim majestically (like manta rays). Plasma life forms in the atmosphere have been seen at Marian apparitions, in Chinese history as dragons and other ancient civilizations (see Plasma Cosmology) and modern UFO sightings.

Types of Encounters with Plasma Life Forms

Encounters with plasma life forms can be classified as follows:

Type 1 Encounter: This is an encounter with an ordinary matter plasma life form using the cognitive-sensory system of our carbon-based body in our familiar ordinarily visible Earth.

Type 2 Encounter: This is an encounter with a dark matter plasma life form whose energy level has fallen temporarily to allow ordinary matter in our familiar ordinarily visible Earth to condense around it.

Type 3 Encounter: This is an encounter with a dark matter plasma life form using the cognitive-sensory system of our bioplasma body and takes place wholly in the plasmasphere of the counterpart Earth.

Type 4 Encounter: This is an encounter where there is a dual state of consciousness – both the cognitive-sensory systems of the carbon-based body and bioplasma body are operating. In this case, the plasma life form in the counterpart Earth is superimposed on our familiar ordinarily visible Earth.

So, why do they not land at the White House?

The SETI Institute’s program objective in trying to find intelligent life outside Earth is to some extent misguided. The aliens that are most frequently encountered and that can be considered “intelligent life” do not travel at light speed within our low energy physical universe nor do they have any technology to undertake intergalactic or interstellar travel. They are co-inhabitants of the Earth system – which includes the visible Earth and its dark matter counterpart. (It is therefore not surprising that they often express concern about the health of the planet. Why would a distant extra-terrestrial civilization be so concerned about our little planet?)

Although they co-evolved with us, they are likely to have evolved at a faster rate. V N Tsytovich of the Russian Academy of Sciences argues that helical dust structures in plasma would have a “faster evolutionary rate” in his 2007 paper on plasma life forms. This is also supported by Jay Alfred’s concept of “accelerated morphogenesis” of bioplasma bodies. Hence, this plasma-based civilization could be expected to be more advanced than us.

Nevertheless, despite the headstart, this civilization would also be probably struggling to understand parallel universes and may not be as capable of controlling their technology or society to the extent that we imagine. They would face difficulties in interacting with us as we do in trying to interact with them. As a civilization they would have government, political and social structures; and culture. They are likely to be superior in communications technology using bioplasma bodies since they would obviously be more familiar with these types of bodies compared to us. This includes the ability to communicate with bioplasma bodies that are coupled to our carbon-based bodies. We may interpret this as telepathy.

Based on current technology it is unlikely that the world will believe of any interactions with these aliens even if they were caught on camera talking to the President of the United States. All that would be reported in the media is the sighting of a “ghost” at the White House. (These aliens are ghost-like as they are plasma life forms, just like ghosts.) Communication would be intermittent and weak due to incompatible technology on both sides of the energy curtain separating carbon-based life forms from plasma-based life forms. Medical doctors will opine that they are hallucinations and the case will then be lumped-up with all the other “ghost stories” and shelved away. Perhaps our neighbors on “sister Earth” are quite acquainted with human nature and our feeble scientific attempts to understand them. Maybe they even fear that we will harm them with our growing technological sophistication.

Why do some people see it and some don’t?

The wide range of sensory systems in the animal kingdom has already been discussed elsewhere. Unlike the bees we are not able to sense ultra-violet light nor can we hear sounds or smell what our pet dogs can hear and smell. Even within a population of human beings the sensitivity of the sensory systems can be significantly varied. It is quite obvious that even the old and young have very different sensory ranges.

Recently, a certain type of mobile phone became very popular. These phones had telephone ring tones which could only be heard by the young but not the old. The technology relies on the fact that most adults gradually lose the ability to hear high-pitched sounds when they undergo “presbycusis” or “aging ear”. If there was only 1 teenager in a population of 100 persons, the rest being much older, only that teen will be able to hear the ring tone. Assuming that we are one of the 99 older persons, should we then conclude that this young person is having an auditory hallucination when he hears the ring tone? The obvious answer is “no”. But this type of argument has been unashamedly and repeatedly accepted by skeptics who claim to be using the “scientific method”. One skeptic says, “I will not believe it until everybody is able to see it”. This is clearly ludicrous. It is a scientific fact that the sensory ranges and acuity of a population of human beings can vary significantly. Now if we bring in the fact that certain people can transfer their locus of consciousness (whether intentionally or more often unintentionally) more easily to the sensory systems of their linked bioplasma bodies, we will find even greater differences.

Dark matter objects, in (the nearest frequency) counterpart Earth, interact with ordinary matter in our visible Earth when their energy levels temporarily fall due to a variety of reasons and ordinary matter condenses around them. Often this may lead to the generation of electromagnetic fields and radiation which may be picked up by our scientific instruments or even become visible to us if the radiation falls within the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Because of this, plasma metaphysics calls this type of matter in our nearest Earth counterpart “gray matter” as it straddles between ordinary and dark matter.

By switching-off relevant (and specific) brain circuits, a person may transfer his or her locus of consciousness to a bioplasma body which has the relevant sensory apparatus to be able to view the plasma life forms currently inhabiting our counterpart Earth. UFO sightings often occur when a person is taking a long car ride in a featureless area (like a desert). This provides the ideal conditions for a person to go into a meditative state and effect a transfer of consciousness to parallel bodies with different cognitive-sensory systems – landing them in our plasma-based counterpart Earth. In this type of encounter, it is not so much a case of the aliens visiting our visible Earth but it is us who are dropping-by, uninvited, an alien Earth environment.

Where did the Aliens go after I took the Medication?

Medication cuts-off awareness of alien attacks on our bioplasma bodies because it normalizes brain functions. In this case, the brain circuits that were “switched-off”, allowing the locus of consciousness to be transferred to the bioplasma body which had the necessary sensory systems to view the relevant plasma life forms, had been restored and “switched-on” again. This cuts-off conscious contact with the counterpart Earth environment. The relevant brain circuits (particularly in the parietal and temporal lobes) may be switched-off physically through surgery, accidents like brain injuries, transcranial magnetic stimulation and ambient electromagnetic fields which simulates brain lesions; chemically through psychoactive or spiritual drugs; psychologically through meditation or hypnosis or during sleep.

How do they go through Walls?

The bioplasma body is composed of collisionless dark plasma (i.e. magnetic plasma in the form of dark matter). This allows it to pass through walls just as dark matter does or float through windows using electromagnetic guides. What the witnesses in alien abductions and Marian apparitions are often viewing is the counterpart Earth environment superimposed on the physical dense Earth. There is much evidence of this. Hence, only some people who have shifted their locus of consciousness to their bioplasma bodies can actually witness the abduction. A group of people who shared the same environmental conditions (for example, four people in a car being driven over a featureless desert which generates meditative conditions) may simultaneous witness the abduction. The victim’s body that participates in “alien abductions” is the bioplasma body – not the physical-biochemical body which undergoes sleep paralysis during these episodes.

The environment in which this body finds itself is the plasmasphere of our sister Earth. The physics relating to this environment, although fundamentally the same as our physics (extended to higher energy levels), can be quite different from what we experience in our daily lives on the lower energy physical-dense Earth in our carbon-based bodies. It can get somewhat confusing when our perceptions oscillate between the two Earth environments due to fluctuations in our locus of consciousness and their corresponding sensory-cognitive systems – leading sometimes to a superimposed environment. This superimposition also explains why we see ball lightning apparently going through walls or other physical objects. Balls of light are common in the counterpart Earth environment.

Why is there Electromagnetic Interference?

Interference by electric and magnetic fields betray the presence of plasma life forms. In fact, electromagnetic interference, in the absence of other obvious sources, confirms that we are dealing with bioplasma bodies. Bioplasma bodies generate electromagnetic fields and radiate high frequency electromagnetic waves which are currently not measurable by our scientific instruments. However, when their energly levels fall (intentionally or unintentionally) and ordinary matter condenses around them, this ordinary matter then radiates temporarily lower frequency (stepped-down) electromagnetic waves that can be detected by our current scientific instruments such as radar and even infra-red cameras. There is much, not only UFO literature, but also ghost literature which documents electromagnetic interference which points to the presence of plasma life forms.

What about the Marks on the Body?

It is has been documented in the metaphysical literature that marks on the physical-biochemical body may be caused by impacts to the nearest frequency dark matter body or the “physical-etheric” bioplasma body. This is often referred to as “repercussions” in the general metaphysical literature. The body of a human being which participates in an “alien abduction” is not the physical-biochemical body but the (physical-etheric) bioplasma body. If this bioplasma body is impacted, the physical-biochemical body can be impacted – similar to what happens in many reported reincarnation cases. (Note that in the wider plasma metaphysics theory, there is a series of bioplasma bodies covering a spectrum of frequencies which fall outside the known electromagnetic spectrum. The physical-etheric body or the “Level 3” bioplasma body has the frequency closest to our carbon-based body.)

Should I move towards the Light?

While alien abductees see the light as threatening and are drawn to it unwillingly, near-death experiencers feel and see the light as being benevolent and wise and intentionally float towards it. As explained by dark plasma theory, the counterpart Earth is a habitat for billions of plasma life forms – many of which appear as balls of light in their natural state. The identity of the light can therefore vary from situation to situation.

Can you get me a Plasma Gun?

The natural ability of bioplasma bodies to direct beams of light using vortices and magnetic fields (similar to what happens in a coaxial plasma accelerator) within the bioplasma body has already been discussed in dark plasma theory.

But, seriously, are they Real?

It is well-established in cognitive science that the world as we see it is a construction of the brain. The environment which an abductee experiences, in a similar process, is also constructed from the cognitive system of the corresponding bioplasma body. To say that our world is more real than the alternative counterpart Earth is a kind of egocentricity that was prevalent before the 15th century. Europe is not the center of the world; the Earth is not in the center of the Solar System; the Solar System is not in the center of the Milky Way; the Milky Way is not in the center of the universe nor is our universe the centre of our multiverse. If that is the case, then the biochemical brain of one species of life form, just evolved on a tiny rock in space, cannot be the sole arbiter of reality.

During the first century A.D. Europeans had very little or no contact with India, China or the Americas due to the state of technology at that point of time. Europeans had weird ideas and generated fantastic tales about these “parallel” civilizations. Some Europeans even doubted or did not know of their existence and most did not even think about them. But today we talk about a global village which comprises a multitude of nations. Today, parallel universes and parallel Earths are the new frontiers. Scientists who prefer to remain in their comfort zones – to tinker with only what they can measure with today’s scientific instruments will miss the opportunity to make bold strides in understanding the multiverse – starting with the Earth itself.


Dark plasma theory explains a wide variety of phenomena associated with genuine sightings of aliens, ghosts, deities, angels by both individuals and groups – using an internally consistent scientific framework. These sightings betray the presence of plasma-based life forms originating from a counterpart sister Earth gravitationally coupled to the visible Earth. (This hypothesis may be cited as the “Parallel Earth” hypothesis.) These terrestrial aliens (whether they be ghosts, fairies, grays, deities or angels) share common properties and may even shed light on the evolution of carbon-based life and consciousness on the Earth that we are most familiar with.

© Copyright Jay Alfred 2008

Source by Jay Alfred

Dry Eye Symptoms and CPAP Therapy – An Eye Doctor’s Perspective

The causes of red eyes can often be a mystery. Patients have reported dry eye problems induced by CPAP machines. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Disorder causes interruption of breathing at night in short repeated intervals. The resulting low levels of blood oxygen saturation cause daytime sleepiness and fatigue. It is often accompanied by very loud snoring and the affected person may awake with “air starvation” several times in a night. Sleep Apnea can result in serious health problems and mortality if untreated over time. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP, is used as the standard of care treatment. A CPAP keeps the upper airway open by providing a constant flow of air delivered through a face mask or “nasal pillows worn while sleeping. Compliance is frequently reported to be low with CPAP machine due to various problems. Resolving these issues is critical to your well being and continued use of a CPAP machine.

Eye problems reported with CPAP therapy include dry eyes, red eyes, swollen eyes (skin around the eyes), and redness of the eyelids and face around the eyes. Any of these symptoms should be discussed with your Doctor who prescribed CPAP therapy and if needed you can request further help from your Optometrist.

You may be inclined to believe the origin of your dry eye, eye inflammation, pinkeye appearance, or swollen eye is caused by an allergy to the mask. Most masks today are latex free and made of silicone polymers. The incidence of true silicone allergy is almost negligible. Eye symptoms may be caused by a number of factors.

– A mask may be too tight exerting pressure on your face

– A mask may be too loose causing air to flow across your eye at night causing a dry eye and simulate Dry Eye Syndrome. The primary difference is CPAP induced dry eye will be worse upon awakening and improve as the day progresses while Dry Eye Syndrome usually worsens as the day progresses.

– A worn or defective mask may leak.

– Worn nasal pillows could start to blow air towards the eyes.

– It is postulated the air pressure could induce dry eye by forcing air though the tear puncta openings. Punctal plug occlusion by an Eye Doctor can be tried with temporary collagen punctual plugs to rule out this possibility.

-Sleep apnea patients also have an increased frequency of floppy eyelid syndrome. Floppy eyelid syndrome is a lax upper eyelid that will evert (flip inside out) easily. Patients with untreated sleep apnea often sleep on their side face down on a pillow in an unconscious effort to keep their airway open. Due to a loose eyelid the lid flips up exposing the conjunctival tissue lining. This constantly rubs on the pillow case causing mechanical irritation and exposes the tissue to any allergens that are on the pillowcase. The conjunctival tissue can become chronically inflamed with papillary conjunctivitis and a red eye upon awakening. Treatment of the sleep apnea will help resolve the problem since there will be a reduction in rolling face down. There is no longer hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) and the mask itself provides behavioral changes in sleep posture since it protrudes from the face. Treatment of any remaining dry eye symptoms is still essential.

– Occasionally an individual will have dry eyes already or sleep with partially opened eyes which will make leaky masks more symptomatic. Treating the primary Dry Eye Syndrome is essential in this case and should be done in consultation with your Eye Doctor.

– Some people may be more sensitive to the pressure of the mask under the eyelids on a repetitive basis and could benefit by using different shaped masks on subsequent nights. The fit of a mask is so important this may not be an option and your Doctor may need to use prescription ointments (usually after removing the mask).

– Supplemental treatment by your Eye Doctor may be needed for the Eye dryness, artificial tears such as Thera Tears, some prescription eye drops.

– Your Optometrist may also prescribe eye treatment for the mask induced red eye conjunctivitis with eye medications like Patanol.

Discuss your problems with your Doctor. Simple measures may be all you need. Readjustment of the mask straps, replacement of a mask, or changing the mask type could completely resolve your eye symptoms. If you can’t resolve your problems after your visit an eye exam with your Optometrist should be the next step.

Source by Dr. David Kisling, O.D.

Treating Demodex Mange – 3 Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Demodectic mange treatment should always be overlooked by a vet.

Along the way with treatment I made a few mistakes that only prolonged the treatment for my dog.

I’m going to tell you in this article how you can save time and money by avoiding these three mistakes and possibly defeat two problems with one treatment.

Believe it or not, there are many dogs that suffer from demodectic mange. The first step in the process is getting your dog diagnosed by a vet. By doing this you will become aware of just what type of mange your dog has. All that they do is take a scraping of your dogs skin and analyze it through a microscope.

If you don’t know already there are two different types of mange. The first is sarcoptic and the second is demodectic.

These mistakes are done not just by myself but by a lot of dog owners. If I was aware of these mistakes I would not of wasted any time. Demodex mites increase fast and spread if nothing is done to get rid of them.

The three mistakes I made during demodectic mange treatment are:

1. Delaying Treatment – Don’t wait. Once mange is diagnosed start treating the mange everyday. Stay consistent. Prevent your dog from any scratching or biting. When you notice an outbreak you can always give your dog a few Benadryl.

2. Allowing Dirt Build Up – I used to give my dog a bath once a month. My dog would get 3-4 baths a month after diagnosed with mange. This helps prevents the dog pores from getting clogged. I tried a few shampoos but the all natural oatmeal shampoo seemed to work the best at decreasing the flaky skin.

3. Providing A Basic Diet – I was slow on providing extra vitamins for my dog. This really helps the immune system fight off the mites. Omega 3 fatty acids help the most. Fish and salmon have these and dogs love fish.

My dog had mange very severe. Once I started treatment everyday I would notice improvement.

After I gave my dog a bath each time I could notice the amount improvement. The best thing that helped was getting my dog’s immune system developed.

Avoiding the three mistakes above will help demodectic mange treatment go by faster. Before the mites get out of hand, take special care of your dog.

Give your dog plenty of exercise and plenty of attention.

Source by William Oneal

Leopard Gecko Problems

Leopard gecko issues could be typical once the pet isn’t correctly cared for. These animals are fairly long-lived creatures, occasionally lasting more than 20 years. Obviously this will rely significantly around the treatment and care taken in feeding your gecko, guaranteeing that it receives an outstanding diet and includes a clear and peaceful atmosphere.

Despite your best efforts to create an amazing habitat for your lizard, and the care you take in feeding it correctly, it might nevertheless get ill. It might be best to check with your veterinarian to verify your geckos health periodically and to make sure they are healthy and prevent illness.

Even with all of that, you may still find a number of typical illnesses that your pet might encounter.

Digestive issues – Your pet might come down with a case of gastoenteritis. This really is generally a result of not maintaining the clean and healthy gecko habitat.

This disease might result in diarrhea that is generally due to higher than levels of bacteria within the gecko’s atmosphere.

In the event you discover that your gecko has stopped eating, has begun to shed fat or his tail is getting too skinny, you will need to seek advice from your veterinarian instantly.

If not properly handled, the gecko could get dehydrated and maybe even die.

An additional type of gastrointestinal illness is coccidia. This really is a kind of parasite that may infect a gecko’s intestines. It could be contagious so a gecko with this situation ought to be separated from other gecko’s instantly.

Your gecko needs top quality calcium and vitamin D within their diet plan. If they do not obtain sufficient calcium within their diet, it could create a metabolic bone illness or MDB.

Signs and symptoms may include weak spots, spongy bones and even limb deformities. The gecko might also have twitches or tremors and no urge to eat food.

This illness could be tough to deal with. You might wish to maintain calcium dietary supplements within the gecko’s habitat just to prevent this horrible illness.

Leopard gecko’s have also been know to suffer from anorexia. Your gecko will get extremely skinny and possess an extremely skinny tail, also know as “pencil tail”. He’ll cease eating and will become sluggish. If left untreated, your gecko might perish.

There’s another situation known as Dysecdysis, that some animals might contract when dropping their pores and skin. If your animal has difficult shedding its skin this is generally because of an insufficient level of moisture within the atmosphere.

It might also be because of poor diet. If this occurs, dry patches might appear on numerous locations of the animal including the head, eyes, tail and also the limbs. If not properly handled, this situation could result in other issues like bacterial infections.

If a pregnant female has problems, or merely can’t efficiently lay her eggs, this situation is know as Dystocia or “egg-binding”. This generally occurs due to of dietary issues or simply because the female has turn out to be ill or weak and unable to lay her eggs.

Mouthrot is an additional typical issue amongst the leopards. It’s especially unsightly illness because of the pus or cheese-like discharge which will appear across the mouth region of your pet. In case your gecko seems to possess this illness, it ought to be taken to the vet immediately.

Cryptosporidiosis is an illness that could be fatal if still left untreated, but it isn’t easy to detect. In the event you discover regurgitated meals within the enclosure and exhibits other symptoms such as diarrhea and “pencil tail”, you might have a contaminated gecko. If this illness is in reality the problem, your gecko might need to be euthanized because effective therapy for this illness are very low.

Digestive Tract Obstruction can happen if one’s gecko eats the substrate you place in its tank. Some substrates are not easy to digest, for example sand or gravel. In the event the material isn’t digestible, it could trigger a blockage within the digestive tract which will need treatment by a veterinarian.

Respiratory bacterial infections can happen in case your gecko’s atmosphere isn’t kept heated and clean. An ill gecko might show mucus bubbles across the mouth and nose.

If left untreated, the gecko could contract pneumonia. Boosting the temperature within the enclosure will assist to ameliorate this issue. Attempt to maintain a temperature of close to eighty to eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit within your gecko habitat.

Retaining numerous lizards within the same tank, particularly mature males, could result in injuries.

Male geckos are territorial and often battle if confronted with an additional male within their habitat. As young geckos get older, all of the male geckos should be moved to other tanks as quickly as they start to mature.

These are but a couple of of your much more typical leopard gecko issues. If you’re cautious and guarantee that your gecko has a clean atmosphere, a great diet along with a heated cozy habitat, most of these problems can be averted.

Source by Felix Silva

The Use of Iodine in Wound Care

Iodine has long been in use as an antibacterial agent and a skin disinfectant. It was discovered in 1811, and gained widespread popularity during the American Civil War, where it was used liberally to treat the wounds of soldiers. In its original form, iodine caused pain and irritation when applied to wounds, it has been shown to impair the function of cells involved in wound healing, and it also had the unfortunate side effect of skin discoloration.

Since the late 1940’s, newer, safer, and less painful formulations of iodine in the form of iodophors have come into use. These products release sustained low levels of iodine, which bind to proteins, fatty acids, and nucleotides. These products have a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, mycobacterium, fungi, and protozoa.

Cadexomer Iodine

Cadexomer iodine is a slow release antimicrobial which has the capability to absorb excess wound exudate while maintaining a sustained level of iodine in the wound bed. Cadexomer iodine is available both as a dressing and as an ointment. In studies it has been shown to be effective in reducing counts of MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is estimated that 1 gram of Cadexomer iodine can absorb as much as 7 ml of fluid. The iodine is slowly released as the iodine is absorbed, which helps to reduce the bacterial load while simultaneously debriding the wound. It requires moisture to be activated. Unlike povidone iodine dressings which release iodine immediately upon application, the sustained release of iodine from cadexomer iodine dressings does not cause cytotoxic effects.

Potential Contraindications

Studies have shown that cadexomer iodine is effective in healing chronic ulcers; however, one of the serious potential side effects of using iodine for the treatment of wounds is that there is the potential for the absorption of iodine. For this reason, thyroid function should be monitored in patients who use this therapy for extended periods of time. In addition, iodine can interact negatively with lithium, and should be used with caution in patients who are on lithium concurrently. Iodine should not be used at the same time as mercurial antiseptics, such as mercurochrome.

Given the growing concern over the rise of antibiotic-resistant organisms, cadexomer iodine is an effective alternative for the treatment of chronic wounds. Reports of resistance to iodine are scarce, despite the fact that iodine has been in use for over 150 years. Cadexomer iodine can be safely used on most patients (providing they are not sensitive to iodine itself) and provides good coverage of bacteria, mycobacterium, fungi, and protozoa, as well as being effective against MRSA.

Source by Laurie Swezey

How to Get Rid of Roundworms

The Life of the Roundworm

Roundworms sprout from eggs that are found inside animal droppings. There are many ways that roundworm eggs could get there. For instance, it could be that the animal ate an animal that carried roundworm, or it could be that the animal ate the feces of another animal (which is common among dogs).

The unfortunate thing is that roundworm larva that just hatched from the eggs is immune to any de-worming medicines. Instead, the larva migrates through your pet's intestinal walls until it reaches your pet's lungs. When the larva reaches the lungs, this is when it's coughed out and swallowed again or, in some cases, swallowed by other animals.

Experts often observe that when the larva reaches the intestines for the second time, the larva usually starts to mature into an adult roundworm.

Roundworms found in humans can grow up to 13 inches long. Meanwhile in pets, roundworms usually grow to about 4 inches.

Since roundworms can be passed from one animal to another, there's a great chance that everyone who has a pet will eventually deal with roundworm infestations. Your best armor in safeguarding your pets from this kind of infestation is knowing what to do and what to watch out for.

Signs and Symptoms

There are actually four different kinds of worms that can live in your pet's intestines. Roundworms are the most common. According to experts, many newborn puppies and kittens already have roundworms. The following are signs and symptoms that your pet may be infested:
# "Pot-bellied" appearance
# Some vomiting
# Poor growth and frequent loss of appetite
# Weight loss
# Diarrhea and dehydration
# Worms or parts of worms in your pet's feces or around their anus
# Worms or parts of worms in your pet's bedding

Once you are able to determine that your pet is infested, you must quickly take measures to treat it. If you delay treatment, this can cause the death of a baby animal. This may also be bad for you, especially if you have very close contact with your pet. If possible, bring your pet to a vet at once. It's best if you took the time to inspect your pet's feces so that you can save money on a fecal test.

The vet will recommend the best wormer for your pet. You can proceed to a pet supplies store, because they sell the most-affordable wormers. When using these medicines, read and follow instructions carefully to prevent negative side effects and pet drowsiness.

Here are some other ways to get rid of roundworms. Whether you're a pet owner or not, the following information will be very helpful to you.

Worm Your Cat or Dog ASAP

With the facts stated above, you may notice that roundworms are well-evolved creatures. They are so sneaky that they manage to penetrate the mammary glands and placenta of pregnant pets. This makes it inescapable for many newborn pets to be infested with roundworm at a very early age. Many vets advise that pets be de-wormed later in their pregnancies to prevent them from passing roundworm to their puppies.

Source by Danica Esteves

Seven Toxins That Impact Your Thyroid And Sabotage Your Overall Health

The majority of people with thyroid conditions also have an autoimmune disorder. This means that the thyroid itself is not the cause of your thyroid drama; it is your immune system that is attacking your thyroid. It has been found that most people with thyroid conditions also have high toxicity levels in their body.

Where is so much toxicity coming from? Learn the 7 key sources of toxicity known today that have a huge impact on the thyroid:

#1: Food We Eat

The food we eat today is vastly different than that of 100 years ago. Instead of the pure, unadulterated food we used to eat, we now consume highly processed products with all sorts of additives and preservatives. The processing of the food changes the structure and nutritional value of the food. Things like pasteurization, homogenization and the refining of foods changes its form. Many of these processed foods are not things that our bodies are built to ingest and digest. And that shows in how many digestive issues and food sensitivities people have today. Let’s not forget the low-fat trend, or should I say obsession, which has caused loads of food products to contain low fat, but high levels of sugars and other added ingredients, to make the food taste better. If you notice, the rate of disease has also increased significantly from what it used to be. The goal here is to revamp your diet to be the healthiest it can be without breaking the bank or causing anxiety for you and your family. This should be a fun and exciting change!

#2: Water We Drink

Tap water contains fluoride that is added in order to insure good dental hygiene. The United States is one of the few countries that adds this chemical to its drinking water. Fluoride is banned from drinking water in most European countries because its safety is a highly controversial topic. Speaking of safety, we are now realizing that fluoride blocks the ability of iodine to bind with the thyroid gland, which is essential in T4 production and consequently, T3 (the active hormone) production, and could possibly be responsible for slowing down the conversion of T4 to T3 (hence not feeling well even though you may be on Synthroid medication).

#3: Household Cleaning Items

There are a multitude of chemicals found in household cleaning products, some which might be a shock to some people. BPAs in plastics and parabens in cosmetics and food products are two that may be starting to be well known. Other chemicals are highly toxic as well, such as PFOAs in nonstick pans and Triclosan in anti-bacterial soaps. And these are just a few. These chemicals are endocrine disruptors; they are synthetic estrogens or xenestrogens that parade around as estrogens in your body but don’t actually act as estrogens in terms of doing the appropriate hormonal work. This is important because estrogen, same as your thyroid hormone, are directly dependent on each other and they balance each other out.

#4: Skincare Products

Did you know that your skin is the largest exposed organ of your body? And it is also one that we very often put chemical-laden soaps, lotions, cosmetics, and perfumes on. Do you see how this can be a huge issue? These skincare products very often contain parabens and phthalates that cause cancer and many act as endocrine disruptors as well. Think twice next time before you spray that perfume bottle on your way out the door.

#5: Antibiotics and Drugs

Doctors way over prescribe antibiotics and other medications these days for the smallest of things. So many people go for meds the minute they are not feeling well to avoid a little discomfort. But in the long run, they are causing themselves even more. Antibiotics will kill the bad bacteria that are causing you to be sick for sure, but they will also kill the good bacteria, the ones that help keep your immune system healthy and functioning properly. It is therefore key to introduce probiotics if we have to take antibiotics (note the “have to”).

#6: Parasites and Infections

Parasites are much more common than we think. Common parasites include ringworms, pinworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms and liver flukes. These things strip us of nutrients and create even more toxic load in our bodies.

Another cause of Hashimoto’s or Graves’ disease can be H. Pylori, a pathogenic bacterium. It causes chronic gastritis and peptic ulcers, which cause a pro-inflammatory response in the body and leads to such autoimmune disorders and just mentioned.

#7: Negative Emotions and Stress

You may think negative emotions and stress are just a part of daily life and something that you just need to get through or deal with. But it is much more than that. Our adrenal glands play a huge role in stress. When we experience stress, they produce cortisol, a hormone that gives us focus and energy, as well as stimulates our immune system. This used to be the fight or flight response. We would experience danger, produce cortisol, and either have the strength to run away or fight. Either way, our bodies made use of the cortisol produced. Nowadays, stress comes in the form of work stress, low self-esteem, uncertainty with finances, romantic relationships, over-committing oneself, and many other scenarios. Do we physically run away or fight in those cases? No. When our bodies consistently produce cortisol, our adrenal glands get tired. This leads them to stop producing enough cortisol and both our immune system and thyroid are affected.

Although you cannot always eliminate stressful situations from your life, there are ways in which you can reframe these situations and respond to them differently so as to save your adrenals and thyroid.

Source by Magdalena Wszelaki

The Tapeworm Diet

Whether it is truth, urban legend or undetermined, the idea of ​​ingesting a tapeworm in order to lose weight will make your skin crawl … or maybe not. Today, being thin is the ultimate socially form of beauty and being lazy is something most Americans have become very familiar with so some creative ideas are surfacing on how to lose weight without much effort; all you have to do is swallow a cute little intestinal parasite.

The idea is that, when infected with a bovine tapeworm, the worm ingests all of the food that one eats and so the host's body has to rely on stores of fat to continue to operate which causes you to lose weight. Therefore, swallow a capsule containing impregnated tapeworm segments, the worm will hatch and attach to the wall of your intestines, eat whatever you want to shrink to that third-world weight you've always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, there are a few costs that some are not willing to risk. For one, years of evolution and striving to cleanliness have taught us that wormy creatures swimming around in your tummy are a bad thing. Tapeworm infestation may also cause abdominal pain, vomiting, headaches and the pooling of ascites in your stomach. Ascites is a liquid released by the immune system to fight off a foreign body inside your belly and intestines which gives that nice bloated, pregnant look. Another factor that may push you over the "gross line" is the fact that after about 100 days in the host a tapeworm begins to release proglottids (ie impregnated segments) which can burrow through your insides and house in your muscles, organs and other internal tissue or they may decide to take a ride to the outside world by intermittently emerge through the anus. So, regardless of whether this is a valid option or a fallacy, it is just a bad idea. There are many other options out there that can help you lose weight fast.

Source by Sue Smith

Your Immune System

When you are born you enter into a very hostile environment full of nasty little microorganisms with the capability of injuring and even killing you. Fortunately you arrive equipped with a powerful defense system known as your immune system. It works around the clock watching for, attacking, and eliminating the foreign invaders that endanger your body. This ongoing process is called the immune response. For this to work properly your immune system must be able to distinguish between an invading infectious organism and the cells that comprise your body. However, all the cells in your body are marked so your immune system can recognize "you" from foreign invaders. So for as long as you live your immune system keeps you healthy by destroying the invaders. But, there are times when it fails. If the invader is stronger it can overpower your immune system. Or your immune system, in the process of fighting off the foreign substance, can injure your own tissues.

These microorganisms are designed by nature to perform two functions: reproduce and stay alive. To accomplish their goals they need the nourishment your body can provide. And obtaining this nourishment can make you very ill and perhaps even kill you. However, the organism must first gain access to your body. There are many ways for it to do this. They can enter through your nose as you inhale, through your skin if there is a break in the skin, and through your mouth via the water you drink and the food you eat. Your body has many sentinels standing guard to repel these organisms such as the hairs in your nose, tears in your eyes, cells on the linings of you throat, esophagus and windpipe, and acids in your stomach and intestines.

The organism that does manage to get past the sentinels and into your body has to then attach itself to your tissues. Only then can it strive and reproduce. Some of these organisms need to gain entry to your cells in order to survive. However, the minute these organisms access your body, the immune system mobilizes for attack. The attack mechanism operates something like an army. The main soldiers are the lymphocytes or white blood cells. There are different kinds of these with different jobs. One kind of T lymphocyte directions the action. Some become killer cells and others become memory cells.

Your immune system employs two defense strategies: the development of killer cells and the development of anti-bodies. The first strategy involves sending killer T lymphocytes to attack the infected cells. The second strategy requires B lymphocytes to manufacture substances known as antibodies. These antibodies attach themselves to a germ and immobilize it thereby bringing about its destruction. The killer T cell strategy is employed against viruses. Viruses hide themselves within some of your body cells and can only survive as long as the host cell survives. The antibody strategy is used for bacterial infections. A third important defense mechanism involves the production of memory cells. The lymphocytes remember past infections. If the same infection should return, the memory cells prompt the immune system to respond more quickly and more aggressively.

Source by Brenda Williams

What They Didn’t Tell You in School Biology About the Spleen – Emperor of Organs

Recently we have all become victims of industrialisation. Everything about the way we are born, the way we live and the way we die has become mechanical. The food we eat is mechanically grown or manufactured in a lab. Pesticides and chemicals are everywhere, in our foods, in our air, in our body. They affect every organ which causes a breakdown in our digestive system, the liver cannot cope with the toxicity, the kidneys go into overload, and the spleen gives up because it can’t maintain the quality of the red blood cells any more.

Everything backs up in the colon and we have a pretty horrific scenario. Unfortunately, when the symptoms of this appear on the outside of the body deterioration is so far advanced that we are already into drastic measures.

So much of our “dis-ease” stems from our emotions or taking on our ancestral patterns. Our conception and birth highlight the wound we have incarnated to deal with.

First of all we need to look at the colon. Different parts of the colon reflect different organs in the body. If doctors knew this they would never cut out these vital parts. The problem is that they have no idea there is an alternative. Keeping our colon clean is so important so that our organs can stay healthy. Stage 1 of the healing process is therefore to take Natural Balance and Natural Cleanse.

The Spleen

The next stage is to heal the main digestive organs of the body. The primary organ for the whole digestive system is the Spleen, which governs the thyroid and determines metabolic function.

The Spleen is so much more than anyone can ever imagine. It is the Spleen that allows us to live as spiritual beings in a physical body. Because we all have weak spleens we have lost that understanding and try to live only in the physical. But here is the dilemma: without our spirituality we are lost; we feel abandoned and therefore we reject the spiritual. So many people now are on a spiritual quest, looking for what they know is there, but have no idea where to start. My suggestion is that we all start with healing the Spleen.

The more I work with the Spleen the more I see what a gift it is to our humanity. In a metaphorical sense it is as if each of us has been handed a precious gift to keep us safe while we are incarnated in a physical body. We forget that we have this gift and it loses its efficiency because we don’t take care of it.

Western doctors don’t really know what it is for. But the Spleen is what keeps us healthy in our body, it helps to eliminate all the germs, viruses, moulds, parasites and other contaminants we breathe in. It keeps us grounded, focused and in the present moment. It is about awareness and bonding and nurturing. It nourishes us.

It’s been abandoned and abused for so long that in our generation we almost all have weak spleens. There is the one remedy I have come across in my search to heal the Spleen: an ancient herbal remedy called Maestro. Even thinking about this product makes my heart sing, my consciousness soar, my feet feel the ground beneath me and my spirit reach up to connect with the Universe. Maestro embodies all of these things. It is the most beautiful herbal remedy on the planet and it is being offered to us at a time when humanity most needs it, when the planet most needs it and when our fragile future most needs it.

Doctors of Oriental Medicine will recommend a diet that supports the Spleen which is also good, but it will still take a long time. Acupuncture is also good. But Maestro helps us change our ways. It brings us into our bodies and helps us to listen to ourselves.

We stop eating what is not good for us and start to feed ourselves nourishing food. We start to love our body and nurture it. When we do that we can stop taking care of ourselves and start to take care of the planet instead. We can fulfil our purpose on this planet because we are not afraid of the consequences of being ourselves. Our Spleen will take care of us.

I hope this makes some sense to you. We have this amazing organ that can change our lives. It makes sense to me of all the work that I do at those deep levels; why we are afraid, why we hold on, why we feel abandoned and unsupported. I think when we get to understand our Spleen we know that God is with us. (Not that I’m religious, but it is a good word, God, the Divine, the Universe) We have not been abandoned and we are being taken care of.

Birth Trauma

In Chinese medicine the Spleen is the primary organ of digestion. The spleen helps us to adapt to our environment so it is a key organ from a very early age helping the foetus and newborn adapt to very new surroundings. If there is trauma around conception and birth the Spleen is compromised. It is the organ of nourishment and nurturing and ideally the first contact a baby has with its mother is to attach to her breast. If a baby is allowed to follow its own self-attachment process then true nourishment can take place for both the mother and the baby.

In most cases this is not allowed to happen as the baby is taken away from the mother to be washed and weighed and eventually placed on the breast by an outsider. The self-attachment process supplies the set of skills where a baby knows its needs are met – adaptation, nourishment, and support. These are the key functions of the Spleen. If our needs are not met on any level we develop cravings and addiction; these are also signs of a weak Spleen.

Mental Health

A strong digestive system derives nourishment from good food to support our body’s needs. The first step towards a strong digestion is strengthening and supporting the Spleen. A strong Spleen allows us to have clearer mental and thinking processes and in turn our thinking processes affect our digestive system.

A strong Spleen is also able to tolerate the levels of toxicity we encounter in our daily lives, and eliminate them. Numerous viruses, moulds, bacteria, and parasites which find their way into our organs, including the brain, because of weak spleens would simply be passed through if the Spleen was functioning optimally. Chinese medicine includes the pancreas with the spleen and considers that diabetes is the yin manifestation of schizophrenia. Whilst we feel that we can live with the highs and lows of diabetes, living with schizophrenia and the more aggressive highs and lows is less tolerable.

Emotional Health

Our Spleen suffers at an emotional level too and if there is little joy and happiness in our life this is likely to be an indication of a weak spleen. On an emotional level we must have our needs met, and adaptation, nourishment and support can be seen as being kinder to ourselves and supporting our needs for deeper levels of fulfilment. Also a Spleen likes to live in a grounded body as it is the Earth element in Oriental medicine. It is a very spiritual organ and without connectedness to Mother Earth it cannot find its spiritual expression.

The Ancient Herbal Remedies

I have included the above three “conditions” because many people consider them only on an emotional level or treat them medically with drugs or use alternatives such as vitamins and minerals, aromatherapy etc. They all have a very real physiology and are noticeably improved with the use of our herbs.

All the herbs balance and support each other and it is important to have a knowledgeable practitioner guiding you. Often these disorders are accompanied by chronic constipation which has severe depressing effect on the Spleen so a thorough understanding of the background and history of each person is essential so that individual doses can be prescribed. Maestro and Natural Restore support the body; Natural Balance and Natural Cleanse, clean out the body.

Natural Balance is the cleansing program. It loosens impacted faecal matter and helps to clear and tonify the colon. It also cleans out inherited metal from mother’s dental work and current metals from the cells as well as all sorts of unwanted organisms that are living in the impacted faecal matter. By cleansing the digestive organs, Natural Balance helps improve blood quality, as evidenced by live blood microscopy analysis.

Natural Cleanse kills off residues of “old” toxins including viruses, parasites, moulds, fungi, candida, yeasts. It has a broad spectrum application against parasites rather than simply working on a few. There are over a thousand different parasites and it is sometimes impossible to diagnose which particular one is the invader. With Natural Cleanse we don’t need to know and there are probably many varieties present at one time.

Maestro enhances the work of both Natural Balance and Natural Cleanse. Maestro is in the superherb category, (they all are but this is my personal favourite.) It strengthens all the digestive organs particularly the Spleen – the main organ of digestion – and squeezes toxic matter out of them. It brings up a lot of old issues that people think have cleared but may have simply moved out of the organ that was troubling them into another. So they think their liver problem has gone, but it has just quietly moved.

For instance, a person may start using Maestro and find their asthma returns after a 40 year absence – they need large doses of Natural Balance and Natural Cleanse to push it through and completely out of the body. People with chronic fatigue need Maestro because the Spleen is always implicated in CF. This is also the key organ for anyone who has nourishment issues or eating disorders, thyroid problems, ADD, or ADHD, metabolism etc. It is very beneficial for balancing hormones.

Natural Restore (available in UK during early 2007) repairs and rebuilds the system. We take it as a thick, delicious liquid which can be mixed with hot water and made into a revitalising, alkaline drink. It boosts the immune system and balances blood sugar levels. It contains honey, molasses and bee pollen amongst other key support herbs and appropriately nourishes the spleen.

Often those with nourishment issues on an emotional level find Natural Restore hard to take. They react against food which provides total “nourishment” because the body feels it does not deserve or does not allow itself to receive it. When we allow ourselves to “let go” (Natural Balance), we can then allow ourselves to “receive” (Natural Restore). (Chinese medicine – Metal Element – about how we value ourselves.)


The entire herbal program is organic and made of the freshest herbs available. These herbs have been formulated in such a way that they benefit all body types. The Chinese categorize body types into Hot, Cold, Warm, and Damp. Hot and Warm people need cooling food and Cold people need warming food. Damp people need drying food. The manner in which this is achieved in the herbal preparations is to combine the herbs that help one body type with the antidote so that another body type will not suffer toxic effects. In this way the herbs suit everyone.

There is no-one who will not benefit from taking these herbs. We need to restore the health which we are intended to have and let go of the belief that we can tolerate ill-health. We do not need to go through this process alone. We are here to help you find your way.

Source by Phylipa Dinnen

Funginix Reviewed – Don’t Buy Funginix Until You’ve Read This Review!

Fact: Over 40 million US citizens get inflicted with some degree of nail fungus every year.

Most likely the majority of that number seeks some sort of treatment. But did you know the reoccurence rate of nail fungus? It’s 15%! This means that if all 40 million seeks treatment, 6 million of them gets reinfected with nail fungus, after treatment. Let’s keep that in mind first, as we review Funginix.

I’m sure that when it comes to medicine or treatment, we want the best treatment available. With nail fungus the problem is there’s a myriad of treatments. It’s hard to even separate them into what works and what don’t works, and we haven’t got into quality yet. Now, what about Funginix?

Funginix is a nail fungus treatment that uses topical means to attack the fungi. It’s made from all-natural ingredients and it’s appliance is simple with an applicator. It promises to be the last treatment that you ever need. Now let’s learn more about Funginix.

There’s no homeopathic ingredient in this nail fungus remedy, it’s simply a straight up topical treatment.

I can’t stress how important this is. I’ve taken a stand to homeopathic treatment in my previous articles. Basically this is the summary: I don’t trust homeopathic treatment have the ability to cure past the placebo effect. Some topical nail fungus treatment boasts homeopathy as their key factor. For me, that’s a lot of over-hyped crap.

It masks the smell of nail fungus.

Let’s face it, when you have toenail fungus it smells… bad. Now having said that, I like the fact that Funginix masks the smell with their natural ingredients. This boost my confidence level. Not to a level that I’d wear sandals again to work, but to a level that I’m not conscious of my feet smell all the time.

It’s easy to apply and it works well if you give it time.

This is a no brainer. Simple to use, works as intended.

It’s made from all natural ingredients: means that there’s no side-effects associated with it.

Different with chemical based treatments, like lamisil for instance. They have numerous side effects associated with them. It’s only natural, because they’re not natural. (Forgive the pun, I just couldn’t resist doing that.) Anyhow, Funginix doesn’t have this kind of problem. So that’s a big plus.

Now this concludes the discussion about Funginix. Remember that you should do your research before deciding to buy it.

Source by Chris Nowheet

History Of The Pear

There is convincing archeological evidence from the excavation of the ancient lake dwellers in Switzerland that the European pear, Pyrus communis L., was known by that civilization. It is believed that the pear was known by prehistoric man, but there is no agreement on whether the apple came first or the pear. The ancient pear tree of Europe was fundamentally different from the Asian pear tree, Prunus pyrifolia.

English records show that in 1629 “stones of pears were sent by the Massachusetts Company to New England” colonists to plant and grow into trees at Plymouth, MA.

On March 30, 1763 the famous American, George Mason, made an entry into his extensive orchard journal: “grafted 10 black pear of Worchester from Collo… these are a large course (coarse) fruit for baking” and old French pear variety.

Fort Frederica at Saint Simons Island, Georgia, was established by the English colonists in 1733, at the same time the city of Savannah was settled. In order to enable the settlers with self sustaining food reserves, a plan was developed by General Oglethorpe to introduce trees and plants for growing both in temperate and subtropical climates that would prove valuable for future farms and fruit and nut tree orchards in Georgia. These objectives were reported according to William Bartram in his book, Travels, that was published in 1773, 40 years later. John Bartram, the father and travel companion of William Bartram, made their research trip to East Florida, Carolina, and Georgia partly to investigate resources and plant inventories abandoned by Spaniards to the English as colonial acquisitions.

Prince nursery was established as the first American nursery for the collecting, growing, and selling of plants and trees at Flushing, New York in 1737, Prince nursery advertised “42 pear trees for sale in 1771.”

John Bartram planted the seed of a pear tree in 1793, and this ancient tree grew and produced fruit until the year 1933.

The great American botanical hybridizer and writer of his epic and monumental 12 volume account of his observations on plant development over many years by Luther Burbank stated that basically, there were two genetic lines of pears that he and others had used to improve the commercial quality of pear trees and their fruiting. The European pear, Pyrus communis L., the Asian pear, Pyrus pyrifolia, also called the Korean pear tree, the Japanese pear tree, the Chinese pear tree, and the Taiwanese pear tree. These were intercrossed to obtain a recombination of genes to sift out the complex character mixtures that would hopefully produce superior fruit.

Bartram wrote in his ‘Fruit Improvement’ about a pear chance hybrid that appeared at a farm near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a result of a European pear and the Chinese sand pear that had been planted on the farm as ornamental garden trees. This hybrid occurred on the farm of Mr. Peter Kieffer, thus bearing his name for the first hybridized Oriental pear tree. The “Kieffer” pear has a pleasant aroma; it is a beautiful and graceful tree with huge white flowers, but this pear is best when cooked into preserves or pies because of its firmness. The cold hardiness and disease resistance make this pear a valuable cultivar that remains a best selling pear tree even today.

Other Oriental pear trees that entered the popular nursery mailorder catalogs were Le Conte, Garber, and Smith pear trees. These pear trees became standard cultivars for Gulf State garden plantings, where European pear trees do not grow well.

Other strains of pears developed in California were described as huge in size, with delicate colors, fragrance, and excellent quality. One of these hybrid pears measured nine inches high and weighed five pounds–a single fruit.

Burbank pointed out that the commercial trade of pear frowns upon large pears because of boxing, sorting, and shipping problems, and the average pear fruit buyer does not often preferentially buy oversize pears. The Northwestern United States produce the most commercial pears, generally because of the exceptional dessert quality of the fruit. The oldest pear market sensation is Bartlett (Williams), that grows in a group called “Winter Pears,” including other varieties. Comice, D’Anjou, Bosc, Red D’Anjou, and Concorde pears. These cultivars these cultivars have a very restricted area of successful growth, because of their fragile European pear parentage, Pyrus communis, and are not recommended for growing in most United States regions.

The pear tree is unique as a non-shriveling fruit being easily recognizable from its normal description referring to the shape of the fruit, “pear shaped,” a specific form that everyone understands. Buyers of pear fruit are very biased in purchasing a pear in the shape they are accustomed to, and they will often reject the Asian pear, ‘Pyrus pyrifolia, a round or apple shaped fruit. The texture of pears is unique among fruits along with aroma, taste and the idea that pears (European clones) should be picked off the tree to ripen later; whereas, the Asian pears are better left on the trees to ripen for full flavor development.

The skin of pears grow in a broad array of colors, green, yellow, orange, red, and mottled, and this makes a great protective shield from the eyes of birds and other animals. Pear trees require longer periods of maturity to begin fruiting than most other fruit trees, but the tree will bear earlier if grafted on a dwarfing quince rootstock; however, most tree merchants offer semi-dwarf trees for sale, and of course, larger trees begin fruiting earlier than small trees. Asian pear trees produce fruit sooner than those trees with European pear ancestry. One factor that has delayed the spread of pear trees since antiquity is the fact that the seeds show poor germination success unless they are moist and most travelers on the ancient “Silk Road” trading routes dried the seed for selling or exchanging.

Fruit buyers of America have shown a dramatic and increased interest in purchasing fresh pears at the grocery store in the past 25 years. The USDA resources state that the per capita consumption of table quality, fresh pears has increased more than most fruits, while the buying of fresh peaches has decreased. Fresh pears can be kept at near freezing temperatures for as long as 5 months for consumer buying later. For backyard gardeners, pear trees can grow 20-30 feet on semi-dwarf rootstock and are well adapted for growing on most soils, even poorly drained soils, preferentially on a pH range of 6 to 7. Pear trees will grow and tolerate temperatures of negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Burbank performed many odd crosses with pear trees. He crossed pears with apples and quince; however, those hybrid trees did not grow to produce acceptable fruit.

Pear fruits contain antioxidants and no fat, with health benefits from Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, niacin, and the minerals Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Potassium.

Many cultivars of Pears are recommended for planting. Ayers Pear Tree, Baldwin Pear Tree, Columbus Red Pear Tree, Floridahome Pear Tree, Hood Pear Tree, Kieffer Pear Tree, Leconte Pear Tree, Moonglow Pear Tree, Orient Pear Tree, Pineapple Pear Tree, Sand Pear Tree and the Warren Pear Tree. Four varieties of Asian Pears are also planted: the Korean Giant Pear Tree, Hosui Pear Tree, Shinseiki Pear Tree, Twentieth Century Pear Tree.

There are also four varieties of flowering, non-fruiting pears. The Bradford flowering pear tree, Cleveland flowering pear tree, Aristocrat flowering pear tree, and Autumn Blaze flowering pears.

Copyright 2006 Patrick Malcolm

Source by Patrick Malcolm

10 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss and Wellness

Contrary to popular belief, snacking is actually very beneficial. It helps to refuel your body, maintain blood sugar and energy levels and control your appetite.

Healthy snacking will help your body get the nutrients it needs and help you avoid overeating at meal times.

Indulge in these guilt-free snacks. Remember we encourage an anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic, paleo-style diet for weight loss and wellness. A body must get healthy before it can lose weight.

1. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.Organic plain yogurt is best. Yogurts with added flavors are higher in sugar. Instead, flavor your yogurt with fruit. Blueberries are an excellent choice as they have a lower glycemic content that will help balance blood glucose and insulin levels.

2. Romaine Lettuce Wrap With Organic Turkey and a Slice of Raw-Milk or Skim Mozzarella Cheese.

Romaine lettuce contains the highest nutritional and fiber content of all lettuce. Turkey is 94% protein which helps you to lose weight by boosting your metabolism and decreasing hunger. Adding raw milk grass-fed cheese not only adds flavor but also adds calcium without any harmful hormones or preservatives. A great source for grass-fed wild meat, game and poultry is at U.S. Wellness Meats.

3. Veggie Sticks With Cottage Cheese Dip. Non-starchy vegetables contain almost eight times the amount of fiber found in whole grains. Fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system. Fat-free organic cottage cheese makes an excellent low calorie snack.

4. Shrimp Cocktail Shrimp is 90% protein. Try dipping it in some cocktail sauce for a low calorie, high protein snack.

5. A Handful of Nuts. Walnuts are the best choice as they’re rich in protein and fiber but they also contain a high dose of omega 3 fatty acids (good fats) as compared to other nuts. Healthy fats help lower your risk of disease. Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory, meaning they help prevent inflammatory diseases such as stroke or heart disease. People who are overweight are actually suffering from an inflammatory condition.

6. Celery Sticks and Almond Butter. This is a great combination of protein, monounsaturated fat and energy. Almond butter is a healthier alternative to peanut butter as it contains no added ingredients or preservatives and better fats. (peanuts are a legume not a nut)

7. Deviled Eggs. Eggs are very high in protein which makes them a great snack. My Guacamole Deviled Eggs are a great high-protein healthy snack with good fats.

8. Herring Wraps. Buy a few tinned containers in a few different flavored sauces such as tomato or tangy mustard, herring fillets are high in omega 3 fish oils. Don’t but if they are in soybean oil. Try wrapping them in a few leaves of romaine lettuce.

9. Banana Nut Pop. Dip a banana in plain organic yogurt and roll in walnuts or coconut. Freeze. Yummy!

Bananas are a great source of fiber and potassium. They do have a high sugar content so eat in moderation. Coconuts have anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and are one of the best sources in the world for MCFA (medium-chain triglyceride fatty acids)

10. Lemon Tuna Avocado Snack. Halve an avocado and scoop out the flesh. Mix with lemon juice and tuna. Serve in the shells. Good protein, good fat.

Avocado’s are high in monounsaturated fat and potassium. Tuna is a great source of protein, omega-3 fatty acid and is very nutrient-dense. Protein builds muscle which in turn burns more calories to help you lose weight.

And here’s your BONUS snack idea….

***Smoked salmon.

Don’t get salmon that’s been smothered in brown sugar. Salmon is one of the best sources of protein and healthy fats on earth. Always try to buy wild-caught and not farmed raised (fed grains).

Source by Ron Spallone D.C.

Tuberculosis Is A Contagious Disease

Tuberculosis is a germ infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis which generally affects the lungs, but it can also affect kidneys, lymph nodes, spine, intestinal tract and brain.

Tuberculosis is spreading by air, if an infected person coughs sneezes or shouts, the germs spreading into the air. By inhaling them other people get infected.

After the discovery of the BCG vaccine and of the antibiotic treatment of TB, the number of TB cases declined in the early 1980's and experts thought that the disease would be eradicated by 2010. But between 1985 and 1991 more and more cases of TB were discovered in US. Since 1992, in US, the number of reported cases declined continuously and so, in 2004 there was a 46% drop of reported cases from 12 years earlier.

One of the reason why tuberculosis has spread so quickly lately is the increased number of patients infected with HIV. HIV leads to a weakened immune system, and so, TB has a free way to develop, and passes quickly from the primarily stage to the secondary stage.
The germ can reactivate if a person has a weakened immune system like in the cases of AIDS, post surgery, after other infections, in miners and foundry workers, and in those who have scars of healed tuberculosis.

Also, the risk of catching TB increases with the frequency of contacting other infected people, with miserable living conditions and with poor nutrition.

Another factor that helps tuberculosis to spread is the fact that some patients do not finish their antibiotic treatment. This treatment must be followed a long period of time (6 to 9 months), and often, if patients feel better they interrupt the treatment, believing that they are cured, but this is only an illusion, because TB germ is still alive, can activate instantly and spread itself to other healthy people. This fact also could lead to the mutation of the germ that becomes multi drug resistant, and does not respond properly to the known treatment, and so, scientists must discover new efficient drugs.

Nowadays people have businesses to take care of, and they have to travel a lot. Tourism as well has developed and gained a lot of interested people in this activity. All these activities can lead to a contamination with the TB bacterium and its transportation back home where healthy people are.

In preventing Tb from spreading, governments need to develop special international measures and communicate with people. Also, regular controls should be made along with the education for health.

Source by Groshan Fabiola

3 Fundamental Tattooing Techniques

There are 3 fundamental tattooing techniques that must be mastered by every tattoo artist.

A tattoo artist who performs these tattooing techniques with a high degree of skill makes a permanent tattoo something that the tattoo owner can be proud of. Each technique requires a thorough understanding of the tools and supplies used by a tattoo artist.

Let’s get started…

Tattooing Technique #1 – Creating a Tattoo Stencil

Tattoo stencils are used to apply the basic lines of the tattoo design to the skin before using a tattoo gun to apply the tattoo. Even the most experienced tattooists begin with a stencil rather than attempting to apply a freehand design. Since the skin is stretched by the tattooist while the tattoo is applied, working without a stencil could result in a distorted finished tattoo.

Many tattoo artists use carbon paper to copy a tattoo design onto another piece of paper. The carbon paper is placed under the piece of paper with the tattoo design, inky side down. A piece of clean paper is then placed under the carbon paper.

All 3 layers should be secured with staples or paper clips before tracing the design with ballpoint pen.

One of the most important tattooing techniques related to creating a stencil with carbon paper is to remember that the image of the design that is laid against the skin will be reversed.

Once the design is traced over, it will appear correctly on the skin when the stencil is removed. Instead of using carbon paper, some tattoo artists use an artist’s light table to create a stencil. A stencil created with a light table will face in the right direction. The original drawing is laid face down on the light table and the design shows through and can be traced directly onto another piece of paper.

Tattooing Technique #2 – Applying the Tattoo Stencil

Once a stencil has been created, it can be applied to the skin of the client.

Before the stencil is applied, the skin must be shaved smooth and cleaned with antiseptic. A disposable razor should be used and then discarded, since it could transfer germs or minute amounts of blood to other clients. One of the most common tattooing techniques for applying a stencil is to use roll-on deodorant to transfer the design. The deodorant is applied to the skin, then the stencil is positioned on the deodorant and pressure is applied all over the design. When the paper stencil is peeled away, the tattoo design will have transferred onto the skin.

If the position of the tattoo is not correct, the stencil can be removed from the skin with alcohol and applied again.

Like the razor, the roll-on deodorant should only come into contact with the skin of a single client. Some tattoo artists buy small travel-size deodorant and dispose of it after one use. Another option is to use a clean tongue depressor to transfer deodorant from the roll-on applicator to the skin, and then dispose of the tongue depressor.

Tattooing Technique #3 – Outlining the Tattoo

Once the tattoo design has been stenciled onto the skin and both client and tattooist agree on the placement, it’s time to begin the tattoo outline. Being able to create a tattoo outline is one of the most basic tattooing techniques. The majority of tattoo designs begin with an outline.

Starting from the bottom of the design is the best approach, to avoid either smearing the freshly applied ink or wiping off parts of the stencil.

In order to vary the effect of the outline, different size needles can be used to produce lines with different thicknesses. While an expert tattoo artist has an intuitive feeling for which lines should be thick and which thin, a beginner tattooist may want to experiment with line thicknesses on a paper copy of the tattoo design before picking up the tattoo gun.

When applying ink to a tattoo outline, the client’s skin should be stretched taut by the tattoo artist so that the needles will move smoothly across the skin. When the tattoo needles are dipped into ink, enough ink should be loaded to allow a continuous line to be drawn. While the outline is being applied, excess ink and blood are frequently wiped away by the tattooist. After taking a break from outlining to reapply ink to the needles, lighter pressure should be used when continuing the line to avoid dropping a blob of ink or creating visible joins.

The three tattooing techniques described here are fundamental to the art of tattooing.

They should be practiced again and again by a novice tattooist until they become second nature. Once the fundamental techniques have been mastered, a tattooist can focus on developing a unique personal style and becoming a true tattoo artist.

Source by Chuck Palzno

Cure For Ring Worm – Eliminate it Without a Doctor

It’s normal to be concerned when ring worm disease appears on your body. Luckily you can get your hands on a cure for ring worm easily. Besides, you don’t need a doctor if you treat the infection promptly.

How to know if its Ringworm

Ringworm can appear on any part of the body. It can grow on your feet, nails, groin or even your scalp. If it appears on your body (tinea corporis) you will notice a circle or oval shaped rash that may look like a coiled worm, hence the name. It generally looks redder on the outer parts of the rash, fading towards the center. If you have scalp ring worm (tinea capitis) you may notice that there is a bald reddish patch where the infection is. If you have ringworm in your nails, they may start to become discolored or maybe even lose their integrity and start to crumble.

Is it contagious?

Yes. Ring worm can be infectious especially if it is not treated promptly. If not treated quickly, the infection may grow into an open wound which would be very contagious to others and painful for you. Once you start using a cure for ring worm, the disease generally stops being contagious in 1 week. Children are very susceptible to ring worm since their immune system is not fully developed.

Cure for Ring Worm

A cure for ring worm is easy to find today. There are many options available which will get the job done properly. You can go to your nearest pharmacy and ask the staff to recommend a treatment; there will usually be a couple of them. You can choose a ring worm cure that includes orally taken tablets, creams or both. Using these over the counter treatments should eliminate ring worm in 4 weeks.

Source by Tom Eraway

Aloe Vera and Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disorder than can occur at any age in both men and women. There are five types, each with unique signs and symptoms. Plaque psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis. About 80% of people who develop psoriasis have plaque psoriasis, which appears as patches of raised, reddish skin covered by silvery-white scale. These patches, or plaques, frequently form on the elbows, knees, lower back, and scalp. However, the plaques can occur anywhere on the body. Regardless of type, psoriasis usually causes discomfort. The skin often itches, and it may crack and bleed. In severe cases, the itching and discomfort may keep a person awake at night, and the pain can make everyday tasks difficult. People often experience flares and remissions throughout their life. Controlling the signs and symptoms typically requires lifelong therapy. People with psoriasis commonly go through periods of embarrassment, frustration, and depression about their condition. Because psoriasis affects exposed skin, it is a highly visible disease.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder, which means it can last a long time and can come back frequently. It is most common in people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Psoriasis is rare under age 3. Most people who develop it do so before age 30. In the United States, about two or three out of every 100 people have psoriasis. Contrary to popular belief, psoriasis is not an infection and it is not contagious. Touching the affected skin and then touching someone else will not transmit psoriasis.

While scientists still do not fully know what causes psoriasis, research has significantly advanced our understanding. Researchers now believe that psoriasis is an immune-mediated condition. This means the condition is caused by faulty signals in the body’s immune system. It is believed that psoriasis develops when the immune system tells the body to over-react and accelerate the growth of skin cells. Normally, skin cells mature and are shed from the skin’s surface every 28 to 30 days. When psoriasis develops, the skin cells mature in 3 to 6 days and move to the skin surface. Instead of being shed, the skin cells pile up, causing the visible lesions. Psoriasis can be inherited. Researchers have identified genes that cause psoriasis. These genes determine how a person’s immune system reacts. These genes can cause psoriasis. Research indicates that a “trigger” is needed. Stress, skin injuries, a strep infection, certain medications, and sunburn are some of the known potential triggers. Medications that can trigger psoriasis are anti-malarial drugs, beta-blockers (medication used to treat high blood pressure and heart conditions), and lithium. Dermatologists have seen psoriasis suddenly appear after a person takes one of these medications, gets a strep infection, or experiences another trigger.

Treatment for psoriasis varies depending on the type of psoriasis, the extent and severity of the disease and the age, sex, and lifestyle of the affected person. Unfortunately, none of the available treatments for psoriasis is a cure. Treatment can often control the disease for long periods, but the disease can come back when treatment stops. The various treatment methods include topical therapy, phototherapy and systemic therapy.

An important part in the treatment of psoriasis is moisturizing the skin. The market, alternative and medical, is full of moisturizing products that give varying degrees of beneficial results. Of course, because psoriasis is an autoimmune dysfunction, no amount of external treatment will “cure” the problem. However there is one tried and proven topical treatment from the natural therapy field that has shown very good results. Aloe vera was shown in one study to be effective in treating psoriasis externally. Many sufferers report that taking a dietary supplement containing adequate and proper quantities of pure aloe vera extract, enhances significantly the topical treatment of applying aloe vera to the affected areas.

According to a double-blind study that enrolled 60 men and women with mild to moderate symptoms of psoriasis, it was found that aloe vera cream may have been helpful for this chronic skin condition. Participants were treated with either topical aloe vera extract (0.5%) or a placebo cream, applied 3 times daily for 4 weeks. Aloe treatment produced significantly better results than the placebo, and these results were said to endure for almost a year after treatment was stopped while some patients did not see a return of the psoriasis. A recent study conducted at the Malmo University Hospital in Sweden confirmed this by coming out with findings in same line.

These are not surprising as aloe vera is known for its skin friendly properties from ages. Aloe vera is used in many skin care products like creams, lotions, lip balm, soap and aloe gel for sunburn because of its beneficial healing and regenenerative properties. Particularly, the soap has become a craze among people. Aloe vera as a soap content works wonders on skin especially people affected with psoriasis. It is claimed by researchers that this soap is more effective than over the counter creams and it has no known toxic side effects. The use of aloe vera soap in the treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis is considered a safe alternative treatment for psoriasis patients. There are so many testimonials stating that psoriasis has really cleared up in all affected places after using aloe vera soap, gel, cream and shampoo. Some say that anything they had got from the chemist hadn’t worked as fast or as effectively as these products did. All these confirm the usefulness of aloe vera soap in the treatment of psoriasis.

Source by Ben W Taylor

Why Diabetics Should Eat Lots of Shrimp

Shrimp is one of the best food choices a diabetic can make. Here are some of the main reasons:

Shrimp Has LOTS of Omega-3 (Omega-3 Fatty Acids) and This Is Extremely Important To the Diabetic

Diabetics have damaged cell membranes. They are “insulin resistant” which means they don’t respond normally to insulin when it signals the cell to uptake glucose. Glucose can’t get across these damaged membranes at the normal rate, and therefore, this sugar builds up in the bloodstream reaping havoc with your body.

Repairing these membranes involves eliminating certain things from your diet, especially trans fat which gets subsituted into your cell membranes where the healthy omega-3’s should go. This damages your cell membranes and makes them too “stiff.” Even if you eliminate trans fat, if you don’t get enough omega-3, you won’t be able to repair and maintain those damaged cell membranes. Shrimp is one of the very best sources for omega-3.

Shrimp Has the Best Kind of Omega-3

There are several different types of omega-3.

First, there is a difference between plant derived omega-3 (ALA) and animal derived omega-3 (DHA and EPA). Humans can not use the plant version (ALA) without first converting it and we can only convert about 10% of what we eat. The rest is wasted. Also, diabetics and older people convert at even a lower rate. Therefore, it is best to eat the animal form of omega-3 which we can more easily use.

Second, the omega-3 in shrimp and other crustaceans (a type of arthropod) is attached to a phospholipid molecule. This is exactly what is found in the membranes of humans and is easier for the body to absorb than when it’s attached to triglyceride molecule like you find in fish.

Shrimp Is Very High In Protein, Very Low In Fat, and Contains Virtually No Carb

Each bite of succulent shrimp is packed with protein and hardly any fat. Plus, it has virually no carb. Since diabetics need to lower their carb intake and increase their protein intake, this makes the composition of shrimp meat perfect for the diabetic.

You Don’t Need To Worry About the Cholesterol Thing

Shrimp got a very undeserved bad rap regarding cholesterol. Yes, it is true that shrimp meat contains cholesterol BUT it is extremely low in saturated fat which is actually what raises cholesterol in humans. In fact, eating shrimp actually raises the good cholesterol.

Shrimp Tastes Great – What a Treat!

Most diabetics have to give up or at least drastically reduce some of their favorite foods. However, here’s a food that is simply wonderful in taste and is almost always thought of as quite a treat that is simply perfect for the diabetic to eat. Thank you Mother Nature!

Source by Maxine Fox

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